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  1. fredg

    Orchids in Habitat - July 14th 2016

    Another day, another site. This is a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) near Mansfield. The Orchids on site include Dactylorhiza, Neottia ovata - Twayblade and Gymnadenia conopsea - the Fragrant Orchid Enjoy
  2. SubRosa

    Latest Haul

    Bought a few lately. First two are Blc Tsiku Orpheus 'Fu Cai' & Hawaiian Passion 'Lake View Pink Lip' respectively. Both supposed to be highly fragrant. Next are Anacheilum baculus, also highly fragrant. And lastly a pair of Epidendrum hybrids, coronatum x scriptum:
  3. R

    Dahlia tenuicaulis (everblooming tree Dahlia) 2 feet (3 cuttings): Giveaway

    I basically just cut my sister's Dahlia tenuicaulis to the ground. It needed a little (or a lot) of pruning and rejuvenation. This is a moderately fragrant, magenta-flowered plant, which tends to be bushier than Dahlia imperialis. It also tends to bloom more year round, instead of just...
  4. SubRosa

    Epiphyllum giveaway

    I'm offering two rooted cuttings of this red flowered, non fragrant spring blooming orchid cactus. The mother plant will be blooming in a few days. These cuttings were taken in the fall and sort of fell by the wayside over the winter. I was surprised to find them rooted and with decent new...
  5. JB_OrchidGuy

    in search of pollen ASAP

    N. [X splendiana x (veitchii x max] x veitchii is flowering female. The flowers popped before I thought they would, and the pollen I had lined up isn't ready yet. I need pollen asap. Flowers are open and fragrant. She is receptive now. 50/50 seed split. In case you're wondering....the peri...
  6. CorneliusSchrute

    Mounted Orchids for Trade: Brassocattleya and Encyclia

    I have seen some orchid interest in the past here at TF, so I thought I would post up some other surplus plants I have. These are mounted -- one on cork bark the other on persimmon wood -- and are well established. Unfortunately, I was a bit aggressive in moving them to higher light conditions...
  7. Radagast

    Question re: My 2 New Orchids

    Hi Everyone, I don't have any pics yet but I attended an Orchid show today and picked up 2 new orchids. I've been interested in Orchids for a while, but up until today I've only ever had Phaelenopsis varieties. I've tried searching for more information on these varieties but there does not...
  8. DragonsEye

    This one will never win a beauty contest .......

    Orchids, by and large, are coveted by many for their exotic beauty. However, not all are so graced. Not exactly a “pretty face” – many folks find the flowers of Coryanthes to be rather grotesque or even obscene in appearance. Still, I find members of this genus to be fascinating in design and...
  9. R

    Passifloras: trade for Nepenthes (1 set) plus giveaway (2 sets).

    I propagate a lot of Passifloras. Here's the deal. For a trade, I have the following: P. lindeniana, P. sanguinolenta, P. 'Preciosa' (P. macrocarpa x P. alata), P. foetida (from Oaxaca). I'm interested in trading for Nepenthes plants, cuttings (rooted/unrooted), seedlings, seeds. P...
  10. R

    Non CPs for Nepenthes

    I'd like to expand my currently almost non-existent Nepenthes collection. I have plenty to trade, many of them considered choice plants. They are just not CPs. I'm interested in Nepenthes plants, seedlings or cuttings (rooted or unrooted). I have some experience rooting cuttings. I'm most...
  11. SubRosa

    Orchid Seedlings For Trade, QUICKLY!!!

    Hi! I just finished deflasking and potting up a bunch of orchids, and after filling all the allocated space I find myself with quite a few smaller seedlings left over. I'll say 10, because there are at least that many I have no question are viable. They're a Catasetum type hybrid, genus...
  12. DragonsEye

    Miscellaneous Non-cp Plant Giveaway

    Though I realize my timing is off as Halloween has passed … entrants to this giveaway must post a photo of a carved pumpkin to be eligible. Winners will be drawn at random. You may enter for more than one of lots of the plants. Should you win more than one, shipping will be combined. Photos...
  13. SubRosa

    Seed Giveaway #3

    This will likely be my last giveaway of the season. I have available 3 portions of seed from a native temperate bog plant that makes a wonderful companion to Sarrs. It's a Lysimachia species which I got as a hitchhiker from Meadowview a few years back. Could be L. lanceolata. Gets 3' tall with...
  14. rdlsreno

    Stanhopea nigroviolacea

    Crazy looking flower and extremely fragrant. Pity it only last for a few days. Ramon:D Stanhopea nigroviolacea
  15. fredg

    More UK Orchids in habitat.

    Orchid Site 3 03-07-2014 (07-03-2014 to the US contingent) On this video there are two habitats. The first is a small woodland glade containing the Common Spotted orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsii), the Bee Orchid (Ophrys apifera), and the Common Twayblade (Neottia ovata). The second habitat is...
  16. SubRosa

    Looking For White Flowered Fragrant Epiphyllum oxypetalum

    I'm looking to replace a plant I lost a few years ago. The replacement I purchased flowers bright red and has no fragrance. On the plus side the bloom has lasted 3 days so far, which is 2 days longer than the one I used to have and am now looking for did. Looking for a leaf cutting, will trade a...
  17. P

    Tree seed offer under the auspices of the mystery trading thread by member request

    OK, I have got one. Yesterday, I visited the home of a gal in a plant trading group locally. She has a tree that is quite rare locally, but it readily produces seed she says are easy to germinate. Said to grow 18 to 20 feet tall, very cold hardy, fast grower, originally from Mexico. Only in...
  18. SubRosa

    Acineta chrysantha Seedlings (Dave S. $5)

    Up for auction is a compot containing 4 good sized seedlings of this fairly uncommon orchid. It's related to Stanhopeas, and like them has short-lived (days) but HIGHLY fragrant flowers. These are several years from blooming. They were deflasked a couple weeks ago, and have been hardening off...
  19. SubRosa

    Spiranthes cernua "odorata" Fragrant Lady's Tresses Orchid

    Hi! I picked up a pot of these the other day and I didn't like the stones it was growing in so I repotted it into some peat mix. In the process a small division broke off. It has two leaves and a very nice tuber. Looking to trade it for a small Rose Pogonia, Grass Pink, or another temperate bog...
  20. SubRosa

    Looking For Temperate Bog Orchids

    Hi! I'm a newcomer to bog gardens and CPs,and a new member here who's looking for Orchids I can grow outdoors year round in my half barrel bog gardens. I'm zone 6b/7a, but the barrels are in a really sweet microclimate, SSW exposure tucked into the inside corner of my blacktop driveway and my...