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  1. Acro

    FREE: Drosera capensis {Typical & Albino} Stem Cuttings

    I have Drosera capensis {Typical & Albino} flower stem cuttings for free! Grow dozens of plantlets yourself (this will give you a LOT of plants!). Stems will be precut. Just send a SASE. Note: The albino flower stem was stunted so there will be less cuttings of that type. If it is mad cold...
  2. theplantman

    How many plants do you make each year?

    I am hoping to assess the levels of obsession with Sarracenia out there. Feel free to guesstimate, but I would be intrigued to know: -How many crosses do you make each year? -How many seedlings do you produce and grow each year? -How many plants do you cull? -How many plants/seedlots/seedlings...
  3. mcmcnair

    ICPS Presentation- Sarracenia: A Nomenclature Nightmare

    For those of you that couldn't make it to the conference this summer here is a pdf of my presentation. Sorry there is no audio attached and the file size is so enormous. Any questions, feel free to email me at the address given at the end of the pdf. Also keep in mind that this is my opinion...
  4. anramitaco

    2.6 gallon terrarium and a dearth of inspiration

    I recently acquired a leaky 2.6 gallon Top Fin aquarium (can't say no to free containers) and am wondering if it can be put to use somehow. I've searched far and wide on the web but all I find is information on nano planted tanks and the like. My first thought was some species of Cyricosmus...

    Live Sphagnum Moss Giveaway!

    Up for grabs are five (5) sandwich bags stuffed with live sphagnum moss. The moss is freshly collected and free to the first five (5) members to post and pm me. All I ask is $6 for shipping sent to my paypal. Good luck! :-O Edit: This particular species is native to Michigan and therefore...
  6. chibae

    Wedding Anniversary Guess the Year Giveaway

    Today is my Wedding Anniversary. The first person who correctly guesses how many years I have been married will receive a Red Leopard basal sent postage free to them or someone of their choosing. Sorry..USA only
  7. chibae

    A Thread to Give Hope to Everyone Out There

    Today marks our, my husband and I, wedding anniversary. Go to my give away thread and guess how many years. First one who guesses correctly gets a Rep Leopard basal sent free to themselves or someone of their choosing.
  8. Cthulhu138

    Beginner Nepenthes Giveaway

    I'm offering some free seed grown Nepenthes ventricosa "Black Peristome" and Nepenthes x hookeriana (rafflesiana x ampullaria) plants for beginners to the hobby or the genus. Both plants are very easy growers and good plants to get your feet wet with. You may enter for both plants, if you happen...