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  1. Y

    Hello from Ontario.

    Just getting back into the hobby after being away for many years. I recently picked up a Nepenthes and a couple of VFT from a local garden center, also have a variety of seed on the way. Been reading the forum for a few weeks and have plans to build an LED grow light based on a couple of posts...
  2. oceanblue28

    Questions about starting a mini bog garden.

    Hi. I haven't been on in a while, but I'm back and trying for yet another time to see if I can get this right. I've found a basin which I think might work for a mini bog garden. All I need to do is drill some holes in it. Will this basin work? It's roughly about 9 inches long by 5 inches wide...
  3. madrone

    Mr. Rizzi and friends

    I’ve had my P. ‘John Rizzi’ for just under a year, and this week it bloomed for the first time. Actually a few of my pings are putting on a show currently, so I thought I’d share some of the colorful display that is so welcome during this time of year. P. ‘John Rizzi’ – I believe the...
  4. Edson

    my list

    Typical muscipula Dionaea Dionaea Bohemian Garden Byblis liniflora D. Adelae D. affinis D. Binata T-Form D. Binata multifida (new changes) D. burmannii D. burmannii Hong Kong D. burmannii red D. capensis D. capensis Alba D. capensis "Giant" (changes) D. Capillaris Long Arm D. hartmeyerorum...
  5. H

    Spiranthes cernua turning yellow

    A few weeks ago I picked up a Spiranthes cernua from the botanical garden and placed it in a distilled water filled tray beside my bog garden. Today I noticed that most of the leaves are have turned yellow. <a data-flickr-embed="true"...
  6. R

    Rabna/Holybeernutz' Grow List

    Including both my TF and Reddit usernames just for clarity. Asterisk * denotes those plants I am able to trade (either fresh or established pullings, divisions, etc.). PM for details. Dionaea: - Generic garden store pot - Suspected King Henry seedlings - Akai Ryu - Burbank's Best - Gremlin - SD...
  7. R

    Hello from Northern Michigan!

    Hi everyone! I'm from the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, been growing CPs for about 1 year now and totally addicted. I've been reading a lot online & in books. I've been primarily active on the reddit page r/SavageGarden learning, sharing pictures, and making some exchanges. I'm trying...
  8. fredg

    Linyphia triangularis

    Linyphia triangularis, the Common Hammock-Weaver or European Sheetweb Spider. This one sharing a hanging basket with half a dozen or so Garden spiders. Not a large spider by any means.
  9. S

    New Member, Starting terrarium fairy garden with daughter to interest her in plants

    Only CP is a flytrap that I bought her. I have never been a fan of plants until my grandma passed and I inherited her houseplants...now I've got them everywhere. I like the biological side of plants. I like learning native habitat so that I can match in vitro habitat to the plant. My...
  10. bioflyer

    Paracarnivorous lady in my garden

    Hi everybody! I share with you some pictures of a mystery plant that grows naturally in my garden (as a weed). Viscosity of the substance produced by trichomes is far more efficient than with droseras. I'd like to identify it (at least the family name) Is it, according to you, a...
  11. Acro

    Amorphophallus konjac Bulbs

    I have 3 Amorphophallus konjac bulbs up for trade. One is a fatty, the other two are young, but growing. I got the big one a while ago from DragonsEye (so you know they are the real deal) and the small ones came off the fatty. They have not flowered for me yet, but the big one should flower...
  12. B

    Did harsh fridge dormancy damage my VFT's ?

    Last year my B52's, Ginormous and G16's really took off. Everything growing huge multiple traps. Everything was grown out in my garden with sunlight from dawn till dusk. I put them into dormancy around November. Removing them from their pots and storing them in moist LFSM in tupperware...
  13. Dexenthes

    Drosera anglica seeds for trade

    Hey folks. I just harvested this season's D. anglica seeds from my bog garden. I have a number of ripe looking seed pods that are starting to leak seeds. I'd love to trade them all in bulk or bit by bit depending on what you have to offer. These are temperate plants from the southeast...
  14. goldtrap2690

    Local Garden Center Nepenthes

    Found these handsome lovelies at Sloat Garden Center up here in San Francisco, CA and was wondering if anyone can identify the Nepenthes in these hanging pots? Also, if anyone can tell me what brand/supplier these are coming from because I also see the same tagged plants at other garden stores...
  15. fredg

    Digitalis laevigata

    I like to grow plants that are beneficial to bees, hoverflies etc. This is one of them. I grew them on in pots until the spring and planted them out in the garden. I thought I'd lost them to the slugs and snails, which have been particularly voracious this year, but MrsG pointed them out this...
  16. Smooter80

    Sacramento Carniovorus Plant Show, anyone going?

    Sacramento Bromeliad & Carnivorous Plant Society 46th Annual Show and Sale Saturday & Sunday July 23 and 24, 10AM to 4PM Location: Shepard Garden & Arts Center Free parking. Free Admission. Anyone else going or have been there before? What's it like? If anyone wants to try to meet up, I can...
  17. Mercfh

    D.Spatula dying?

    Hi All, I've been dealing with an issue for a good bit now and I think one of the two of my D.Spatula plants has just about bit the dust: First of all my setup: Lights: Agrobrite 4 bulb/2 foot T5 HO (Amazon.com : Agrobrite T5, FLT28, 2 Foot, 8-Tube Fixture with Included Fluorescent Grow Lights...
  18. Mercfh

    Forcing Dormancy/Photoperiod? (Plus some general Dormancy questions)

    So i have to say, there is a lot of conflicting information on Ping dormancy. I've been doing a lot of reading and i've seen everything from "They can survive not going through dormancy" to "Let the PLANTS choose when to do dormancy" to "Change your light/temp/etc... to induce it" For reference...
  19. Jcal

    Garden table from kmart

    I was dragged against my will to Kmart Sunday. In my area all of the stores are closing and selling everything. I got this table for $30. Worth checking out if you have one near you.
  20. plantsnfish

    My newest, simplist bog garden. (Sharing pics)

    Just got this set up a few days ago. It is made out of a 33 gallon extra long aquarium I found at a garage sale for $5. So far it only has some simple, common sarrs in it but I hope to add some rarities in the future. The whole thing: One of my favorites, S. Minor: A simple but beautiful...