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  1. fredg

    So that's where the Aphids went

    I've been struggling to find any Aphids in the garden then I came upon these voracious predators. Puzzle solved I believe. Harmonia axyridis Harlequin Ladybird
  2. M

    Ultra Highland Setup

    I wanted to share my new ultra highland setup. I don't post much, but I got a ton of info from this forum during this build, so thank you all. First, I somewhat suddenly found myself in possession of a few ultra highlanders via a trade, but didn't have the proper setup for them. The plants...
  3. thez_yo

    LACPS Huntington Botanical Garden Meet

    Yesterday I made the trek up to LA from San Diego to attend their Annual Huntington Botanical Gardens meet. On the itinerary: scope out the members displays, sales and give-aways (and ditch a pile of cuttings :-P-:), go on the tour of the back greenhouses, then there was a talk from DJ on his...
  4. cwatson1414

    Bryophyte (liverwort?) ID

    This is growing somewhere I pass by often and I'm wondering what it is. It's growing in deep shade, on stone, and has spread to the garden bed behind. It has shown some level of drought tolerance. Can anyone help? Edit: This is growing in northern Oregon.
  5. fredg

    Dionaea June 2016

    A sample of my Dionaea all sending up inflorescences and looking quite happy. Most of the ones with new traps have had a snack of a Garden Chafer or two. They attack the roses at this time every year so they are harvested. :devil:
  6. gill_za

    Pure Cold Pressed Neem Oil vs. prediluted or semi-prediluted neem oil emulsion

    Basically the title. I need to buy Neem and considering between Dyna-Gro pure cold pressed Neem oil and Garden Safe Neem oil which is at 70% but still needs further dilution. I assume if using Dyna-Gro I might need to add a bit of surfactant to the solution to maintain the emulsion when...
  7. fredg

    Pinguicula vulgaris

    Early last spring ( 2015) I was ordering a couple of hard to find Darlingtonia ( If they are actually as described) and I decided to add Pinguicula vulgaris seed to the order as I hadn't grown the species for many years. Nothing at all happened in the pot last year except for the customary...
  8. rakovsky

    Are some thorny plants para-carnivorous towards large animals?

    The clip points out that the thorns point inwards England, Meet Your New Giant Sheep-Eating Plant Carnivorous Plants In England Known To Eat Animals | Popular Science RHS 'sheep-eating' plant about to bloom in Surrey - BBC News Puya chilensis A photo of a bigger plant...
  9. R

    What did you get from the 2016 NASC auction?

    I've seen these threads every few years and always enjoyed them, so I'll start one. Ignore the bad photos and the garden hose, it is connected to my A/C drain pipe and is supplying my water. Already alot of new growth on both the Sarrs. DSC_0377 by randallsimpson, on Flickr DSC_0376 by...
  10. S

    ScatterPants Mexican Pinguicula

    So I thought I'd start a thread of my recently started and still growing Pinguicula collection. It's modest for now but I could see it getting out of hand since I like them so much. There are pictures I took previously of these butterworts over on my introduction to Terraforums thread if you'd...
  11. theplantman

    Carnivorous Plants Workshop, May 14th, Athens GA

    Hi folks, It's that time again! For those of you in Georgia or willing to make it to the Athens area, I will be teaching the 3rd annual growing carnivorous plants workshop at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia! The workshop will be held on Saturday, May 14th from 9AM to 1PM. It counts for...
  12. A

    FREE Veggie and Flower Seeds (non cp)

    I have some seeds that I won't get around to planting this spring/summer. They are from last year, so not all of them will sprout. If you have extra space in your garden, please give the seeds a chance! Shipping is on me. Just send a PM! Veggies: *Garlic Chives (Allium tuberosum) *Collards -...
  13. Dalton

    Questions about Maxsea fertilizer

    Hey, everyone. I have questions about the Maxsea fertilizer. I had heard about it on this site. I know I hadn't see it at my local stores, so I went to my trusty amazon.com account and found a 1.5lb container of the 16-16-16 for $19.98 and free shipping. I don't know if that's a deal, but it...
  14. Gigantea

    *PAID* 5 Starter Iris Giganticaerulea (Giant Blue Iris) (aerogrower $10)

    (Stock image pulled from online cause I don't have a good whole-crop pic like this of mine to post:) Native to Louisiana (and apparently Texas), it is one of the tallest growing species of Iris known. They die back to the tubers during winter, and re-emerge each spring. They are happy sitting...
  15. carolatcj

    *PAID* Miniature purple Iris, grow only 6-8 inches tall. 5 bulbs (aerogrower $14)

    Miniature purple Iris, grow only 6-8 inches tall. 5 bulbs. Perfect for the front of a sunny border Picture was taken today in my garden Plants will be freshly dug and shipped bareroot on day of shipment. Bids start at $3.00. Donor will pay shipping. Contact information will be given at end of...
  16. Not a Number

    Sixth Annual Flytrap Frolic

    The Coastal Land Trust of North Carolina presents the Sixth Annual Flytrap Frolic A Free Family Event April 23, 2016 9am - 1pm Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden Behind Alderman Elementary School 3800 Canterbury Rd, Wilmington, NC (Park at the school) Flytrap - Coastal Land Trust...
  17. S

    LED or T5 fluorescents strong enough for tall Sarracenia species?

    I have various species of Sarracenia, vfts, dews, and pings growing under the same LED light. I am worried that the LED light does not have enough blue and white for vegetative growth. The plants are in a mini greenhouse outside with the plants and the lamp is about 25 inches above the top of...
  18. L

    A Garden on top of 10 Gallon Fish Tank

    Hello all, I have built my first terrarium and decided to put it on top of my 10 gallon fish tank. All the moss and plants are real except the lotus flowers which I made out of clay. The bridge was made out of popsicle sticks which I had to eat a lot of ice cream :0o:. I'm a beginner so feel...
  19. S

    LED for 11 hours a day OR 4 hours of direct sunlight a day?

    I have a wide variety of VFTs, sarrs, sundews, and a few mexican pings all growing in a mini greenhouse on my patio. Now that daylight savings has occurred I have two options. Keep my plants in direct sunlight for only 4 hours a day or keep them under the same setup I have now: hidden in a...
  20. chibae

    Mycorrhizal and Vegetables

    A promotional mini-"magazine" arrived today from my local garden center. It included a small article on growing herbs and leafy vegetables indoors year round. At the bottom of the page was a picture of some lighting units and fertilizers, but what caught my eye was a bottle of Mycorrhiza. So...