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  1. G

    Plants That Mosquito Hates

    Grow those plants in inside or outside of your home to rid the mosquito. Rosemary Basil Catnip Lavender Garlic Marigolds Lemon Balm Lemon Grass Lemon Thyme
  2. theplantman

    FT: Black Wattle, Acacia melanoxylon

    Hi folks, Up for trade are two Black Wattle or Acacia melanoxylon plants, grown from seed provided by Randy Story. They're displayed above but will be bare-rooted for shipment. These are botanically quite interesting because they produce wonderful feathery leaves like a Mimosa as well as...
  3. chibae

    atten veggie growers, garlic issue, thank you El Nino

    Hi all. I normally plant my garlic bulbs here, coastal zone 7, between Halloween and Thanksgiving depending on the weather. Well thanks to a long spate of warm December days, and nights, my garlic has sprouted and is a good six inches high already. I am thinking of trying a second planting...
  4. Av8tor1

    What are you cooking right now?

    For the 4th of July holiday weekend Just put these on, should be done in about 20 hours... Have about 20 ppl to feed tomorrow Prepped last night with my dry rub: Just put in smoker: oh and especially for David, a week or so ago, I had the chance to get some fresh sockeye salmon...
  5. R

    Passiflora (Passionflower, Passionfruit) Thread

    I noticed that there was a Passiflora thread on Terraforums, but many years ago. I thought it was time to start a new one. Although pictures of flowers can be flashy, I want to encourage people to post picture, comments, questions about whatever... Fruits, leaves (some species are grown...
  6. SubRosa

    Aphid Control Question

    I noticed the other day that the tip of an immature pitcher on one of my purps had a little kink in it. Upon closer inspection I saw a couple of aphids hiding in it which I removed. I closely inspected the plant, found a few more which I also manually removed. That plant was pretty far along in...
  7. Av8tor1

    Easter dinner in Ky

    Yesterday was beautiful in Kentucky, so I smoked some chicken on the Weber... omg :drool: Hickory smoked chicken and baked taters topped with homemade roasted garlic and rosemary butter Everyone floundered.... I do chicken well ;-) nomnomnomnom!!!! don't get much better :)
  8. noah

    CPNs & CP books for your plants & seeds (or garlic)

    I've moved a lot in the last few years, and while I was unable to keep my plants, some books and things have made the move. At this point, I'm ready to start a small collection again, and am willing to trade my books for your extra plants or seeds. I'm easy to please: even the most common...
  9. Aric

    Looking for LL Neps

    I am looking to trade any of the following for lowland Nepenthes. Email or Private Message me if you are interested in anything. CANNA LILIES 1.) Stadt Feltbach, dwarf variety , grows to 3' with a peachy-orange bloom and green foliage. 2.) Tropical Sunrise, Grows to 3' tall with green foliage...
  10. TheFury

    Fuzzy Fungus in my Ping

    Hey Y'all - I have a P. Esseriana that I got a week or two ago. I got it bare root, and a few days after I potted it up, a fuzzy moldy-looking thing developed on the surface of the media. Mr. SDCPs tells me it's damping off fungus. I took his advice and let the media dry up a little - I...
  11. chibae

    And now for something completly different

    I have the following non-cps avaliable: Garlic bubils, hard neck giants, 2 avalaible for SASE 1. 2. Rooted hardy rosemary cuttings, will survive year round as far north as zone 5. both large and small, the smaller ones might benefit from a winter indoors if you live below zone 8. Fantastic...
  12. jimscott

    Home Concoctions For Aphids?

    http://organicgardening.about.com/od/pestcontrol/a/spraysforaphids.htm Tomato Leaf Spray Tomato plants, as members of the nightshade family, contain toxic compounds called alkaloids in their leaves. When the leaves of tomato plants are chopped, they release their alkaloids. When the alkaloids...
  13. kamiljablo

    15 Pack Vegetable Seed Collection- You pick and choose the varieties! Est $11

    Hi! This is an offer for 15 packets of vegetable seeds. Highest bidder will pick 15 DIFFERENT seed varieties. These are the seeds being offered: BUTTERCRUNCH LETTUCE SWEET CHOCOLATE PEPPER PARRIS ISLAND COS LETTUCE TOMATILLO STEVIA (5 SEEDS) LONG CAYENNE HOT PEPPER GOLDEN CROOKNECK SUMMER...
  14. swords

    Let's eat some cactus!

    Nope, not Peyote.. damn! So I finally found out some things to do with the Optunia leaves they sell at the grocery stores. So I made a few pans of beef and cactus burritos for work this weekend! :D First you gotta scrape the spines, just use a big wide knife and cut off all outter edges, then...
  15. ilbasso

    Seeds for trade

    I have a few seeds that I have recently received and would like to pass on the excess. Drosera peltata ssp. auriculata (I'm told these need to be started right about now in the western hemisphere since they grow over the winter) Drosera dielsiana Drosera filiformis var. filiformis and garlic...
  16. kahnli

    changing careers

    I have grown so tired of being a chef. I go to work at noon and I get off at midnight. I'm on my feet the entire night and my hand are covered with burns and cuts. I never get a weekend off (Saturday and Friday I'm there until 2 a.m.). Then I have to stay for on hour or two after my shift to...
  17. CopcarFC

    Whats for dinner tonight?

    I've got sage, marajoram(sp), terragon, garlic, chives, peppers, tomatoes, and basil growing wildly in my front yard. It's getting out of control. I've recently avoided running them down with the lawn mower but I've done it before.(It smells cool afterwards) I'm just not a chief, I'm a car guy...
  18. B

    growing herbs/ other plants

    anybody grow any plants other than cp's? i've often thought about growing some herbs but never got around to it because i don't have a sunny windowsill and texas summers are brutal. i live in an apartment so any plants i have can either be inside or outside. the patio gets full texas sun but...
  19. F

    mold/slime/fungus problems

    ok i got some issues with a white fluffy-filament type mold/fungus and a green slime. Now I ve read that the slime can be spooned off the top. But the other stuff needs a sulfer based fungicide. I also read that cinnamon can help with these issues. So i was wondering if garlic powder would...
  20. Outsiders71

    Would garlic be harmful to cps?

    Was wondering if garlic would be harmful to CPs. I've been reading that it is a good natural repellent against aphids, keeping them away from your plants. So does anyone know if Garlic would harm your CP? Thanks.