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  1. P

    Misplaced Drosera regia seed germinating!

    I was very pleased to find a misplaced packet of Drosera regia seed I purchased from Silverhill Seeds about 4 years ago while sorting older supplies. These are all the more special since they came from Silverhill Seeds. A good number are germinating, hoping for a decent amount of variation...
  2. Vidyut

    Research paper on drosophyllum - 5 min at 100 celcius improves germination

    Just came across a research paper on germination of drosophyllum. Apparently 5 minutes at 100 degrees celcius (yes, I double checked it wasn't farenheit) improves germination, while plant leachates inhibit it without reducing viability. While it is in agreement with what we have seen, reading 5...