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  1. kjnorris918

    Kjnorris918's grow list.

    I'm a beginner that just recently received their first seeds. :) I have- D. Burmannii D. Capensis alba and red D. Binata D. Omissa D. Finlaysoniana D. Spatulata 2 cuttings for nepenthes ventricosa B52 VFT Akai Ryu VFT Typical VFT Arriving soon- N. Ventrata × (bellii × ventricosa) seeds I'm...
  2. Shadowtski

    Beginner's Pictorial Guide to Drosera Leaf, Root, and Scape Cutting Chapter #1

    Most Drosera can be easily and quickly propagated by leaf cutting, root cuttings, and flower scape cuttings. (A flower scape is just another words for the developing unfurling flower stalk as it emerges from your plant.) This will give you a mature plant faster than raising one from seed...
  3. B

    Glanduligera hybrids

    Has anyone tried to hybridize Glanduligera with some hardy Drosera? Say Filiformis or Filiformis x Intermedia? I'm in Zone 7, but would like to put some of these outside. If I can get the trapping behavior worked into a strong hybrid, that'll do nicely.
  4. rattler

    Drosera and orchids just outside of Adelaide

    i started my exploration of Oz with Troy offering to take me out to see some tuberous Drosera he knew about.....unfortunately while i came at a bad time for reptiles(winter down here) was the perfect time for tuberous Drosera....according to Troys field guide of plants of the area, the climbing...
  5. L

    Growlist of Lutz

    Once I was in a store and there was a corner in which some really strange plants were standing. They shall eat meat or something like that and they are probably dangerous. No risc no fun. I took one of the glistening with the sticky leaves. About 10 years later ...... Cephalotus Cephalotus...
  6. BobZ

    CPN March 2013 issue (v42 n1) is now available

    Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, volume 42, number 1, March 2013 is available for download as a PDF for members on the ICPS web site: http://icps.clubexpress.com/ Hard copy was mailed to members on February 25. CONTENTS Catapults into a deadly trap: The unique prey capture mechanism of Drosera...
  7. divaskid

    "Scientists discover carnivorous plant using sticky catapulting tentacles"

    Thought someone would find this interesting http://www.sciencewa.net.au/topics/environment-a-conservation/item/1839-scientists-discover-carnivorous-plant-using-sticky-catapulting-tentacles.html Below is copied from the above article..... "The study found the snap-tentacle movement is not...
  8. A

    Drosera Burmannii- WHERE!?

    Where can I find actual plants, not seeds, of this species? I googled it but have so far been unsuccessful. Also Drosera Glanduligera is especially rare, but I have few hopes of getting it.
  9. Keith

    Shortbus' growlist (I'm new at this...can you tell?)

    Keiths' growlist Growlist Key "[]"numbers in brackets indicate quantity of plants available for trade, "+"indicates more plantlets started and/or sprouts "*"indicates seed pack/s available for SASE, limit 1 per request while supply lasts, PM for details No brackets = No trade Byblis-Rainbow...
  10. BigBella

    Drosera glanduligera . . .

    While there had been a brief mention of Drosera glanduligera a short time ago, here is a link to a UK article about the plant, as well as some film footage: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2211856/Its-trap-The-Australian-sundew-plant-uses-tentacles-catapult-prey-death.html
  11. C

    Corners List

    not up to date 9/16/2013 Drosera -------- Affinis Spatulata x Capensis Capensis Alba CapensisTypical Capensis Red Madagascariensis Regia Nitudula x Pulchella Lasanthia Pings ----- Pinguicula Moranensis Nepenthes ---------- Alata Hamata clone #1 Spat x Hamata Kashiani Burbidgea x edwardsiana...
  12. RichBBWDavion

    I'm uploading some old CP videos I have to youtube....

    My-Cat 'Got' Run-OVER LAST-Week: ... so-"I"m IN-The-Process of Going-Through OLD-Stuff from-When-"I"-'First' Had-R VHS-Camera &-Am Catching The-ODD Brief-Glimpse HERE-&-THERE Of My-Former WONDERBEAST & Loading-UP-DECADES-Old FOOTAGE to-Youtube as-"I"-GO so-to-Speak. The-Above Is-R-Small...
  13. David F

    Drosera glanduligera ???

    Props and thanks to Paladin69 he sent these in the mail all the way from Australia, for free :). However I've been looking up their care it seems quite intense, as a winter grower is it too late to start growing them? The lowest temperature I can possibly manage in the hot summer months is 70...
  14. Paladin69

    Drosera & Utric seeds to swap or give away

    I have some seed left over from my plants. The seed is all fresh. There is D. glanduligera (lots), D. macrophylla (few), 3 species of pygmies (very few), Utric multifida (lots) and the new form of U. multifida (few) Check out the pics of this form in the Utric threads. I am not interested in...
  15. klasac

    TC update (some new species introduced)

    Hi everyone! I took pictures of some drosera jars today: drosera anglica 'Hawaii' drosera glanduligera drosera falconeri (crowded jar) drosera hilaris (turned out to be very weedy species when correct medium is used) drosera afra drosera rotundifolia drosera spatulata var. lovellae...
  16. Exo

    Sundew seeds for sundew seeds

    Hey peeps...looking for a few kinds of Drosera seeds, glanduligera and brevifolia. I have some seeds of my own I can offer in trade...here is what I've got. D.nidiformis D.capensis D,rotundifolia D.rotundifolia "raybrook NY" D.spatulata D.filiformis. ssp filiformis. Let me know if you...
  17. David F

    David Flocken's grow list

    Drosera admirabilis sp. "floating" admirabilis (probably from Ceres, South Africa) neocaledonica rubripetalata adelae regia regia "Big Easy" Sp. "Lantua Island" burmanii (California Carnivores) burmanii "Humpty Doo Australia" burmanii "Hann River" red burmanii "Hong Kong red" burmanii...
  18. Lin

    D. glanduligera media

    What media should I grow my D. glanduligera plantlet and seeds in?
  19. Lin

    Want/Trade List

    Hey everybody, Below are some Drosera seeds I want (each pack of seeds must have at least 20 in their): D. burmannii "Red" Humpty-Doo D. falconeri (Falcon Sundew) D. prolifera D. ordensis D. lanata D. glanduligera If you are not willing to giveaway, then I will trade one pack (30-50) of a...
  20. klasac

    Supplementation of MS medium with defined amino acids

    Hi, all:-) I thought it would be nice to share the outcome of my experiments with supplemented MS medium on some drosera species in vitro. It is well known that the presence of aminoacids in tissue culture media can promote the growth of the plants in a very significant manner (e.g. glycine...