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  1. jeff 2

    grandiflora subsp grandiflora buds

    Bonjour PM me if you are interested jeff
  2. Benurmanii

    Benurmanii's New and Improved Grow List

    I have had a lot of time one my hands :-)) Bromeliads Genus Brocchinia - Brocchinia reducta Byblis Species - B. guehoi - B. liniflora Hybrids - B. filifolia x guehoi Cephalotus - C. follicularis (a beautiful plant from Nauz) Darlingtonia - D. californica - D. californica seed grown...
  3. Benurmanii

    Benurmanii's modest grow list

    I lied... :jester: If there is anything that I don't have for trade, but you are dying to have, send me a pm and I'll see if I see what I can start propagating for ya. I'm always looking for different clones than what I have, so if you have something I already have on my growlist, send me a...
  4. fredg

    Pinguicula x (vallisnerifolia x grandiflora)

    I purchased the gemmae of this Pinguicula x (vallisnerifolia x grandiflora) a couple of years ago. This is the first flower I've had on it so far. Cultivationi exactly the same as all the other hardy Pinguicula I have. An undrained tray of peat/ granite grit with a little Levington's M3 added.
  5. fredg

    Pinguicula grandiflora

    This happy little chappy is a self set plant in the live sphagnum of the Darlingtonia 'Othello' tray. Traditionally the first of this species to flower annually. For those not familiar with the species. the colour on the above is a little washed out as is the norm with photographs of blue...
  6. Jcal

    LF pinguicula grandiflora

    Looking for pinguicula grandiflora Please contact me if you have any for trade.
  7. jeff 2

    temperate ping in flower actually

    Bonjour P.macroceras P.longifolia subsp longifolia P.poldinii P.longifolia subsp longifolia f pinetensis P.grandiflora subsp grandiflora special form this year jeff
  8. Zhen_77

    ¿Dormancy time or not?

    Hi guys, I have a P. grandiflora x vallisnerifolia that I bought the last year, the first months grew up really well but suddenly the plant stopped to grow and turn into a hibernaculum... but a few weeks ago started again to produce new leafs and new little plants arround it, my question is...
  9. nimbulan

    Nimbulan's grow list

    Last update: 3/7/18 If you have any suggestions for ways to improve the organization of my growlist, please let me know! Byblis: Byblis gigantea Byblis guehoi, West Kimberley Byblis lamellata, Eneabba, WA, BCP S064 Cephalotus: Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia: Darlingtonia californica...
  10. charlie

    Portland Trade

    I have an N. gracilima I want to get rid of. I'd be interested in nepenthes cuttings, utrics, dews, or a P. Grandiflora. I'll just take it to the meeting and see what you guys bring. Can't wait for the meeting! Thanks, charlie
  11. Zhen_77

    Pinguicula Grandiflora x vallisnerifolia

    Hello everyone, I have a new pinguicula and am very happy with it. When I received the plant only had a very small (without mucilage) leaves, but is now growing rapidly and looks very healthy. In short, as you can see things haven't gone wrong, has many bugs stuck to the leaves. My major...
  12. DJ57

    DJ57's Grow List

    Grow List as of 2017 – All growing outside year-round in the bog and in pots unless otherwise specified Sarracenia S. minor var okefenokeensis S. minor typical S. ‘Hummer’s Okee Classic’ - Thank you Warren S. "Red Minor" [S. minor x (purpurea x psittacina)] S. 'Saxapahaw' - Thank you Phil...
  13. F

    Trade of non-CP plants for any CP plant?

    Hi everyone, I'm very new here and would like to see if I can trade with some members for CP plants or seeds: serracenia, drosera, nepenthes, etc...anything is fine as I only have 1 Serracenia and 1 Nepanthes. I hope to trade within the next 2-3 weeks. We can send something of equal postage...
  14. Cthulhu138

    Post Show Trades

    Drosera: filiformis filiformis (Dormant) - 5 prolifera - 1 schizandra - 1 x obovata 'Ivan's Paddle' - 1 Nepenthes: truncata - Pasian Highland - 1 ventricosa "Black Peristome" -SG - Many Available hamata x platychila - 1 x hookeriana - Many Available rajah x mira - BE - 1 jacquelineae x...
  15. Cthulhu138

    4 Way Green Member Giveaway

    This is a 4 way giveaway for GREEN MEMBERS only. The plants to be given away are 1 small sized Drosera schizandra, 1 Pinguicula grandiflora, 1 Nepenthes bongso seedling and 1 Hyndophytum formicarum seedling. The only rules are that you are a green member and it is strongly encouraged that the...
  16. Dragoness

    Dragoness' Grow List

    Carnivorous: D. filiformis D. muscipula (normal) N. bicalcarata (Brunei orange) N. bicalcarata (Sarawak Giant) N. ampullaria (Brunei spotted) N. mirabilis (Red Globosa Viking) N. ventricosa N. rafflesiana (seedlings) N. truncata N. hookeriana S. flava S. leucophylla 'Tarnok' S...
  17. DJ57

    Bog happenings 2014, pic heavy

    Spring has sprung and the bog awakens. Right side: [/url]Bog waking up spring 2014 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] Left side: [/url]Bog waking up 2014 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]S. catesbaei by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]S. Leah Wilkerson by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]S...
  18. hcarlton

    P. grandiflora

    Due to the fact that they live inside, my temperate pings wake up at odd times of the year..... :D ~hcarlton
  19. KNepenthe

    KNepenthe Grow List

    Nepenthes- 1. Robcantleyi QOH X KOS 2. Spathulata X Robcantleyi KOS 3. Robcantleyi QOH X Maxima 4. Maxima X Robcantleyi KOS 5. Densiflora X Robcantleyi KOC 6. Bellii X Robcantleyi KOS 7. Ventricosa X Robcantleyi KOS 8. Maxima X Platychila 9. Petiolata X Burkeii 10. Truncata 'E' (Prodigy of two...
  20. hcarlton

    Hcarlton's butterworts

    Hello! So, I don't have that big of a collection yet, but I decided to share a few of the Pings that I do have so far: P. gigantea, more than 5 times the size I got it P. moranensis x ehlersiae P. 'Aphrodite.' This one's been weird for me, the main plant flowering, then dying back, and now I...