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    Drosera graomogolensis

    After seeing the details of the indumentum I am reasonably confident that I have this ID correct. D. ascendens would have longer hairs on the scape I believe. As species go, this is a more recently described one, and another of the wonderful Brasillian species (aren't they all?). Watching...
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    For trade: Drosera graminifolia "Diamantina"

    I have a few extra D. graminifolia seed grown plants that I would like to trade for other species of Brasillian Drosera.  I am only interested in trading for such species.  These are juvenille plants grown from seed collected by Fernando Rivadavia and Robert Gibson in Diamantina August 2002 and...
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    Drosera ascendens - villosa - graomogolensis

    Hi! Can anyone please tell me how to distinguish between Drosea ascendens, graomogolensis and villosa ? By looking on Fernando Rivadavia's pictures ( http://www.mcef.ep.usp.br/carnivo....sa.html ) i suppose the following : Drosera villosa is getting really big with upright leaves (similar to...
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    Sundew x-mas list!

    I know we all have a list of dews we want for X-Mas, lol. So heres mine (lets hope some of you guys can help me get some lol ) biflora burmanni (any form) cuneifolia communis citrina dielsiana glabripes graminifolia 'giant' (Itacambira, Minas Gerais, Brazil) graminifolia spiralis...
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    It pays to be patient!

    Over a year later I checked the pot where I had sown seed of Drosera graomogolensis. Seed failed to germinate, but I never give up on a pot of sown seed. There before my wondering eyes is a single thriving seedling! O happy day!!! This is the second example of a year wait for the Brasilian...