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  1. ArcanaCapra

    About N. Mirabilis x Gracilis

    Does anyone have some experience with this hybrid? I may grab one soon, so I wanted some basic information about it. I've seen it's a hybrid of two lowlanders, so I'm concerned about my 3-5°C minimum temperature during winter (I plan to grow it outdoors). Is it tolerant of low temperatures...
  2. Maiden

    Unknown bog plant ID

    I use premium peat moss for years, never had something else growing in my pots but this year i have a lil plant growing in my peat. Probably a seed the company failed to remove from the peatmoss. Now all the pot is colonized. The leaves are not delicate, they are like plastic, quite hard to...
  3. D

    Drosera flowering

    Is there something in particular that causes drosera capensis to flower? Certain number of hours of daylight or an over abundance of food? I brought my plants inside for the winter 2 weeks ago (zone 8) and put them in my grow tent only to have them explode into flower again, some plants with...
  4. J

    Utricularia quelchii question

    I am new to the forum but I'm no stranger to growing carnivorous plants. I've read that Utricularia quelchii grows in the urns of bromeliads, so I also want to know if they can grow in a container of water. I've also seen some growers growing epiphytic Utricularia on filter media or sponge...
  5. S

    What's your homemade strategy for germinating Drosera seeds in winter?

    I have some Drosera capensis seeds that I want to germinate. However, winter is soon upon us and indoor temps will be as low as 60 degrees f (~15c) in the growing room. I stuck an old adhesive reptile heating pad to the bottom of one of those disposal foil lasagna baking dishes, so now I have a...
  6. David F

    WTT Drosera regia seeds

    My grow list isn't totally updated, but you'll find the majority of my want list there. These are good seeds, you'll get good germination. Pm me with trading material for my consideration. http://www.terraforums.com/forums/grow-list/127363-david-flockens-grow-list.html?highlight=David+F
  7. K

    Where can I find seeds in Los Angeles

    Hi from LA and I'm having trouble trying to find seeds ... so I can grow in lA I want to find a legitimate ... seed seller plz help
  8. raycer491

    sup guys from Portland Oregon

    Heya laddies and ladies an all, I'm Carson from Portland. I've been growing CPs since I was 5 or so so that makes it sixteen years of growing I guess, damn I'm getting old hah I'm a part time student at PSU going for an International Studies degree with a minor in Japanese...
  9. S

    Mixed terrestrial Utricularia in a single container?

    Does anybody grow multiple species of terrestrial Utricularia in a single container, intentionally or unintentionally? I'm not tied to the one species per pot paradigm. I'm envisioning something with mixed flowerscapes, but don't know if that's possible. Would one of them eventually outcompete...
  10. East_to_west

    Back at it!

    Hey all, Some of you guys might remember me from a little while ago. I took a break and travelled around for a while. I lost my entire collection recently when I left it for a few days during a move and my humidifier malfunctioned during a heat wave. I had some really cool plants and I feel...
  11. osito

    Hello from Vancouver Washington

    Brandon here! Long time carnivorous plant enthusiast. Have had collections in the past but have moved around a lot and given everything away. Just settled near Portland and starting back up! Sarracenia and hardy drosera are my preference as I only grow outdoors.
  12. G

    Plants That Mosquito Hates

    Grow those plants in inside or outside of your home to rid the mosquito. Rosemary Basil Catnip Lavender Garlic Marigolds Lemon Balm Lemon Grass Lemon Thyme
  13. LV_

    LV_'s Grow List

    Nepenthes: Albomarginata Ampullaria (Mirabilis var. Globosa X Ampullaria) X Boschiana (Mirabilis var. Globosa X Rafflesiana) X (Ampullaria X Northiana) Fusca "sarawak" Cephalotus: Follicularis Drosera: Adelae Capensis Binata var. multifida extrema
  14. LV_

    Hi from California!

    Hi all, I've been into carnivorous plants for a long time and always wanted to grow nepenthes but didn't think it would be realistic since Davis is practically a desert. Last summer I got a 60 or so gallon terrarium at the thrift store and grow lights and started growing some nepenthes, a...
  15. K

    Hi!!! new beginner grower from LA california!!

    I want seeds that I could buy from specifically sundews !! But any will do I want to try growing from seed... I have t-5 grow lights and I'm ready anyone trying to provide charity for a fellow beginner :) thank you .. or buy from anyone ?
  16. M

    My N. Ventricosa's tendrils dry out but my N. Alata does not.

    So I have 2 pitcher plants in a single pot. N.Alata Sprouted around July(Totally accidental, thought this was just a new stem since my ventrata is in a bending position ever since I got it last May). As you can see, my N. Alata(I assume it is alata since it has hairs on the pitcher) has already...
  17. R

    Rabna/Holybeernutz' Grow List

    Including both my TF and Reddit usernames just for clarity. Asterisk * denotes those plants I am able to trade (either fresh or established pullings, divisions, etc.). PM for details. Dionaea: - Generic garden store pot - Suspected King Henry seedlings - Akai Ryu - Burbank's Best - Gremlin - SD...
  18. C

    Drosera Binata

    Its here!!! Yay. Drosera binata and capilaris. Will sun-break them for 2 days. Hope everything allright.So happy it came allright. Hope the binata can grow tall and produce many dews. And its raining. I think it will raise up the humidity a little bit. XD Flickr
  19. N

    Newbie from Texas!

    Hello from Texas! I don't have a plant yet, but I'm looking to do research into some small moisture loving plants (especially some dwarf pitcher plants) that I can grow in large jars or those craft store lanterns. Unfortunately our cat is a plant chewer and she doesn't seem to get the idea no...
  20. B

    Light for Nepenthes

    Normally I grow my Nepenthes outdoors, but winters here are a bit too cold for the lowland species (Zone 9a). Last year, I tried putting them on a shelf by a windowsill (no supplemental lighting) and kept them in trays, but some of them did not make it through the winter. I've decided to get...