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  1. Jeremiah Harris

    What is the hardest/slowest growing

    here are the Nepenthes I grow guess which plant I would say is the hardest/slowest growing. Nepenthes Lowland N. alata N. albomarginata "spotted” N. ampullaria N. ampullaria "green" N. bicalcarata N. campanulata N. clipeata N. gracilis "typical" N. gracilis “nigrapurpurea”* N. hirsuta N...
  2. fatboy


    Sorry bout the title, can't contain myself and you are all probably the only ones that will appreciate how much fun I'm going to have in the next month or so. Just a few days to go now before I depart the forum for a while on my epic trip to Sumatra. I’ll log in occasionally whenever I get the...
  3. F

    Looking for hybrid pictures...

    Hello, I'm looking for pictures of adult-size pitchers and possible advise on following hybrids: clipeata x rafflesiana   -  looks like a normal clipeata bongso x gymnamphora clipeata x (clipeata x eymae) The last two I bought in Leiden, the Netherlands last year and I think their former...
  4. W

    A lot of talk about mites in recent posts

    Hi everyone!! There've been a lot of posts about mites recently and so I was wondering if this is what the damage looks like?? This is the first plant that got it: (n. xiphiodes x n. mikei) Someone else told me that light exposure can cause this? Then it spread to this one... (gymnamphora)...
  5. J

    Promoting multiple offshots?

    Hi, as my plants do mature and start to climb, they normally do produce one single basal offshot. Exceptions from this rule were N. ventricosa, its hybrids and N. gracilis which did produce at least two. Other Nepenthes like N. fusca, N. carunculata, N. gymnamphora, N. talangensis, etc. do only...
  6. fatboy

    Sumatra pics

    Hi there everyone. At the request of a few people and largely thanks to the rabbit lady (that's you U/clown) I found somewhere to host a few pics from my trip to Sumatra. Here goes.... This is my son Kai and a 5 day old Rafflesiana  arnoldi. Apparently in the dry season they last about 10 days...
  7. fatboy


    Hey all Where to start?? I guess I should start with letting you know how difficult it is just to make this posting. I'm on a computer that has the full 16 colours and what I'm sure is an old 486 processor. The connection is sooo bad, I waited about 3 mins for this page to download and when it...
  8. W

    Anyone have any pictures of... ??

    Does anyone have any pictures or links to images of: N. inermis x gymnamphora N. x pangulubauensis (xiphiodes x mikei) Anyone grown these and have any insights... I suppose I'm tempted, but would like to hear some feedback before gaining two new family members (grin)