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  1. chibae

    I feel sooo guilty

    I have always considered myself somewhat of a species snob. Although there are certain crosses that have, shall we say, "a certain naive charm but no real muscle", 95% of my collection are species. But I have found myself growing more and more entranced with my bellii x aristo. I think my...
  2. K

    LETs SEE YOUR HAMATA's! (photo thread)

    I figured their is one thing many of us have in common on this forum and its .....HAMATAS!! Many may have them and many may not, but reguardless EVERYONE WANTS ONE! Maybe its their hairy little lids or their fang like perisome that look kinda like a dragons mouth or some mythical creature from...
  3. katya_dog1

    Nepenthes Hamata Gunung Katopasa AW clone

    Anyone got this beastie? Wistuba has a picture on his site of a lower pitcher that is black and purple, I really liked the look of it. The teeth are stunning as well, I like it better than the 'Standard' Hamatas for sure. Unfortunately, I see it is out of stock. Has anyone actually (get ready...
  4. katya_dog1

    Hamatas on windowsills

    Does anyone here do this? I know a guy who does this with a Hamata and a Jamban and he has success with it. When I say "windowsill", by the way, I mean any plant that is NOT grown in either a terrarium/chamber or a greenhouse. The particular guy I'm talking about has growlights, but he still...
  5. Hamata-Honzo

    Any Updates on the Red Hairies?

    Whats up y'all... was wondering if anyone had gotten their Red Hairy Hamatas up to the same level as the one pictured in BE's regal image of its pitcher. If not, a picture of the progress of your plant will suffice! Its been a very long time since I actually saw a specimen!
  6. M Jacobs

    Quick hamata Question

    I recently received a few hamatas from Wistuba. One of them has a blackening leaf on it that has me slightly worried. I believe that it is just tissue damage from the trip as it appeared to be blackening when I first received it. The growth appears to be progressing on it. My other hamatas are...
  7. C

    largest hamata in cultivation?

    When I have a greenhouse I'm going to let one of my hamatas grow as large as it wants to. I'll only make cuttings when a vine is mostly brown and the growing point is suffering for it. It occurred to me that I've never seen a large hamata before. The photos people post are almost always of...
  8. S

    Bye bye my hamata friend...

    I might have posted some pictures of one of my hamata's early last spring looking all wicked and mean. It responded well to moving into a moss bottomed aquarium with a lid in an unheated room at night but by late May the nights weren't doing the job well enough. I ordered a Magic Chef wine...
  9. chibae

    Just a few from around the basement

    Grow more lettuce, one of my autumn to winter goals. Grow more hamatas, another goal. Original hamata new hamata, actually I have two new ones but the other hasn't pitchered yet Bellii x Aristo, with a good sized basal. Red Leopard, the plants that has enabled me to trade or give away...
  10. Sundrew

    N. hamata on a windowsill?

    I am primarily a lowland grower, but I've been looking into plants to adapt to my windowsill. I was thinking about a truncata, but I think I want to make my last plant-related investment before college to be in a plant that sparked my interest in CPs: N. hamata. There are two places I think I...
  11. MurphysLaw

    hamata help!

    Hey members I've have been having a devil of a time getting N. hamatas to thrive. I have over 200 Nepenthes species and hybrids, including about 6 hamata hybrids all of which are growing like mad!, but for some reason, I'm failing when it comes to growing N. hamatas species. I believe I'm...
  12. C

    my young AW hamata for your non-AW hamata

    I'd like to trade one of the four AW hamatas pictured below for a hamata from another source (BE preferably), just to get some extra genetic and gender diversity for the future. Unfortunately this cluster arrived without a label and I don't know which AW clone it is. For size reference I believe...
  13. C

    fretting about dividing young hamatas

    I've had some AW hamatas (unknown clone) for almost a year. What I received was four of them all in a clump. I was afraid to disturb them so soon after shipping so I let them grow as is. They're quite robust and pitchering happily, but I haven't forgotten how delicate they can be. Photo below...
  14. S

    Coleman® 16 Quart Powerchill™ Thermoelectric Cooler

    I mentioned o getting one of these several months ago and finally added the ac converter and tried it out. It produced a low of 40 degrees F and ambient temperature seems to have no effect and no icing up. The inside temp can be manipulated by opening the lid at varying degrees. I'm not sure if...
  15. S

    Magic Chef Mcwc6b Wine Cooler

    I took this off of my N. villosa string in case someone needs a temporary cold box for small highland neps and doesn't follow older strings. It is exactly what I needed until these plants get bigger, it is in my room with ac since the ambient temps effect it's performance. Yanked the shelves...
  16. S

    Nepenthes spathulata x hamata

    This has turned out to be one of the easiest, fastest growing and most beautiful Neps I have had so far. I have mine parked next to a similar sized hamata and favor neither over the other. The pitcher body is beautifully marked and the peristome is close to the hamata. The plant I have is still...
  17. vraev

    Reboot: Starting anew with some of my old plants

    Hi guys, I've taken a bit of time away from CPs since early this year and taken a break from CPs while keeping a few plants ticking along with minimal effort. Basically as few of you may remember, early January last year, my setup went through a huge freeze and I lost a lot of rare and hard...
  18. S

    Non-pitchering Neps

    In reading thru several strings including mine at least one person has mentioned their hamata's and how they are awaiting pitchering. PLEASE!........post your pictures here, I want to see other small ham's regardless of whether they are producing pitchers or new leaves. Mine are pretty small and...
  19. ElectrCarnvrs

    Nepenthes Hamata

    Just paid for a nepenthes hamata... Is there any advice or tips that you guys can give me? Please share your personal experiences with the plant And pics of your hamatas would be awesome! :)
  20. S

    Hamata finally taking off

    About five weeks ago I started moving the hamata's and mac into an unheated room at night to provide something close to proper conditions and hamata #1 that was growing steadily and producing pitchers before went on to produce two short, tightly curled leaves with dud pitchers and the third...