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    Tuberous sundews

    Hi !! I received from a friend my first tuberous sundews. These are: -D. peltata ssp. Auriculata -D. stolonifera ssp. Stolonifera ‘Hills form’ -D. menziesii ssp. Menziesii -D. ramellosa ‘esperance’ I like to make carnivorous associations of species that also in nature grow together. (For...
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    Hamiltonii & capillaries

    does etiher plant need a dormancy?
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    D.hamiltonii and D.natalensis, just got em need some info

    hi dudes and dudettes. I finally got D. hamiltonii and D. natalensis!!!!!!!!!!! How large in diameter does D. hamiltonii get? In case yo wonderin' i got the plants from a trade w/ dean cook of cook's carnivorous plants thanks-Zach