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  1. hcarlton

    hcarlton's Growlist

    Nepenthes 'Miranda' (male) ventricosa "red" (male) x ventrata (female) Black Dragon-izumiae x truncata ampullaria "red speckled" Sajingan x hookeriana Sajingan ventricosa x gymnamphora 'Rokko' Exotica (female) x mixta (male) truncata Lowland SG rafflesiana var. alata Sajingan (spathulata x...
  2. Brie

    Brie's Grow/Want List

    Sarracenia - Some photos not mine, but used with permission from the person whom the plants originated S. 'Adrian Slack' S. 'Leah Wilkerson' S. "Blood Moon" S. 'Judith Hindle' S. 'Scarlet Belle' S. 'Dana's Delight' S. 'June Bug' S. 'Dixie Lace' S. 'Tripe Rarity' S. 'Hank' S. "Appalachian...
  3. roxorboxor

    roxorboxor's grow list

    D. muscipula (a few typicals) D. capensis (normal, various seedlings) D. filiformis Tracyi Tuberous: D. menziesii ssp menziesii D. hookeri D. indumenta D. zigzagia D. ramellosa 'pink flower' D. rupicola 'Dark red x Bronze' D. peltata Nepenthes: 'Song of Melancholy' ampullaria x...
  4. Cthulhu138

    Temperate orchids

    Does anyone here grow temperate orchids such as Cypripedium, Platanthera, Calypso etc... ? Here's what I currently grow: Aplectrum hymale - Adam & Eve Puttyroot Bletilla striata: Chinese Ground Orchid "Big Bob" Alba Calopogon tuberosus - Grass Pink Orchid: Pink Alba - White Form...
  5. G

    Help locating Orchids

    Ok, I am changing from easy to grow, to native species.. Wondering if anyone has, or knows were I can get either plants or seeds of any of the following. -wi = locally threatened -us = federally threatened/endangered Calypso bulbosa -wi Liparis liliifolia Platanthera clavellata Platanthera...
  6. P

    Piranhaplant's growlist

    Growlist 4/09/07 updated:11/12/17 The best growlist in the world. Dionaea:Transplanted a 1-2 year old seedling 10/25/12 Byblis: Byblis liniforia - sowed on 3/23/13 resowed on 10/10/2014 none at the moment Byblis Aquatica (due to space isues..it's in the same pot as ultramica and...
  7. C

    Paul's growlist

    These are succulent and passionflowers that I have to trade Adenia keramanthus Adenium obesum Adenium hybrid (white blooms) Adromiscus several un-named-cutting Agave victoria-reginae- Agave americana Agave americana varigated Agave attenuata Agave augustifolia marginata Agave calmiane ferox...