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  1. Cindy

    N. hamata growing

    I have done my research on the Internet and was convinced like many others that this plants have got thin leaves and need cool temperatures and high humidity. I bought one recently and took all care to keep it cool and keep the humidity high (90%). What I got in return was the growing tip...
  2. F

    question about bootleg humidity...

    i went to walmart and i heard talk about humidifiers. so i see two types, i see a humidifier and i also see vaporizors. what would be best?
  3. N

    Spider Mites

    I think I have spider mites on a few of my plants. When I have the humidifier on I can see webs everywhere. Does anyone know a safe chemical to use to get rid of them. Thanks, NickZ
  4. N

    Small Air Cooler

    I think some of my highland plants are showing heat stress.  I grow them on a wire shelf with lights above.  I have an ultrasonic humidifier with a fan that circulates the air and maintains humidity at ~85%.  Is there some small ac unit or some other device that I can get that will cool just one...
  5. S


    Hello everyone Inspired by homer's post on his ventilation setup, I decided it was time my plants received better treatment. This idea also comes from when I grew [legal] mushrooms in a terrarium. It's amazing how you can apply bits and pieces from here and there. I realise I could just buy a...
  6. homer

    Terrarium ventilation setup

    Recently, I got around to building a ventilation system for my 55 gallon terrarium. My goal was to include air from outside the terrarium. The humidifier was to remain a vital role as well. The key is to balance the effectes of fresh air and humidity. Here's the pictures for all you visual...
  7. D

    Temp and humidity setup

    Hey all. I am currently working on a good sized enclosure for highland neps, tropical drosera, etc. I plan on using an ultrasonic humidfier but need a way to control it. I have heard of humidistats that can be used to conrol the humidifier. That is, the humidistat turns the humidifier on when...
  8. Trapper7


    I was told to get an Ultrasonic Humidifier for my mini greenhouse since I was frying everything in there,so I called around and no one has an ultrasonic one,nor do they know what it is(neither do I,lol)I asked if they had just regular humidifiers and they said oh yeah.So now my question is,since...
  9. S

    Water for humidifier

    ok so for my greenhouse i am about done with, I was going to put a fan type humdifier to keep teh humidity up. the water for it doesnt need to be purified does it? nothing will evaporate besides water and hurt the plants will it? Thanks Brad
  10. W

    N. ventricosa

    I've had a ventricosa for about 10 months that I've nursed back to health. When I got it, it only had one leaf. Now it has about 4 or 5, and another should unfurl any day now. I keep it in my vivarium with my fire-bellied toads and fire-bellied newt. They don't bother it, so it's not being...
  11. rattler

    Looking for pics of a members heli setup

    i saw pics on here somewhere of someones aquarium that they grow Helis and highland neps in. they showed how the plumbed in a humidifier and i want to see the pics again. i cant for the life of me figure out how you go about plumbing one of these humidifiers into a 75 gal tank. ive gone to the...
  12. adnedarn

    Good internet searchers needed!

    Okay, I need a VERY high output humidifier for my green house... Everytime my swamp cooler turns on, it pushes the humidity right down to about 30. I found a "portable fogger" also known as "Hydrofogger" it has a 2 GPH output of fog. And connects to a water supply so I don't need to fill it...
  13. seedjar

    Terraria advice

    So my ten gallon aquarium has a spider plant, Nep. alata, two Dro. capensis, and a Sar. flava ornata under two two-foot bulbs. I've got Darlingtonia sprouting soon (knock on wood,) some other seedlings coming by mail, and Cephalotus seeds to think about - and those are just my carnivores. So...
  14. G

    Advice for the mex ping challenged

    I know everyone does things differenetly but there must be some general guidlines I'm just not following. Heres my situation. I've killed two P. morenensis plants within a few months of getting them! I now have a P. laueana (sp) and I sure don't want this to go down the same road!!! I am...
  15. adnedarn

    Humidifier for a tank

    Hello, I really don't get in the terrarium topic alot to read the posts but if I think you tank people are always looking for humidifiers for in there...   I found this battery operated one for <20 bucks at walgreens...   The box was small so I'm going to assume that the product would fit in the...
  16. Clint

    Killing them with kindness?

    what exactly is overly humid? i have a garden-style terrarium with neps drosera, etc. the humidity is in the 80's, but it takes an exausting told on my humidifier, which is set as high as it will go. the terrarium is a 75 gallon. so is this too humid? how low can i get it and still have perfect...
  17. W

    Greenhouse lighting

    Hi, I've been contemplating building a greenhouse primarily to hold my Nepenthes collection, which is outgrowing its terrariums faster than expected... I really have no clue as to whether my concerns about this project are crazy, paranoid or moranic, so any advice specifically with regards to...
  18. Clint

    Webs everywhere in terrarium!

    i got back from a trip to out cabin over the weekend. the humidifier malfunctioned or something and the entire tank was white with water vapor. i turned the humidifier off and opened the glass top to let the vapor escape, and when i look in, disaster!!! there is mold on most of my pings, and...
  19. L

    A new beginning

    Ok, I'm building a super grow chamber (thats what i like to call it anyway ). I'm, making it out of theese interconnectable wire baskets from k-mart. The whole thing is 60"H by 60"W by 30"L , will have a humidifier at the bottom, and clear plastic over the whole thing. I was goin to use...