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  1. C

    Looking For (To Buy) Genlisea and Drosera

    Hi, I am looking for an easy to grow, more or less, Genlisea. I prefer the perennial kind. I really don't have anything worth trading so I'm buying. The Genlisea has priority but if you have an easy to grow Drosera, too, that can handle low humidity then let me know. I might be interested in...
  2. T

    D. schizandra 'Andromeda' not looking great

    Hi all, I'm pretty experienced with Drosera but this one has me puzzled. I receiving a young "Andromeda" from a friend so I quickly put it in some peat and in my terrarium. High intensity LEDs, 90%+ RH, and around 78-80 degrees. The color wasn't looking too good and the existing leaves weren't...
  3. T

    Unknown nepenthes with bulbous red pitchers

    Hi everyone! Lovely forum you all have. I'm an amateur collector of carnivores with 3 nepenthes and a handful of others. Can you identify this nepenthes? It has cute, relatively large reddish pitchers with no spots and nice small bright green leaves. I've had it for over a year and it seems...
  4. M

    Mediummessage's pictures

    Hi all, I wanted to share photos of a few of my plants. N. maxima wavy leaf <a href="http://imgur.com/5HztNzO"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/5HztNzO.jpg?1" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> <a href="http://imgur.com/smHPdzO"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/smHPdzO.jpg?1" title="source: imgur.com"...
  5. Plant Heathen

    Highland vs lowland

    Could use a little clarification on this. I thought highland Nepenthes had to be in a tank for humidity but I also so lowland set ups. Should they both be in one or am I just confused?
  6. B

    Nep lights timing

    Anyone have any experience with growing Neps under lights during the nighttime? Electricity prices are cheaper at night so it's more economical to run your grow lights then instead of during the day time. I wanted to run my lights 13 hours on/11 hours off from 8pm-9am or something similar, but I...
  7. S

    Anybody know anything about Nepenthes pitopangii?

    This species is very new in cultivation, so there isn't much information I've been able to find about it. It seems to be considered an intermediate grower in most places, but the type specimen was found at 1800m, and the second population at 1400m, so it seems like it could be a...
  8. ___NickJS___

    Shadehouse Question

    Hi everyone, just wondering if the position of this shade house looks ok? I took this photo around 3pm so the Sun shines in the left side of it, the 2nd photo is of the right side and the Sun comes up just above that fencing. All the plants/seeds in there get some shade throughout the day. I'm...
  9. A

    Is my cephalotus dying??? :-(

    Hello everybody, My baby cephs are turning yellow and I'm unsure why, it is in the same conditions as my other ones but one ones pitchers are turning yellow and the other the leaves and a pitcher are as well(already had to cut two ) Could I be giving it too much light (they are under T5 bulbs)...
  10. raycer491

    Germinating Pygmy Seeds

    Hey all, after a brief search through the forum records I could find scant information and no details about germinating conditions for pygmy seeds. I am trying to germinate a slightly alpine form of Drosera pygmaea called "Mt. Bold Red". I tried sowing some seeds under T-8 lights with a 12...
  11. ArcanaCapra

    Unidentified Cactus

    I bought this guy a year ago, and it's been growing very well in a huge variety of conditions (high humidity, low humidity, full shade, full sun, etc), but I dont know it's species. It has never flowered, too. Can someone identify it?
  12. ArcanaCapra

    About N. Mirabilis x Gracilis

    Does anyone have some experience with this hybrid? I may grab one soon, so I wanted some basic information about it. I've seen it's a hybrid of two lowlanders, so I'm concerned about my 3-5°C minimum temperature during winter (I plan to grow it outdoors). Is it tolerant of low temperatures...
  13. raycer491

    Tuberous Drosera Cuttings

    Hey all, Ran across this (below link) from the VCPS, wondering if anyone else has tried propagating tuberous species through cuttings. I have D. zigzagia flowering and waiting to strike from a leaf cutting at the moment. I'm curious about specifics on pollination, sowing, and cuttings for that...
  14. Edson

    problemas com sphagnum

    Friends, my germination I do in sphagnum substrate. This generates a lot of cyanobacteria (gelatinous above), I reside in high humidity location. What is the common substrate q you use for germination, with good results in germination and fewer problems? ???
  15. S

    Recommendations for small-flowered orchid that can tolerate a little shade?

    Everytime I see a bunch of orchids at the local orchid society meetings, I'm always drawn to the weird little small-flowered ones (flowers smaller than a US quarter or nickel). I don't know what many of them are, but a lot seem to be Restrepia and Pleurothallis. I did some research and it seems...
  16. Y

    Drosera rubrifolia

    I could not find any information about how to care? Does anybody know ideal conditions for this plant? Temperature, Humidity, etc... Thanks
  17. C

    Drosera Binata

    Its here!!! Yay. Drosera binata and capilaris. Will sun-break them for 2 days. Hope everything allright.So happy it came allright. Hope the binata can grow tall and produce many dews. And its raining. I think it will raise up the humidity a little bit. XD Flickr
  18. B

    Light for Nepenthes

    Normally I grow my Nepenthes outdoors, but winters here are a bit too cold for the lowland species (Zone 9a). Last year, I tried putting them on a shelf by a windowsill (no supplemental lighting) and kept them in trays, but some of them did not make it through the winter. I've decided to get...
  19. M

    Nepenthes & hydroponics: Preliminary results.

    I've been experimenting with growing Nepenthes hydroponically since March 2015, so for about a year and a half now. I'd like to share my results in this thread, and then give some details about my method. Thanks to TF member knuckles for sharing with me his experiences growing Nepenthes...
  20. J

    New to Nepenthes

    Hi i bought this Nepenthes yesterday, and would like some tips and tricks on how to grow it well.http://i.imgur.com/zUUZn97.jpg I currently grow Darlingtonia, Dionaea, Drosera, and Sarracenia but this is my first Nepenthes. I Got it from a Big box home improvement store. I know they need bright...