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  1. D

    Plant ID

    Hi all, About 5 years ago I ordered some N. lowii seeds on line. The seeds germinated and have now gotten big enough to produce pitchers to ID and they are definitely not N. lowii. I looked through all my books and on line but can't ID it. Possibly a hybrid of sorts? Any one here have any ideas...
  2. HealthCare

    Unknown Sarracenia hybrids

    Hi everyone! I have 3 no-name Sarracenias (hybrids). Could you please help me with identification? Thank you in advance! 1) 2) 3)
  3. MPX_78

    Spatulata or tokaiensis? recovery and re-identification

    In another of my posts, Hcarlton commented that what I had been referring to as a spatulata could be a tokaiensis, but that healthy leaves would be needed to confirm this. Well, I can finally say that my plant has some healthy looking leaves!:-D I think this deserves a before vs after comparison...
  4. MPX_78

    OwO what's this?

    Just noticed some little leaflets forming on both ends of my pitcher plant! I do not know what species this is, but do they look familiar? I'm guessing some variant of sarracenia.
  5. Rachel8T4

    Is this a Weed?

    Hey everyone! I've had this little plant sprout up in my mini bog garden. I'm assuming it's just a weed or grass of some sort, but I wanted to make sure before I pulled it out :lol: Is anyone able to confirm?