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  1. X

    LED 22w White grow panel VS LED 100w grow light

    Hello botanists, I have a 2.5 x 2 ft indoor greenhouse which is currently being lit by a 600w (actually pulls 100w) LED standard Chinese 'blurple' grow light with two (loud) in-built fans. This light is achieving lots of new growth and I'm pretty impressed with the results, however the LED is...
  2. A

    Converting a Room to an Indoor Greenhouse

    Hi everyone! Im looking to convert a spare room into an indoor greenhouse for nepenthes and wanted to get some advice/opinions. The room is a little over 8ft x 5 ft, the cabinets and the gecko cage will be removed. 1. Going to repaint/cover the walls to be water resistant to the high...
  3. ChronoKiento

    Grow Tent Advice

    Hi All! Today I was planning on pulling the trigger on a cheap grow tent before the winter weather kicks in. Even in the summer, I grow most of my plants indoors because my patio is too shaded and the deer keep eating stuff! (:censor:) Anyways, I've run into some issues that I hadn't accounted...