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  1. thez_yo

    Voting for Pitcher of the Month May 2012: pics and poll

    Condensed from: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?130813-Pitcher-of-the-Month-May-2012 Voting located at: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/w8/~andru/cgi-perl/civs/vote.pl?id=E_24524b8041ecb15c&akey=26f2cc4fb816a0f1
  2. RL7836

    N. izumiae giveaway (for postage)

    Folks - my apologies but I need to cancel this offering.
  3. huy716


    N. izumiae x maxima maxima x tm older pitcher new pitcher (veitchii x lowii) x spectabilis vent x angasenesis veitchii x izumiae (lowii x veitchii) x boschiana ventricosa x ovata vent x talangensis hiding campanulata x (spect x talangesis) Lady Pauline spect x aristo...
  4. hcarlton

    hcarlton's Growlist

    Nepenthes 'Miranda' (male) ventricosa "red" (male) x ventrata (female) Black Dragon-izumiae x truncata ampullaria "red speckled" Sajingan x hookeriana Sajingan ventricosa x gymnamphora 'Rokko' Exotica (female) x mixta (male) truncata Lowland SG rafflesiana var. alata Sajingan (spathulata x...
  5. JB_OrchidGuy

    I think i may have gone a lil crazy.

    Yesterday I got bit by seed fever again. I went on ebay and placed orders for N. jacuelinea N. jacuelinea x izumiae N. dubia N. aristolochiodes N. inermis N. tentaculata N. jamban N. lingulata Then since I got 5 from one guy I will get a bonus pack too. I asked for the bongso but he said was...
  6. twigs

    Winter update

    Got a couple talangensis hybrids in the mail today. I especially love talangesis x veitchii! talangensis x veitchii spectabilis x talangensis talangensis purebred Here are some of the TM hybrids I picked up this fall, these are really looking great! sibuyanensis x TM izumiae x...
  7. Kyle

    Kyle's Grow/Want Lists

    ##Growing #Bladders Ultricularia bisquamata Utricularia dichotoma (Thanks for the SASE, kulamauiman!) Utricularia gramnifolia (Thanks for the SASE, flytraplady5!) Utricularia graminifolia (Thanks for donating to the NASC auction 2011, RL7836!) Utricularia livida (Thanks for the SASE...
  8. tje25

    Tj"s Grow List!!!

    Grow list: Everything in green is linked to a picture ;) Dionaea muscipula; "B52" "JAWS" "A2" henning giant 120+ seeds sowed (5/10/12) Germination started (5/23/12) Dente Drosera; D. affinis (seeds planted 1/8/15) D. aliciae D. capensis "alba" (seeds planted 12/27/11) ( sprouted 1/13/12) D...
  9. S

    a few nep pic's

    Just getting used to how this site works , so thought I mite put a few nep pitchers up hope you enjoy them J Lowii uppers aristolockioides lowii x veitchii predator truncata x hamata spectibilis x truncata x boshiana izumiae x trusmadiensis ventricosa x ephippiata...
  10. mass

    POTM October 2011: Contest Voting

    Please follow the link below to cast your votes for our October 2011 POTM Contest. Good luck to those who participated. http://www.cs.cornell.edu/w8/~andru/cgi-perl/civs/vote.pl?id=E_0a3e8022d2e4ca79&akey=9ff5b409174a8282 pygo ~ N. lowii x spectabilis GregNY ~ N. splendiana x [(veitchii...
  11. Bobblybook

    Some new pitchers

    Just a couple of pitchers starting to open now that Spring is here. Still a few small ones probably opening next month which I will take photos of. izumiae x trusmadiensis Some nice pattern on the lid - seems strange to me that it isn't symmetrical. Is this from izumiae? My izumiae x...
  12. twigs

    New addition - N. izumiae x x trusmadiensis

    After a fair bit of searching, I was finally able to get my hands on N. izumiae x x trusmadiensis. Here's some pics <a href="https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/TEqw37dBbffAWnHaUFUi3LLTOf2uRY9-Ya59ctfc81A?feat=embedwebsite"><img...
  13. ellisonk001

    ellisonk001's (Keith's) Growlist

    NEPENTHES: adrianii alata alata (Q) x truncata alata boschiana mimic alata Pink alata variegata alata x khashiana alata x truncata alba albomarginata albomarginata albomarginata - Penang Red albomarginata - Red albomarginata Green albomarginata Red Gunung Jerai albomarginata Red Speckled...
  14. Brokken

    Quid Pro Quo Nepenthes Giveaway

    I have the following Nepenthes that I am looking to give away. There is a catch though: Preference will be given to those people who have given back to the community. The following is a list of available neps. Your request should include the order of preference for each nepenthes (with your most...
  15. Wire Man

    Wire Man's grow list

    Cephalotus -follicularis -'Brewer's Red' Dionaea -typical -Onslow County, NC rescues -'Big Mouth' x ? -'Bristle Tooth' -'Czech Giant' -'Dentate' -'FTS Crimson Sawtooth' -'FTS Maroon Monster' -'Jaws' x '1955' -'Royal Red' Drosera -capillaris Onslow County, NC -capillaris Escambia County, FL...
  16. Brokken

    S x "Adrian Slack" for N. edwardsiana

    Hi there, I'm looking to obtain a Nepenthes ewardsiana. In return I'm willing to trade a division of the highly coveted Sarracenia "Adrian Slack". This is the real deal - originally from Brooks Garcia. I'm also willing to trade multiple neps for a single eddy. The list of available plants is...
  17. mksmith

    Nepenthes Attitudinal Distribution Chart

    I set up a simple table with most all Nepenthes species broken into the five common categories; ultra-lowland, lowland, intermediate, highland, and ultra-highland. I have based the placement on altitudinal distribution mostly. I also have temperature range at the top of each category. Maybe...
  18. twigs

    Twigs growlist

    Heliamphora H. chimantensis H. minor H. minor - Burgandy Black H. minor - Big Orange H. nutans H. puchella H. sp Akopan Nepenthes N. alba N. argentii N. aristolochioides N. bongoso N. flava N. glabrata N. jacquelineae N. jamban N. mikei N. ramispina N. robcantleyi N. spectabilis N...
  19. G

    Gea8579 aka Geoff's growlist

    sundews D. spatulata D. capensis Pings P. cyclosecta P. esseriana P. primuliflora Byblis B. liniflora Cephalotus C. follicularis typical Nepenthes N. ampullaria 'Brunei Red' N. argentii N. bicalcarata N. burbidgeae N. ephippiata N. hamata N. izumiae N. mirabilis echinostoma N...
  20. dashman

    New Plants!

    It's raining neps! Hallelujah, it's raining neps! :) N. lowii N. izumiae x veitchii N. inermis x bongso (I love this guy!)