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  1. marcus_r

    Tropical Drosera rotundifolia from Japan?

    Hello! I hear that there are Drosera rotundifolia in the Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, that may grow in tropical conditions. Is anyone here growing these plants and/or can report on them? Takaaki Kagawa in his book Drosera of Japan mentions colonies that have a shorter dormancy requirement, but...
  2. Cindy

    Drosera plants

    From my records, they could be any of the following...but what exactly? TIA!!! D. spatulata D. tokaiensis (Kagoshima, Japan) D. rotundifolia D. intermedia (Roraima, Venezuela) D. nidiformis
  3. Not a Number

    Not a Number's Growlist

    Growing: Byblis liniflora Darlingtoniacalifornica seedling ICPS californica ****** 'Othello' x 'Othello' Nevada Co, CA 'Othello' x ? Nevada Co, CA Dionea muscipula(typical) 'Akai ryu' 'B52' 'Crested Petiole' 'Cupped Trap' "Fang" 'Fused Tooth' 'Jaws' 'Justina Davis' 'Red Pirhana'...