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  1. J

    Epidendrum radicans cuttings and kalanchoe tubiflora gammea

    I have 2 more rooted epidendrum cutting and the rest of the cutting are pending. I also have kalanchoe tubiflora gammae, these plants are succulents and are very prolific. I would trade these for: Nepenthes, cutting, and well stablished plants will do. Utricularia, prefer epaphytic Utricularia...
  2. R

    Kalanchoe 'Pink Butterflies' giveaways and trade

    The giveaway is for one plant each for two people, usual rules. I'll try to do this by noon on Thursday, as I would really like to ship on Friday. Shipping $7 Paypal. That leaves me 3, none of which I want to keep, plus an unrooted one with odd coloration, which is also fair game, but it...
  3. R

    For Trade: Cuttings, Plants, Keiki from my Mom's (non CPs)

    I was over at my mom's, partly to get a picture of a Begonia, and I broke a piece off that plant by accident. So I decided to gather a few things and make it interesting. Here's what I left with: 1) Kalanchoe 'Pink Butterflies' 2) Calceolaria mexicana seedling (annual, reseeds) 3) Begonia...
  4. R

    Non CPs for Nepenthes

    I'd like to expand my currently almost non-existent Nepenthes collection. I have plenty to trade, many of them considered choice plants. They are just not CPs. I'm interested in Nepenthes plants, seedlings or cuttings (rooted or unrooted). I have some experience rooting cuttings. I'm most...
  5. V

    Kalanchoe Tubiflora pups for any Pinguicula leaves

    Title says all?
  6. K

    Non-carnivorous "Donkey's Ear" (Kalanchoe species) plantlets

    Hey everyone, I don't know if anyone would be interested in some house plants but my donkeys ear plant has many many plant-lets on its leaves and I would like to trade some of them if someone is interested. These would all be small but healthy, I would say an inch across or smaller, but they...
  7. P

    Succulents for trade (cp's wanted)

    My wants and my available-for-trade Hi there, all. I'm a noobity noob (not to plants, but to the forum) but I figured I'd start right off mentioning what I want for my eensy collection, and more important, what I've GOT. Not much in the way of CP's for trade, but I do have some groovy...
  8. P

    My wants and my available-for-trade

    Hi there, all. I'm a noobity noob (not to plants, but to the forum) but I figured I'd start right off mentioning what I want for my eensy collection, and more important, what I've GOT. Not much in the way of CP's for trade, but I do have some groovy succulent extras. AVAILABLE FOR TRADE...
  9. Gigantea

    My Growlist

    Kill list coming soon. Carnivores Drosera: Filiformis 'red' Filiformis 'california sunset' Filiformis 'tracyi' Spatulata - mixed clusters Trinervia Graomogolensis Mixed Capensis. Two are known Giant varieties, two could be Alba, 3-4 unknown Adelae Giant Regia Binata Multifida Extrema...
  10. Gigantea

    Picked up some stuff for the new year

    So, my local Home Depot went bonkers and ordered a vast selection of cacti and succulent of all sizes for low prices. I took advantage. Picked up some new Kalanchoe I've been searching for as well as a monstrose Cereus Peruvianus and a good little collection of living rocks. Here's some general...
  11. V

    LF P. Esseriana

    Trying to restart my collection and is so hot here. Miss my fave little ping. Can trade postage or Kalanchoe Tubiflora plantlets. Any other mexi ping cuttings would also appreciate. :)
  12. Ozzy

    Caribbean Love Leaf (Kalanchoe pinnata)(catrus $3)

    You're bidding on a leaf or two from my Caribbean love leaf. They are very easy to grow. Bidding starts at $1 I'll pay shipping. Open only to USA bidders
  13. Z

    mother of thousands

    i have many rooted little plantlets of the mother of thousands plant (Kalanchoe daigremontiana) that are up for trade. they are the more compact variety and they dont get extremely tall like other varieties! they have a nice light green color. I am interested in trading mainly for cps but...
  14. Wire Man

    Kalanchoe diagremontiana For Trade

    I have a pot full of Kalanchoe diagremontiana that I need to clean. They grow surprisingly quick under intense lighting. I will send each person 5 or more well started plants. Here's what I'm looking for; -tropical Drosera, excluding adelae, capensis, and burmannii -pygmy Drosera, excluding...
  15. lizasaur

    Assortment of Succulents -- USA ONLY Ozzy 18$

    US ONLY! Up for auction is a vast assortment of succulents. Included is: 8x Kalanchoe...Tubiflora? 4x Aloe (NOT Vera, but feels nice on sunburn anyway :p) 1x Kalanchoe Tomentosa (Chocolate Soldier) 1x Euphorbia Tirucalli (Pencil Cactus/Milkbush) 1x Hawthoria Fasciata var Fasciata 1x Senecio...
  16. carnivoure12

    Show your Houseplants! DUW

    Post some pictures of your plants besides CP's that you grow! Especially if you have more unusual and rare specimens! Here are some of mine, forgive my poor photography skills :p Seedgrown Lemon tree Heartleaf Philodendron - - Umm desk is a bit messy from doing Calculus work... really...
  17. thez_yo

    kalanchoe tubiflora pic

    Anyone else's making babies?

    Daigremontiana в Delagoensis

    Have a bunch of Kalanchoe Daigremontiana в Delagoensis {all sizes} Available for trade for ? if anyone is interested Pics~ http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/574640847HMsLiQ Thanx DC dethcheez@aol.com
  19. thez_yo


    Here's mine, with babies, enjoying the full sunshine and turning pink:
  20. dustin

    future trade (1-2week)

    hey tf, im looking for some more trades, gona keep this one short and sweet cause the last one i typed i i clicked preview and it went to the log in screen, then everything delted....lol, anyway heres what i got: x/x pending estimate or real count on plants pending *_* taken n. maxima cuttings...