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  1. bluemax

    Drosera lanata to trade for other petiolaris species.

    I currently have several mature Drosera lanata (AG3 clone) plants to trade. I am looking for D. fulva, D. banksii, D. darwinensis, D. kenneallyi, D. ordensis or any of the aff. species/forms. This photo shows the same clone I am offering. If you are interested send me a pm (personal message) or...
  2. R

    Mona's Grow List

    Mona's Grow List Cephalotus: Clone #1 Common Typical Ron Gagliardo Clone Coal Mine Beach Hummer’s Giant Czech Giant ‘Vigorus’ ‘Black Eden’ Hasting’s Clone #2 Dionea: Typical x2 Cup Trap Red Pirahna Red Dragon Akai Ryu Drosera: Delisiana Hamiltonii Intermedia Burmanii Brevifolia Spatulata...
  3. rcl27

    Drosera kenneallyi - sflynn $18

    Got a very last minute Drosera kenneallyi up for auction. Plant is about 2.5" across and already has flowered this season. Opening bid is $10. Winner pays for shipping ($5.95 USPS). US Only. Will be shipped bare root. Paypal email is: rcl27@cornell.edu.
  4. bluemax

    Looking to trade for Petiolaris sundews

    I am looking to add some petiolaris species to my collection. I would like to trade for Drosera brevicornis, D. kenneallyi, D. darwinensis, D. broomensis, D. dilatato-petiolaris, D. petiolaris and D. fulva. What I have to trade with is: Cephalotus follicularis, Drosera regia, Drosera paradoxa...
  5. bluemax

    Petiolaris sundews

    I will pay shipping plus $15 each for one of each of these species: Drosera brevicornis, D. kenneallyi, D. darwinensis, D. broomensis, D. dilatato-petiolaris, D. petiolaris, D. fulva. Of course I don't expect them to all come from one place!
  6. L

    Growlist of Lutz

    Once I was in a store and there was a corner in which some really strange plants were standing. They shall eat meat or something like that and they are probably dangerous. No risc no fun. I took one of the glistening with the sticky leaves. About 10 years later ...... Cephalotus Cephalotus...
  7. rcl27

    Cody Lawson's (rcl27) Grow List

    Cephalotus: Cephalotus (typical) - Flytrapcare Cephalotus (typical) - carnivorousplantsshop.eu Cephalotus "Double Ribbed" - JCal Cephalotus "Emu Point" - JCal Cephalotus "Hummer's Giant" - JCal Cephalotus "Phil Mann" - JCal Cephalotus "Squat" - JCal Dionaea Muscipula: Dionaea "Typical" - Lowes...
  8. bluemax

    All Things Petiolaris

    It seems to me that there is a lot of interest in sundews of the petiolaris complex but not a lot of information out there. I consider these plants to be some of the most beautiful and interesting of all Drosera, if not all plants. They continue to be rare in cultivation and expensive to buy...
  9. R

    Looking to buy Woolys - Plants and / or seeds

    As the title states I am wanting to buy wooly sundews. I prefer plants but seeds will do if plants are not available. Any of the following: D. brevicornis D. broomensis D. caduca D. darwinensis D. derbyensis D. dilatato-petiolaris D. falconeri D. fulva D. kenneallyi D. lanata D. ordensis D...
  10. bluemax

    'Have cute 1/4" D. graomogolensis to trade for...

    I have several small fully-rooted little Drosera graomogolensis plants to trade and I am looking for these plants: D. derbyensis, D. fulva, D. darwinensis, D. brevicornis and D. kenneallyi. Yeah, I know - I'm not asking for much. :-D I'm also looking for a nice D. venusta and for D...
  11. klasac

    crossed petiolaris gr. in TC

    Some time ago I obtained seeds of this interesting group of plants and now i can post pictures of them. The crosses look very attractive and photogenic. I hope you like the pics: drosera (ordensis x falconeri) x darwiniensis drosera falconeri drosera darwiniensis x kenneallyi drosera...
  12. mcmcnair

    Mcmcnair's Growlist

    So here is my current grow list Sarracenia: Had to give up on Sarracenia for now because I don't have enough sun anymore because my condo complex put in a huge Ulmus parviflora right in front of my porch. Nepenthes: Ampy! 1 N. ampullaria Red BE 1 N. ampullaria Tricolor SG 1 N. ampullaria...
  13. mass

    Gifts from a Maui man

    For those of you lucky enough to receive CP's from this fine gent, you know they are always top notch in every way. I thought I would start a picture thread dedicated to this man's plants that have been spread around the country. I feel his CP's deserve a spotlight of their own. :hail: So, if...
  14. Brie

    Brie's Grow/Want List

    Sarracenia - Some photos not mine, but used with permission from the person whom the plants originated S. 'Adrian Slack' S. 'Leah Wilkerson' S. "Blood Moon" S. 'Judith Hindle' S. 'Scarlet Belle' S. 'Dana's Delight' S. 'June Bug' S. 'Dixie Lace' S. 'Tripe Rarity' S. 'Hank' S. "Appalachian...
  15. mass

    FT: Icky but bountiful red, orange, & green LFS

    So I'm redoing one of my tanks.. which means I can offer up the LFS I was using in it. It is RIDDLED with all kinds of goodies! Mostly rotunds by the 100's.. but there are also some misc. utrics (nothing common), and some Stylidium debile. As for the LFS itself, it's mostly red/crimson LFS. But...
  16. mass

    Help: Dew Want List

    Just finished off most of the neps on my want list. So I guess it's time to start working on the drosera section. If you have any plantlets, leaf cuttings, or tubers to spare of any of these, please PM me if you'd like to work out a trade. If you have something that's not on my list, but feel...
  17. mass

    Looking for Petiolaris dews

    I am in search of: Drosera falconeri Drosera kenneallyi If you have any plantlets of these to trade, take a look at my grow list and shoot me an offer.
  18. thez_yo

    new paradoxa

    Just got a paradoxa...are they self fertile? Or can I try to cross somehow with the kenneallyi (that has screwed up flowers or something?) click for bigger: LOVE petiolaris!
  19. amphirion

    stuff that i really really like.

    amphirion's growlist (10.08.2010) no longer maintained. Family: Byblidaceae ==Genus: Byblis =======Species: Byblis liniflora (25.06.2011) CC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Family...
  20. kulamauiman

    kulamauiman's grow list

    Byblis Byblis liniflora Cephalotus Cephalotus follicularis (typical) Dionaea Dionaea muscipula (‘Petite Dragon’) Dionaea muscipula ('B-52') Dionaea muscipula ('Big Mouth') Dionaea muscipula ('Red Dragon') Dionaea muscipula ('Royal Red') Drosera Drosera adelae Drosera...