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  1. goldtrap2690

    Goldtrap2690's CP Grow List

    Carnivorous Plant Grow List Dionaea muscipula: ‘BZ 1955’ + ‘B52’ ‘Bohemian Garnet’ ‘Dutch’ ‘Fine Tooth x Red’ ‘FTS Shogun Star’ ‘Grün’ ‘Jaws’ ‘Scarlet Bristletooth’ ‘UK Sawtooth #2’ “ “ {Bob Ziemer} Typical ??? {Rocket Farms} ++ Sarracenia: ‘Bug Bat’ ‘Fat Chance’ “...
  2. goldtrap2690

    Nepenthes 'Linda' & khasiana

    I've never known anyone in the US to grow 'Linda' and it's just as rare to see someone with a khasiana in their collection but it's worth a shot. Anyone with an extra cutting or plant, please shoot me a message and let's see what we can work out! Thanks!
  3. ArcanaCapra

    ArcanaCapra 's Grow List

    Just registering my little collection Nepenthes: N. Graciliflora Dionaea: Typical Drosera: D. Spatulata * D. Intermedia * D. Madagascariensis * D. Capensis 'alba' * D. Burmannii D. Burmannii 'Hong Kong' Seeds wish list: Drosera: D. Burmannii (of any variation I dont have) D. Binata...
  4. kjnorris918

    Kjnorris918's grow list.

    I'm a beginner that just recently received their first seeds. :) I have- D. Burmannii D. Capensis alba and red D. Binata D. Omissa D. Finlaysoniana D. Spatulata 2 cuttings for nepenthes ventricosa B52 VFT Akai Ryu VFT Typical VFT Arriving soon- N. Ventrata × (bellii × ventricosa) seeds I'm...
  5. B

    Bluemoon's Grow List

    Butterworts – P. moranensis “D” P. primuliflora P. ‘Weser’ P. cyclosecta P. 'Titan' VFTs D. muscipula Typical D. muscipula Akai ryu Sarracenia Sarracenia unknown Seed grown x2 Cephalotus Cephalotus follicularis Hummer’s Giant Utricularia Utricularia longifolia Utricularia...
  6. adnedarn

    N. khasiana x viking rooted cutting

    Hello! This giveaway is for active members... Lets say at least 11 month member and 40 posts. Also, could not have received more than 3 giveaways in the past 5 months. "Winner" pays shipping which should be like $6 or I'll throw it for free in your box if you pick something up from...
  7. anramitaco

    N. khasiana weirdness

    I've had this N. khasiana for a while now. It has always been a good grower, but lately it's been acting a little... weird. First, it started making smaller leaves with less space between the internodes, but the pitcher size didn't decrease: I assumed this was the result of high light (it...
  8. Cindy

    Just some random Nep pics

    I was using the DSLR on the Byblis so took some pics of the Nep pitchers as well. Disclaimer: The cool-growing plants are quite new so some of the pitchers came with the shipment...not that I can grow intermediate/highland Neps so well here in HOT Singapore. :cool: N. spectabilis x hamata...
  9. thez_yo

    N. khasiana x viking* - UNROOTED cutting (adnedarn $15)

    Up for auction is a couple feet off the top of this N. khasiana x viking*. I received it a couple years ago from another grower, and it's proceeded to take over my livingroom. I've gotten rid of numerous basals, but it's time for the top of it to get the chop. It's the one taking over the...
  10. D_muscipula

    D_muscipula's photo thread!

    I figured I'd start a photo thread. First up, Nepenthes tobaica x (sanguinea x khasiana) Nepenthes reinwardtiana green When I first got this plant it wasn't vining and was only a few inches tall. It has gone on to vine for me during this winter, and produce all of it's pitchers in highlands...
  11. D_muscipula

    D_muscipula's Growlist INCOMPLETE

    Drosera species Drosera aliciae Drosera binata Drosera capensis Drosera filliformis ssp. tracyi Drosera graomogolensis Drosera scorpiodes Drosera hybrids Drosera "Andromeda" - (schizandra x prolifera) Nepenthes species Nepenthes graciliflora - Formerly Nepenthes alata 'Boschiana Mimic'...
  12. D_muscipula

    Nepenthes 'Peter D'Amato' - Established cutting for trade

    Hey everyone, I have a Nepenthes x briggsiana var. 'Peter D'Amato' The plant is an established rooted cutting taking from growth that was producing upper pitchers. When the plant arrived it had one 6-8" upper pitcher on it. The plant is about a foot or so in diameter and roughly as talll. This...
  13. ellisonk001

    Summer Trades

    I finally got around to putting organizing a bit and putting together a trade list. Please take a look and EMAIL (ellisonk001 at Hawaii dot rr dot com) me if you would like to work out a swap. USA only. I am primarily interested in nepenthes, but will consider all reasonable offers. N...
  14. anramitaco

    anramitaco's photo thread

    As I was watering the plants this morning, I realized that I've only ever shared photos when I needed an ID or a diagnosis. So, I thought I may as well share with you a few of my plants. Please excuse the poor lighting; it's a rainy, dreary day in New Haven. First up, a few of the nepenthes...
  15. P

    Looking for small nepenthes plants

    Looking for some small, either seed grown or rooted well-established cuttings, of nepenthes. In particular I am looking for N. khasiana, N. miranda, N. tobaica, N. reinwardtiana, N. copelandii, or really just about any other true to species nepenthes. PM me and we can see what we can do. I have...
  16. thez_yo

    N.khasiana x viking - anramitaco $17

    For your consideration, N. khasiana x viking Here's a pic of the parent plant of a lower pitcher (red) and upper (green) side by side - Please only U.S.A., bidding starts at $2, and winner pays $5 for Shipping/Handling directly to me via paypal. It is from a cutting that was rooted in a...
  17. NatchGreyes

    Nepenthes khasiana?

    Digging through old photos on an old hard drive, I found some labeled N. khasiana. I just wanted a quick confirmation that these are labeled correctly. Thanks!
  18. Cindy

    Natural and T5 light levels - species (photos and details)

    Natural light levels March 2014 Bright light all day without direct sunlight on plants. All of my Neps are in natural light so I took readings using a light meter. The first reading was taken at 10am and by 4pm, the light level has gone up by at least 2000 lux at the shadiest spot and at the...
  19. Cthulhu138

    Nepenthes hybrids for trade

    Nepenthes burbidgea x platychila Nepenthes ventricosa x ephippiata Both plants are over 12" across and are very fast and robust growers. I'm looking for: Nepenthes : alata - Surigao albomarginata - Penang angasanensis appendiculata argentii - SG argentii - BCP Clones carunculata...
  20. B

    Nepenthes khasiana issue

    So, I have a very healthy and vigorous khasiana in a very small greenhouse in my tiny terrace garden. It has a rather large vine on it with several rather rapidly growing basal shoots. The problem is, the vine is juuuust on the verge of pressing into the top of the greenhouse. My reading tells...