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  1. P

    Blooming size amorphophallus

    Hello! I'm looking for a blooming size amorphophallus because all the ones online say they will bloom in 3-4 years! I'm growing konjac but the bulbs are tiny. If anyone has a large bulb of other species they want to trade for some plants that would be great! What I have to offer is...
  2. P

    Nepenthes aristolochioides hybrids

    Hello! I am looking for any N. aristolochioides hybrids, or preferably Nepenthes bicalcarata cuttings/plants for trade. What I have to offer is: Sarracenia rosea Amorphophallus konjac bulbs Aerisaema bulbs I also have many many orchids that would take a long time to list but here are a few...
  3. A

    Amorphophallus konjac Bulbs

    I have 3 Amorphophallus konjac bulbs up for trade. One is a fatty, the other two are young, but growing. I got the big one a while ago from DragonsEye (so you know they are the real deal) and the small ones came off the fatty. They have not flowered for me yet, but the big one should flower...
  4. jeff 2

    amorphophallus konjac

    Bonjour beginning of flowering stem :banana2:
  5. A

    Amorphophallus konjac skipping dormancy?

    I have an Amorphophallus konjac that's been growing indoors. It has lasted in leaf stage through out the growing season and well into winter. Since winter is almost over, I was wondering, can it keep growing through another spring and summer? Or should I force it into dormancy somehow? I am...
  6. kulamauiman

    WTB: Wtb: amorphophallus konjac corms

    WTB: Wtb: amorphophallus konjac corms amorphophallus konjac or voodoo lily corms List Date: 12/31/2015 For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB: Wtb: amorphophallus konjac corms -------------------------------------- Want to Buy (WTB) Please Contact Buyer with offers...
  7. adnedarn


    Hello! I was traded this tuber over the winter and was told it was likely either konjac or bulbifer... Anyway, it doesn't seem to have grown much this summer so I'm wondering if this amount of growth is normal? Also, does it look good? It kinda looks yellowish to me. Just trying to make sure...
  8. hcarlton

    Aroids, Hoya, and other novelties

    Amongst all the CP's there are a handful of plants that are unusual enough to catch my eye. They include: No clue what species this is, but the flowers are powerful enough to fill the living room with floral scent in the mornings. This guy came to me as a cutting, and the person I got it from...
  9. allegedhuman

    Amorphophallus Konjac 1st time bloom questions

    Hi guys. I have an Amorphophallus Konjac bulb I’ve been growing for maybe the past 3 years and just noticed it is starting to bloom for the first time! But it seems really, really early….I normally have it starting to sprout just a tiny leaf tip around March or April and by the time the weather...
  10. DragonsEye

    Miscellaneous Non-cp Plant Giveaway

    Though I realize my timing is off as Halloween has passed … entrants to this giveaway must post a photo of a carved pumpkin to be eligible. Winners will be drawn at random. You may enter for more than one of lots of the plants. Should you win more than one, shipping will be combined. Photos...
  11. theplantman

    Nepenthes cuttings and Stapelia gigantea for trade

    Dear fellow plant addicts, I happen to have some monstrously overgrown plants in need of a haircut. Looking to see if anybody would want the pieces. I have: N. maxima () N. x dyeriana () Stapeliads, such as S. gigantea () Ceropegia stapeliiformis () Amorphophallus konjac corms One A. titanum...
  12. A

    Trade: Drosera madagascariensis for your . . .

    I have a beautiful 5" to 6" Drosera madagascariensis to offer for trade. I am looking for any Ant Plants or Amorphophallus Konjac corm(s). PM me now to trade! Thanks! :D
  13. G

    Amorphophallus konjac blooming size corm - Corpse Flower - cooks cp $48

    Offering one Amorphophallus konjac corm (Smaller Corpse Flower, Voodoo Lily, Snake Palm, etc.) Has just finished blooming, spadix height about five feet tall. Nice coloring and nice pungent odor! Weighed 12 pounds and a few ounces last Fall when went into dormancy. Weighs a little less...
  14. tommyr

    Amorphophallus "Konjac"

    One of my bigger one's waking up. 9" tall so far:
  15. E

    Trade Amorphophallus Konjac VooDoo Lily Seedling 4 ???

    Have a VooDoo Lily A. Konjac Seedling available for trade Approx. 3in. tall Feel More Than Free To Email Me For a Pic To lazy to upload it somewhere to get an image code / LOL Open to Mex. Pings Would like a Moctezumae & HL Neps if anyone had one they'd trade Sorry no unrooted cuttings NO...
  16. DragonsEye

    A favorite summer plant

    Amorphophallus riverii 'Konjac' The tuber of mine haven't gotten big enough to flower, but that's okay -- I can wait. I grow them more as foliage plants anyway. Love the "tree-like" look of the leaf.
  17. E

    VooDoo Lily Corms / Bulbs 4 Trade

    I have 9 "Small" VooDoo Lily Corms/Bulbs left ~ Available for trade 8 Sauromatum Venosum ~ 6 Small ~ 2 Tiny 1 Amorphophallus Konjac ~ Long one on the right Can do as one trade for all or two trades of 3 small & 1 tiny SV with the AK going to the best trade offer / LMK what you want to do if...
  18. E

    Neps 4 Trade

    Hi All I'll start by apologizing & saying "Sorry" if I lag on replying to emails/PMs I bounce in & out of town a lot for work Most of the time on a last minute notice Anyways I have two well rooted Nep cuttings available {B & D are NO Longer Available} A = Exotic Lady (Maxima x...
  19. DragonsEye

    Yes even more Amorphophallus riveri Konjac corms up for grabs

    Can you guess they reproduce prolifically? For trade or for postage -- take one, two, all ... whatever you like. Corms this size are years from flowering size but the foliage is cool, IMO, and they are very easy to care for. They can be grown in full sun to dappled shade. Grown in full sun...
  20. Nepenthesis

    TRADE: Amorphophallus Corms (TWO COOL SPECIES)

    For trade I am offering 10 A. konjac bulbs and 1 A. paeoniifolius bulb. A. paeoniifolius is my favorite because it closely resembles a rafflesia. A. paeoniifolius flower (not from this bulb)... A. konjac flower (not from these bulbs)... The exact ten A. konjac bulbs you will receive...