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  1. T

    Too much light D. prolifera?

    Hi all, first time posting so hopefully I'm doing this right. Anyways, I'm on my second try in growing D. prolifera and just wanted to get a second opinion on my setup for it. Bit paranoid since my last D. prolifera just crashed randomly and never recovered which I suspect might have been due to...
  2. Werdna

    Heliamphora seed pod development

    My H. heterodoxa x ionasi is developing a seed pod but I recently rearranged my grow shelf and the inflorescence is no longer receiving much light (the pitchers are still getting plenty) and I'm concerned that the low light might negatively impact seed pod development. Does anyone know if...
  3. Leopard737

    Highland Nepenthes Cooling and Lighting Solution

    Highland Nepenthes Cooling and Lighting Solution Needed Hello all, my name is Caleb, and I am new here. This is my first post not under the welcome section. I have a highland tank. I am not at home now, but when I get home I'll post some pictures. I am right now getting 73 in the day and 66-67...
  4. L

    Putting together new tropical sundew tank--NEED ADVICE!

    Hey there! First of all, it's been ages since I've last posted! So hello again, everyone! Hope you've all been well! Apologies for a decade of absence, haha. So here's the jist: I'm attempting to put together a new display tank (all potted) to fill with mostly sundews, but probably a few Cephs...
  5. X

    Wondering if this light will be sufficient for N. sanguinea or too much

    I grow all of my plants (VFTs, Sarracenia, Drosera, Pingicula) indoors. They're all in trays, in the south-facing window of a solarium that is glass on 3 sides. I supplement light with 2 40-watt compact fluorescents, 2 10,000K and 2 6500K daylight T-8 bulbs (meant for reef aquaria) and 2...
  6. MPX_78

    CP's for Everyone?

    Would you be interested if I was to make a system that can provide ideal conditions for any care intensive/condition sensitive species, or make it easy enough to save a poor Walmart VFT that someone with no prior experience could? Features could include humidity sensing, programmable photo...
  7. MPX_78

    My new setup!

    Lights: 2x 18W 1325 lumen LED 2X 11W 1050 lumen LED 1X 14W 1260 lumen LED 1X Taotronics 12W growlight accent light- 40W 2700K 2600 lumen CFL Shelves...
  8. S

    Would these light be okay for growing cephalotus

    I want to use Leds over t5s because I'm making a temperature controlled chamber and I'm not in the mood to deal with lights heating it up in there when I'm already trying to cool things off so I'm gonna try leds. So I found these lights and I think they look good but I'm not sure what do you...