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  1. Edson

    my list

    Typical muscipula Dionaea Dionaea Bohemian Garden Byblis liniflora D. Adelae D. affinis D. Binata T-Form D. Binata multifida (new changes) D. burmannii D. burmannii Hong Kong D. burmannii red D. capensis D. capensis Alba D. capensis "Giant" (changes) D. Capillaris Long Arm D. hartmeyerorum...
  2. DJ57

    Fall of 2016

    It has been awhile since I posted pics of my sarracenia, so here goes the photo dump. Most of these were taken this month, a few end of August. S. x umlauftiana S. Tapestry S. Tapestry Black hybrid Hybrids [Judith Hindle x (oreophila x minor)] x Judith Hindle [Judith...
  3. Benurmanii

    Benurmanii's New and Improved Grow List

    I have had a lot of time one my hands :-)) Bromeliads Genus Brocchinia - Brocchinia reducta Byblis Species - B. guehoi - B. liniflora Hybrids - B. filifolia x guehoi Cephalotus - C. follicularis (a beautiful plant from Nauz) Darlingtonia - D. californica - D. californica seed grown...
  4. Shadowtski

    Drosera finlaysonia seed

    This giveaway is now closed. 7/29/2016 No more entries will be accepted. Drosera finlaysoniana seed Giveaway I harvested some seed from my Drosera finlaysoniana today. It's a member of the Drosera indica complex.The plant is all green and the flower is a light pink. I've posted photos of...
  5. Benurmanii

    Benurmanii's modest grow list

    I lied... :jester: If there is anything that I don't have for trade, but you are dying to have, send me a pm and I'll see if I see what I can start propagating for ya. I'm always looking for different clones than what I have, so if you have something I already have on my growlist, send me a...
  6. Shadowtski

    Drosera burmannii seed

    I harvested some seed from my Drosera burmannii on May 9th, 2016. The plant is all green, even the tentacles, although growing in halfway decent light ( bright enough to color up the hitchhiking Sundew in that pot ). The flower is a light pink. I've posted photos of this plant and its flower on...
  7. Shadowtski

    Seed Giveaway Byblis liniflora

    Seed Giveaway Byblis liniflora is Now Closed I harvested some seed from my Byblis liniflora on May 2nd, 2016. I will be sending most of it to the ICPS seedbank, but I thought I'd share some with forum members here. I'm giving away one package containing 10 fresh seeds. I will pay for shipping...
  8. Shadowtski

    CP Water Germination Experiment Phase 1

    CP Water Germination Experiment Phase 1 tropical & subtropical species, mostly Drosera No stratification When I decided to restart my CP collection I had some seeds stored in my refrigerator for up to 17 years. Some were from the ICPS seedbank and some were from my old collection in the mid to...
  9. Shadowtski

    Byblis liniflora flower photos

    My Byblis liniflora is flowering and that's a good excuse to drag out the macro lens. The plant is growing under 4 T8 fluorescent tubes in a 10 gallon uncovered tank.
  10. Shadowtski

    Shadowtski's Grow List

    Mike's Grow List and Wish List 06/03/2017 Extra 2016 Seed for Trade or Giveaway Byblis liniflora (Limited Quantity) Drosera aliciae (Limited Quantity) Drosera binata "Coromandel NZ" (Small Red T Form) Drosera burmannii "Green" Drosera capensis "Alba" Drosera capensis "Giant" x Self Drosera...
  11. DragonsEye

    DragonsEye's humble grow list

    Byblis liniflora Drosera adelae binata capensis capensis ("Giant" form) hartmeyerorum madagascarensis Drosophyllum ------ Nepenthes maxima ventricosa 2 NoID hybrids (or "poi dogs" if you prefer) Pinguicula Aphrodite gigantea moctezumae X gypsicola moranensis Sarracenia Blood Moon x Adrian...
  12. D

    Looking for Byblis liniflora seeds - No Longer Available

    Looking for Byblis liniflora seeds Hey y'all. I just rejoined terraforms after about 8 years doing school and whatnot. I managed to keep a good lot of my plants but I never managed to keep any viable B. liniflora seed. Would be much appreciated if I could purchase some off of anyone who has...
  13. silenthill

    Byblis liniflora seeds

    Nepenthes seeds Not looking anymore thanks!
  14. katya_dog1

    Katya_dog1's Grow List

    I believe I now have enough plants to make a grow list. Not large, but over the course of just this year I have doubled it! :D Hopefully next year I will have a few more plants to add. DIONAEA MUSCIPLA Jaws (3) FTS Maroon Monster (3) FTS Etna (2) Fine Tooth x Red (4) Typical Typical #3 (this...
  15. DJ57

    DJ57's CP farm

    Thought it was time to post recent pics of my outdoor CPs. The renovated bog is looking good and everything seems to be happy in their new digs. [/url]Bog June 2015 1 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]Bog June 2015 2 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]Bog June 2015 3 by Djoni C, on...
  16. tish

    05 July 2015 : Byblis Liniflora Flower Bloom

    24 July 2015 : Byblis Liniflora Flower Bloom update 2 The new Byblis Liniflora which I just bought, the flower did not bloom for me on the first day. Perhaps it was a little stress after a quick repot. But on the second day it did!! It was sunday and I had the opportunity to take good photos...
  17. hcarlton

    Seed Giveaway

    Returning the generosity I have received recently, I am hosting a new giveaway. This is for US members only, and you must be willing to post something of your own as a giveaway in return. The winner of this contest will receive a packet each of the following seeds: Utricularia calycifida "purple...
  18. Cindy

    Who will I grow up to become?

    Well, I've forgotten to label these seedlings. Fortunately, they will turn out very different... B. liniflora and B. guehoi. :-O A B For comparison, here's a B. rorida seedling ~Stay tuned for updates!~
  19. V

    First Byblis Seedlings

    So I sowed some seed from ICPS and after about a month I now have around 15 Byblis liniflora seedlings with a few more to come I'm sure. I've never grown Byblis before so am looking for some pretty basic advice, although I've done plenty of reading already. A few questions: 1) Some of them...
  20. hcarlton

    Rainbows in the Midwest

    I never did start an official thread for Byblis here, so I decided it was time to do so. I have 3 species now growing for me. B. liniflora has always been steady for me. I have to resow seeds every 8-12 months or so, but I always have a good half dozen or more in the pot B. liniflora by...