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  1. kamiljablo

    Kamil Jablonowski's Growlist (Kamiljablo)

    No carnivores currently. This is what my grow list used to be: My plants: DARLINGTONIA: Darlingtonia Californica DROSERA: D. Capensis 'Alba' D. Tokaiensis D. Binata D. Madagascariensis D. Prolifera D. Aliciae NEPENTHES: N. Sanguinea N. Ventrata N. Effulgent Koto N. 'Red Leopard'...
  2. R

    My Grow Listing

    Currently Growing: Cephalotus folicularis 'Big Boy' Cephalotus folicularis 'Brewers Green' Cephalotus folicularis 'Brewers Red' Cephalotus folicularis 'Czech Giant' Cephalotus folicularis Emu Point Cephalotus folicularis 'German Giant' Cephalotus follicularis cv. 'Hummer's Giant' Cephalotus...
  3. CN

    My Grow List

    = updated updated bump = My Grow List =============== Nepenthes =================== Ultra Highlander's =================== N. Rajah =================== Highlander's =================== N. Burbidgeae N. Densiflora N. Diatas N. Izumae N. Lowii N. Macfarlanei N. Mikeii N. Mira (Medium) N...
  4. blokeman

    utric livida

    any one have any tips on the terrestrial utric, i just got it and would like a little info on it. thanks guys and girls... Steven
  5. DroseraBug

    Offering for Trade

    I've got several items for trade. I'm looking to add to my Nep collection. If anyone has rooted cuttings they would offer please pm. I'm willing to trade more than one of these for the right plant. I'm mostly interested in intermediate/highland or hybrid Neps. I'll send photos of the...
  6. Jefforever

    Autumn Spares...

    They just keep producing - I have: G. Hispidula N. splendiana x (Stenophylla x Lowii) x (Rokko x Veitchii) seedlings N. rafflesiana seedlings from Pyro P. Sierra Mazatecas P. x Titan U. microcalyx U. Livida And all the sundews in the world... lol. Just kidding. Feel free to ask about...
  7. Brokken

    Brokken's Growlist

    Cephalotus (aka "Albany Pitcher Plant"): Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia (aka "Cobra Lilly"): Darlingtonia californica Dionaea (aka "Venus Fly Trap"): Dionaea muscipula Dionaea muscipula - 'Akai Ryu' Dionaea muscipula - 'B-52' Dionaea muscipula - 'Cup Trap' Dionaea muscipula -...
  8. blokeman

    blokeman`s grow list

    All plants listed are form canadian suppliers only.... and cp'ers too Aldrovanda Vesiculosa (RIP) Byblis Liniflora Cephalotus Folicularis (merci Labine) Darlingtonia Californica 01-07-08 (RIP) Dioneae muscipula Akai Ryu 15-11-08 Dente 01-07-08 Typical 01-07-08, 28-11-08 Big Mouth...
  9. G

    Drosera ID help please

    Found two of these guys hitchhiking in a pot of U. livida. Unfortunately no flowers this summer. Is it a juvenile D. spatulata? Any ideas? Thanks for your help Rob
  10. alec

    Alec's grow/want list

    Cephalotus Cephalotus follicularis Cephalotus follicularis "hummer's giant" -coming Drosera D. adelae D. admirabilis D. aliciae D. binata D. binata multifida 'extrema' D. capensis D. capensis red form D. fiiformis D. filiformis "all red" D. hamiltonii D. hilaris D. Ivan's Paddle D. regia D...
  11. SirKristoff

    Small Sarracenia and Darlingtonia update

    Sarracenia "Dana's Delight" a couple of small Darlingtonia Californica, the mountain variety Mini bogs with S. Purpurea, Judith Hindle, Rubra, Scarlet Belle, and some typical VFTs, dentate VFT, couple of small D. Spatulata, and some U. Sandersonii or Livida
  12. Crissytal

    Utrics for Trade

    Up for trade are various Utrics. I just recently repotted them and have some left over. Instead of throwing them out, I'd like to trade them off. I'm not looking for anything in particular, just nothing too common such as D. capensis and so on; other Utrics, Pings, and Drosera would be of...
  13. Wolfn

    Ahmad's grow list

    Indoors (windowsill): * Cephalotus Follicularis * Pinguicula Agnata Outdoors (individual pots): * Sarracenia Flava * Sarracenia Minor * Sarracenia Leucophyla * Sarracenia Purpurea ssp. Venosa * Dionaea Muscipula * Pinguicula Caerulea * Pinguicula Primuliflora * Pinguicula Lutea *...
  14. cmm889

    Cmm889's Growlist

    Dionae Muscipula: VFT typical* VFT Justina Davis* VFT Red Piranha* VFT "1955"* VFT Fused Tooth* VFT Cup Trap* VFT B52* VFT Petite Dragon* VFT Petite Dragon X Jaws* VFT Jaws* VFT Wacky Traps* VFT Crested Petiole* Drosera: D. Venusta* D. Sp. Jacoby D. Scorpioides* D. Adelae D. Pulchella X...
  15. Crissytal

    Auction 4 - Utrics winner Captain Hamata $24

    This auction is for a variety of Utricularia. You will receive small plugs of each of the following: U. tricolor, U. prehensilis, U. livida, U. calycifida, U. sandersonii, U. bisquamata, and U. dichotoma. If bidding goes over $15.00 I will throw in a small division of U. alpina. I'll make...
  16. Knuckles

    ..::]{nuckles' CP List::..

    All plants have since been "murdered." Top section for reference Please see "Updated growlist 2015" for new collection below =) My Humble Growlist: (R.I.P.) .::.- Nepenthes -.::. - N. Rafflesiana - N. Rafflesiana Brunei Giant - N. 'Red Dragon' (Thorelli x Truncata) - N. 'Miranda' - N...
  17. jimscott

    What exactly a U. merriwak?

    Is it some form of U. livida, D. sp. 2 "Cuba"?
  18. K

    The Life and Times of a VFT

    Intro: For several months I have been keeping a diary of my plants behaviour, sizes, growth etc. I've kept this diary more so I can show myself how well my plants are growing, and give me more drive to keep them alive and well, than as a real science experiement. However reading back through my...
  19. T

    Looking for plants to extend Collection

    So, as I said previously Im restarting my carni collection (not the workers) and I am on a limited budget. So what Im trying to do is get some of the more common plants out there. My current grow list is thus: 1 Common VFT 2 Pinguicula Esseriana Maybe a drosera adelae if it survives from home...
  20. Crissytal

    Looking for Woolly Dews

    Hey everyone. I'm currently looking for woolly sundews. They seem a bit difficult to get a hold of so I'm not expecting much :). The ones that I'm particularly interested in are D. paradoxa, D. petiolaris, D. lanata, D. ordensis, and D. dilatato-petiolaris. In the way of trade, I have pretty...