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  1. lowlow

    lowlow's grow list

    Cephalotus Typical Dionaea Bristle Tooth Dente Dutch Red Dragon Drosera adelae aliciae binata binata 'Marston's Dragon' capensis filiformis intermedia carolina rotundifolia regia scorpiodes spatulata Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor Nepenthes albomarginata x veitchii ampularia green speckeled...
  2. lowlow

    Looking for nepenthes Dubia, lowii and jambam

    Hey everyone, I was just curious to know if anyone out there has any of the following plants (dubia, lowii, jambam) for trade? Thanks :banana2:
  3. thez_yo

    Voting for Pitcher of the Month June 2012 (pics and poll link)

    link to the voting: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/w8/~andru/cgi-perl/civs/vote.pl?id=E_a857939031a86663&akey=264ced0f4c873ca7 Good Luck guys :)
  4. Whimgrinder

    Wonderful and strange: N. lowii

    The newest pitcher on my N. lowii. What a beautiful/strange thing this is!
  5. K

    maxima x (lowii x ventricosa)

    Hey guys could anyone post pics of uppers on this hybrid. Thanx. Here are my two
  6. Whimgrinder

    An assortment of N. lowii hybrids

    New photos on my blog this AM! http://nitrogenseekers.wordpress.com/2012/06/28/an-assortment-of-pics/
  7. L

    will it happen?

    I have a med-large muluensis x lowii will it make upper pitchers like the lowii?Will it have hairs on bottom of the lid of a lower pitcher?Both?
  8. Whimgrinder

    N. (lowii X veitchii) X boschiana

    This is a real beauty: N. (lowii X veitchii) X boschiana, an Exotica Plants hybrid.
  9. mikefallen13

    Looking for platychila, aristolociodes, lowii and vogelii

    I am trying to find these plants, especially platychila and aristo. If you have one for trade please take a look at my growlist and see if anything interests you. If so please send me a PM!
  10. K

    sunlight advice

    hey guys ive noticed now that some of my neps do not colour up sufficiently. I have shade net over my gh and this might be too strong. So i have decided to gradually move my shade net over the next month so that half my greenhouse is exposed to full sunlight and half would be shaded. Do you...
  11. mikefallen13

    Two more plants for trade

    I have two more plants for trade. I will post pics tomarrow. US only please! Darlingtonia californica, large plant with almost 10" pitchers. I already had a trade set up for this plant but it fell through. Sarracenia purpurea spp. Purpurea (District of muskosa, Canada) this is a huge multiple...
  12. Nepenthesis

    FOR TRADE: Pasian Highlands Truncata

    I got this guy back in December 2011. Greenhouse hardened. Growing in 50/50 sphagnum/bark with thriving live green sphagnum growing around it. I'm assuming its seedgrown because of its size and the place I got it from doesn't do TC. This morph, according to the website I bought it from, is...
  13. L

    Luca's grow list

    DROSERA D.Capensis D.Enodes D.Helodes D.Unknown D.Prolifera PINGUICULA P.moctezumae P.Sethos VFTs Typical NEPENTHES N.distillatoria N.Jamban N.Ventricosa X 2 N.Ampullaria X Ventricosa N.Spathulata N.Jacquelineae N.Tentaculata N.Veitchii N.Hamata X Platychila N.Aristolochiodes X...
  14. K

    mira x lowii and veitchii x lowii uppers

    hey guys do any of you have uppers on either of these plants mine are still small and i wont see uppers for many years
  15. Heli

    Looking for N. lowii and N. ephippiata

    I need one of these toilet neps for my collection :p. If anyone has any for trade please take a look at my growlist and let me know if there is anything that interests you.
  16. Heli

    rare sarrs for trade.

    I have two sarrs up for trade. Both are large plants and are very vigorous growers. S. 'Red Viper' a very rare cultivar of S. flava x S. jonesii last year: S. "Green Monster" x purpurea (all green type) a rare hybrid of a rare cultivar :p Looking for: N. truncata N. veitchii N. lowii N...
  17. B

    branurenner grow list

    Nepenthes Tentaculata Miranda Lowii Ampulara Harlequin Mirabillis var echinostoma Isumae X trusmendiensis Alba Ventricosa Hamata Mimosa Anubus Drosera Capensis Binata Multiformata Proliferia Adalae Dionea...
  18. pebes

    Pebes' Growlist

    Nepenthes N argentii N aristolochiodes (sg,♂) N attenboroughii (sg) N diatas (AW) N edwardsiana (AW) N edwardsiana (sg) N ephippiata (AW) N glabrata (BE) N gymnamphora- singgalang (AW) N hamata ♂ (AW) N klossii (BE, clone 2) N Khasiana N lowii -(seed) N nigra (sg) N pervillei (sg) N rajah...
  19. ElectrCarnvrs

    N.lowii x truncata wide peristome for trade

    Hello guys, I have a pretty good size lowii x truncata for trade. Plant is 7 to 8 inches across. The plant isvery colorful and is a great looking clone pitchers are about 5 inches long. I am looking for heliamphoras with mature pitchers. Please pm me for photos of this plant. EC