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  1. NotMyRealName

    Looking To Trade Nepenthes (other tropical plants)

    Hi, I'm looking to trade a few nepenthes and other tropical plants. I can provide photos upon request. You can PM me anytime for a response. Thanks, Randy What I Have For Trade (ROOTED): N. Ventricosa x Alata "Ventrata"- (fully rooted w/ small pitcher) *TRADED* Anthurium Faustomirandae...
  2. NotMyRealName

    NotMyrealName's Grow List

    Here's my updated "Grow List", although mostly nepenthes. I do have many other exotic non cp related plants. I can list those when trading. N. Splendiana x Ventricosa "Mata Hari" N. Ventricosa x Alata "Ventrata" N. Sibuyanensis x Talangensis N. Ventricosa x Campanulata N. Ventricosa x Lady...
  3. S

    Squidfengshui's Growlist

    Drosera: Aliciae Binata Burmanii Capensis Narrow Leaf Capensis Alba Falconeri Filiformis seedlings Petiolaris Spatulata Venusta Assorted rosetted mystery seedlings and plants Pygmies Barbigera Dichrosepala ssp. dichrosepala "Dork’s Pink" Helodes Leucoblasta “brookton” Mannii Nitidula x...
  4. D

    H. Heterodoxa and N. ampullara x rafflesenia seedlings, Cephalotus rooted cuttings.

    I will trade rooted cephalotus cuttings, acclimated TC Nepenthes ampullaria x rafflesiana seedlings, or heliamphora heterodoxa seedlings for any of the following: Drosophyllum - offer received N. Bicalcarata N. Rajah N. Lowii N. Truncata N. Ampullaria - offer received N. Glabrata - offer...
  5. T

    A day in the shop + Try IDing all these plants!

    I thought I would share these picture with you so we can all enjoy them together :) I recently got a lowii hybrid (suspected to be lowii x campanulata) from this nursery for only $14 usd. I went again recently and snapped a few photos. Try IDing these plants if you can! Nepenthes costs $14...
  6. NotMyRealName

    Grow List

    Here's my grow list, kinda smallish. N. Splendiana x Ventricosa "Mata Hari" N. Ventrata N. Sibuyanensis x Talangensis N. Ventricosa X Campanulata N. Ventricosa x "Lady Pauline" N. Miranda N. Spathulata x Diatas N. Maxima x Veitchii N. Ventricosa x Merrilliana N. Ventricosa x Sibuyanensis x...
  7. R

    Matt V's photo thread!

    Just wanted to share some photos of my neps and their progression. I grow my plants under LEDs. The problem I struggle most with is low humidity but it seems like really bright light helps harden my plants and sphagnum (resist drought). Ive built a second grow box to house larger plants though...
  8. charlie

    Hello from hawaii

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I am in hawaii and visited Sam's nursery yesterday... Here are some pics of the nursery Nepenthes x trusdmadiensis Nepenthes truncata Nepenthes lowii x truncata Nepenthes Caesar I'll post pictures of the plants I bought when they get here.
  9. charlie

    LTTF Good Sized Nepenthes Hamata (I DO HAVE RARE PLANTS FOR TRADE)

    If anybody has something good sized let me know. I can trade these rare plants: -VFT 'FTS purple ambush' -Nepenthes dubia AW (almost climbing) -Nepenthes inermis AW (1") -Nepenthes x trusmadiensis (G. Trusmadi, Borneo) AW (1") -Nepenthes (lowii x spectabilis) x talengensis -Heliamphora minor...
  10. viking

    Viking grow list

    Venus Flytraps King Henry Typical Big mouth WIP slim snapper Bristle tooth Korean melody shark Dentae Vft Seedllings crosses Mirror x B52 Wally x DCXL Crosstooth x B52 B52 x moon Trap B52 x dcxl Long red fingers x dcxl Crimson sawtooth x maroon monster 1955 x b52 (B52 x big mouth) x dcxl...
  11. J.Gennaro

    J.Gennaro's Grow List (Joe)

    Hello everyone, I decided to post my grow list. As you can see I am mostly into Nepenthes and tropical Pinguicula. I will add some pictures soon! Cephalotus follicularis Typical (seed grown) Hummer's Giant Vigorous Clumping Drosera: adelea 'Giant' burmannii 'Green' burmannii 'Humpty Doo'...
  12. tish

    24 October 2015 : Random updates

    I have since acquired more nepenthes. What a Sin! Some random updates N. Rafflesiana: The latest pitcher has darken, and producing some nectar. N. Hookeriana: First pitcher after potted up, took about a month or so to stabilize N. Ampullaria Green : A new pitcher is opening up 20 Oct...
  13. K

    As By Request, Some Of My Plants :)

    I mostly lurk around gushing over everyone elses wonderful plants dreaming that someday my own little baby plants will soon be just as gush worthy. I will ad a few of my plants in this thread.. My VFT collection is mostly already posted in my thread in the VFT section on here so maybe ill post...
  14. charlie

    Charlie's PhotoThread

    All my photos were on a website which no longer exists. Go to page 3 to see actual photos and not just lists of plants!
  15. charlie

    Nepenthes (lowii x spectabilis) x talangensis For Trade

    Title says it all! I would like to trade for a cool Utric or Nep (anybody have a Nepenthes eymae they need to prune? lol)
  16. charlie

    Nepenthes Give Away

    Whimgrinder has been extremely generous to me and nearly doubled my nepenthes collection!! I am giving away 1 Nepenthes (lowii x spectabilis) x talengensis cutting that is 1 year old. Shipping is on me! Give away ends when the nep pitcher fully forms One of the other cuttings: The plant you...
  17. K

    Kat's Grow + Trade List (as of now)

    Grow list: VFT's: ======= * VFT long red fingers (2 plants) * VFT Akai Ryu (2 pots - w/ offsets) * VFT cupped trap (3 small pots full) * VFT king henry (1 plant) * VFT all green 'goddess' (1 plant w/ offsets) * VFT Dark Red traps (1 plant w/ offset) * VFT Typical (1 pot many offsets) * VFT...
  18. J

    My first terrarium project and grow shelf renovation (sorry, long read)

    This is part of my larger project to renovate my grow shelf once I move into my new apartment in a few weeks. I've been wanting to put together a highland terrarium for awhile now. With the Wistuba group order at flytrapcare forums coming up and me being worried about the few highland plants...
  19. J

    Jeremy's Neps

    Hi all, I've been looking at your plants for about a year now and figure it's time to share mine... Hope this works. N. jamban N. Moana Loa N. spathulata x spectabilis N. (venticosa x sibuyanensis) x 'Sabre' N. veitchii x platychila N. (lowii x veitchii) x burbidgeae
  20. J

    Jeremy's Grow List

    Cephalotus follicularus Drosera: capensis venusta madagascariensis adelae scorpioides regia multifida extrema spatulata collinsiae omissa x pulchella Heliamphora minor Nepenthes: ventricosa (red) spectabilis hamata jamban jacquelineae singalana veitchii truncata vogelli chaniana lingulata...