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  1. Benurmanii

    Benurmanii's New and Improved Grow List

    I have had a lot of time one my hands :-)) Bromeliads Genus Brocchinia - Brocchinia reducta Byblis Species - B. guehoi - B. liniflora Hybrids - B. filifolia x guehoi Cephalotus - C. follicularis (a beautiful plant from Nauz) Darlingtonia - D. californica - D. californica seed grown...
  2. Benurmanii

    Pinguicula chilensis seeds

    I've recently harvested quite a few P. chilensis seeds. These are pretty darn fresh, the last batch I harvested 7 days ago, and the most recent batch I harvested about 2 days ago. In my experience, these are a very easy species to germinate, much like lusitanica. If you're interested in trading...
  3. DJ57

    P. lusitanica

    Found these P. lusitanica sprouting this year in a pot of Calopogon and a pot of sarracenia generously given to me last year on my way back from California, cute little things. They were not there when I brought the pots home last year, so assuming they sprouted this spring from seed that were...
  4. Benurmanii

    Benurmanii's modest grow list

    I lied... :jester: If there is anything that I don't have for trade, but you are dying to have, send me a pm and I'll see if I see what I can start propagating for ya. I'm always looking for different clones than what I have, so if you have something I already have on my growlist, send me a...
  5. w03

    P. lusitanica Indoor Cultivation

    Given that it is an annual/short lived perennial, does anyone have experience growing P. lusitanica indoors under lights? I imagine they might do alright as long as seed can be obtained before they die off.
  6. hcarlton

    Pay-it-forward seed giveaway!

    Hello all! Having been the recipient of a number of giveaways recently, I decided it was my turn. The winners of this giveaway will be able to pick any three of the available seeds listed below, and there will be 3 winners selected on Friday! D. capensis D. sp. Lantau Island P. lusitanica...
  7. Tacks

    LF Pinguicula lusitanica plants or seeds. Have sundew seeds/cuttings/plants

    I'd like to start growing some Pinguicula lusitanica. Right now I have seeds of white-flowering Drosera capillaris (Alabama), Drosera capensis, and Drosera aliciae. I also have some Drosera intermedia 'Cuba' plants to trade, and can take cuttings from most of my other plants (see growlist)...
  8. Tacks

    Tack's growlist

    Dionaea muscipula • typical Drosera • adelae • allantostigma • aliciae • anglica, CA x HI • binata var. dichotoma T-form • binata 'Marston Dragon' • binata var. multifida f. extrema • brevifolia (Kountze, TX) • burmanii (Humpty Doo, NT, Australia) • capensis, typical • capensis 'Albino' •...
  9. hcarlton

    Hcarlton's butterworts

    Hello! So, I don't have that big of a collection yet, but I decided to share a few of the Pings that I do have so far: P. gigantea, more than 5 times the size I got it P. moranensis x ehlersiae P. 'Aphrodite.' This one's been weird for me, the main plant flowering, then dying back, and now I...
  10. V

    tuco's grow list!

    canoinhas city, santa catarina state, brazil 26°10'38" south 50°23'24" west 765mts above sea level (köppen-geiger: Cfa) - adult plants: sarracenia - sarracenia alabamensis 'thornsby' CR - sarracenia alata 'red lid' desoto CR - sarracenia flava 'gold' CR - sarracenia flava 'red tube' JMP -...
  11. kulamauiman

    half a dozen, 6 Pinguicula lusitanica (biologyboy98 $22)

    You are bidding on: half a dozen, 6 Pinguicula lusitanica. this plant has developed weedy tendencies in my greenhouse I need to pull some weeds. Plants like the one pictured will be bare rooted, trimmed of most pitchers or long flower buds, and sent to the winner. U.S. only please...
  12. SDCPs

    Goodies for YOUR TYPICAL Flytraps! My for trade list posted

    Please do not PM me. I will not respond. Instead, send an email to the address in the above photo with the subject as "Trade with __your name here__": What I want: Mature Typical Flytraps. I do NOT want multiple clones of the same plant. I want genetically different plants. Priority is given...
  13. pokie22

    Nepenthes, Cephalotus, Drosera, Heliamphora ...etc, in vitro

    All purpose thread for all the cultures I have in the works. Most of my cultures are Nepenthes, but I should have a couple of everything...In the last two months, I have amassed nearly 100 cultures. I have listed the media in cases where it is not clear. Here are a few of the cute sprouts...
  14. astateen

    Astateen's Growlist

    I mainly grow native plants, from Florida and Georgia, and carnivores. If anyone is interested in native plants and their ecosystems of Florida, check out Priceless Florida, printed by the Pineapple Press. The book really gave me a new perspective on the really unique and dynamic ecosystems of...
  15. Mark Wilson

    Gypsicola for lusitanica

    I'm looking to trade someone for some lusitanica seeds or plants. Thanks Mark Wilson
  16. M

    Anyone have...

    P. lusitanica VFT 'Clayton's Volcanic Red' VFT 'Red Piranha' D. hartmeyerorum any Byblis ??? Thanks in advance.
  17. kulamauiman

    Pinguicula lusitanica (mcmcnair $13)

    You are bidding on: several Pinguicula lusitanica. Several plants (2, 3-5) like those depicted in the picture below will be bare rooted and sent to the winner. The original plants were grown form seeds received form the ICPS seed bank. In most temperate areas this species behaves as an annual...
  18. mattb

    Mattb Growlist

    Please excuse my spelling: Matt's Growlist Byblis liniflora - ebay seed; Quantity: Cephalotus follicularis - ebay; Quantity: Cephalotus follicularis - Lois; Quantity: Darlingtonia californica - ebay 2012; Quantity: Darlingtonia californica - ICPS 2013; Quantity: Darlingtonia californica (seed...
  19. hcarlton

    hcarlton's Growlist

    Nepenthes 'Miranda' (male) ventricosa "red" (male) x ventrata (female) Black Dragon-izumiae x truncata ampullaria "red speckled" Sajingan x hookeriana Sajingan ventricosa x gymnamphora 'Rokko' Exotica (female) x mixta (male) truncata Lowland SG rafflesiana var. alata Sajingan (spathulata x...
  20. klasac

    Update on TC jars

    Hi,, I got bored today, having to stay at home with a bad cold for a few days,,I entertained myself by working with the plants and so I did some more photography. Hope you like the sterile plants:) Pinguicula lusitanica Nepenthes benstonei (on this medium doestn produce pitchers, they develop...