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  1. V

    Wisconsin (Or Any Northern State) Growing?

    So I officially accepted a position in Madison today. Moving from St. Louis MO to Madison WI, I was wondering if I should expect any major differences in window sill growing? Any growers up there have any suggestions on what facing windows work best for you up there? I'll also probably invest...
  2. V

    A Good Day!

    First, this morning I went to do a misting of my various nepenthes seeds, and was happy to see both raf and amp seedling after about 3 weeks now! I have plenty more varieties I'm waiting on, but it was great to know I'm doing something right. Thanks everyone for the hundred questions I've had...
  3. Nepenthesis

    Easy Nutrient Bomb?

    Aight, so I had this idea quite a while ago and I've thought it through and it seems like it would work. The idea is simple... When old leaves or pitchers die, you cut them off and let them decompose on top of the medium. There is one major flaw to this, which is that it would grow mold, however...
  4. R

    Hello from Ithaca, NY and to all who attended the ICPS/NECPS conference 2012

    Hi my name is Ryan, it's nice to finally join Terraforums at last! Recently I met a few possible terraforum junkies at the NECPS conference in Mass., and I said that I would be looking forward to meeting up with them in this forum. I am an environmental science major at ESF in Syracuse...
  5. Wolfn

    Botanical Gardens in Washington DC is doing major carnivorous plant show

    The United States Botanical Gardens (located in Washington DC a stone's throw from the Capitol Building) is having a major carnivorous plant show from now until September. Tons of CPs on display, along with the following:
  6. Thagirion

    Toothless hamata

    I have had my first hamata for 3 months now. It has made about one new pitcher a month but never keeps more than two. I'm hoping one day it will make a rosette like I see in the pics. There are two probs I'm not sure what to do about. I don't think they are major problems but just annoying...
  7. thez_yo

    Plant of the Month April 2012 pics for voting

    To remind - poll is here: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/w8/~andru/cgi-perl/civs/vote.pl?id=E_196acb05597f7dc2&akey=5d429693b5ab879a Here were the entries-- --fin--
  8. Roman Tyrant

    Urgent! Help needed with H. Minor.

    I'm a bit worried about my H. Minor. I think I made a major screw up. To give a brief summary of its condition. The plant was purchased from the FTS and from my understanding, it was raised in a greenhouse with relatively low humidity conditions. I have it an open container, sitting on a...
  9. lowlow

    greetings from PORTLAND

    Hello to all! I am a biology/botany major at Portland State University and have loved plants since I can remember. I have only been into CPs for around 4 years and am definitely still a NEWBIE. I have come to the forum to gain some knowledge and share my interest with like-minded people. I look...
  10. SirKristoff

    Final tally of plants lost over this dormancy

    And I'm pretty sure the major ice storm we had was a big cause of it... However, nothing I can do but really try and recover from this point... Was not a small loss by any means at least in my eyes... So here is the final tally 28 Dionaea muscipula Typical plants 5 Dionaea muscipula 'B52' 1...
  11. Brokken

    2nd South Bay Carnivorous Show and Sale

    2nd South Bay Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale April 21st marks our second South Bay Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale. A unique opportunity to see first-hand one of nature's botanical wonders: carnivorous plants. You will not only learn about these amazing plants, but also have the opportunity to...
  12. mcmcnair

    Hi from NC

    Hi there, I'm a horticulture major at NC State University. I've been growing CPs seriously for about 3 years, but I've had Sarracenia and Venus Fly Traps on and off since I was little. My ultimate goal with my degree is to open my own nursery, specializing in Tropicals, Cold-hardy Tropicals, and...
  13. Nepenthesis

    Root Rot & Shade Cloth

    ROOT ROT: Well, I'm really getting into neps. I don't want to jump in and spends tons of cash before I know my neps are thriving. Neps 1-3 I've had for around a month and they have obviously settled in, as they are vinining quickly and/or creating new leaves and pitchers. Neps 4-6 I've had for...
  14. Dexenthes

    N. robcantleyi

    Hey folks, I know this is kind of late news and there are already some other threads discussing these plants (obviously), but I couldn't stand bumping a thread that has now been deemed incorrectly named. I've compiled (as far as I can find) some of the major threads that have been made...
  15. D

    N. leonardoi

    Has anyone else seen the pics of this new Nepenthes species that Stewart McPherson sent out in promotion of his latest book, 'New Nepenthes Voume One'? Judging from the two pics included in the email i received, N. leonardoi might be the new must-have Nepenthes that will have collectors eagerly...
  16. Nepenthesis

    Feeding Bugs to Neps

    I purchased three neps yesterday, all of which had full cups of digestive fluids. I would like to give them some extra nutrients without fertilizing through the roots. I know it's not 100% necessary, but I'd like to give them some more growing strength. So would it be appropriate to feed them at...
  17. Nepenthesis

    Going Shopping

    I'm going on a major nep shopping trip in a few days... Well, my first nep shopping trip, anyways. I am looking to get some forgiving ones. One that are resilient in cooler and hotter temperatures, ones that humidity swings won't kill, ones that like lots/little sunlight. I did some research on...
  18. lance

    Technological breakthroughs of 2011

    I thought you guys would like to see some big technological breakthroughs that I have seen in magazines this year that have BLOWN my mind :0o: . Heres a look back at the most amazing ones I have seen this year. Two visible diamonds quantomly entangled What?! This one sounds like a science...
  19. Physalaemus

    The "calling all noobs" giveaway!

    I've been hinting at this for a bit now, but it's time to go ahead and get this out before weather starts to become an issue. I got a major leg up early in my cp growing by being on the receiving end of a number of small giveaways. I want to give back by doing two big giveaways. What will be in...
  20. elgecko

    Pics for Ron / or anyone who wants to see a wipeout!

    A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go paddling on Saturday. He told me what creek he wanted to to paddle. It was a creek that I paddled a few times back in the late 80's early 90's when I did whitewater. It surprised me a little since he has never done any whitewater. I mentioned most of...