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  1. Cactusdan

    Cactusdan's Growlist

    -- Carnivores -- -Cephalotus (Australian Pitcher)- Cephalotus follicularis var. Typical -Dionaea (Venus Fly Trap)- Dionaea muscipula 'Akai Ryu' Dionaea muscipula 'Red Sawtooth' -Drosera (Sundew)- Drosera anglica x tracyi 'Southern Cross' Drosera binata var. dichotoma 'T-form' Drosera bindoon...
  2. Benurmanii

    Benurmanii's modest grow list

    I lied... :jester: If there is anything that I don't have for trade, but you are dying to have, send me a pm and I'll see if I see what I can start propagating for ya. I'm always looking for different clones than what I have, so if you have something I already have on my growlist, send me a...
  3. B

    Sarracenia Giveaway #11

    Upon reflection I have decided I have far too many Sarracenia and want to give some away to the community. This is the eleventh giveaway to those located within the continental United States, sorry. I have 3 Sarracenia Oreo Sand Mountain X Minor copper top that are large gallon size plants...
  4. farmertom

    Actual, factual, for real LED lighting

    Okay, so I bought a new LED light- I've been doing some research and talking with folks at the indoor farming store (god bless you berkeley), but it was definitely an impulse buy. Still I think I did it right, though I'd appreciate some knowledgeable feedback. It's a four foot fixture for my...
  5. R

    Sarraceina Minor trouble.

    HI I was wondering if anyone else this year had issues with their S. Minor. I had one but its rhyzome got all soft and brown, the roots seemed to be in good condition. I'm going to try and grow the plant from the roots... if possible. The plant was wintered in my garage. I just need some...
  6. DJ57

    Double pitcher

    I noticed this one today when snapping photos of the bog plants, a double pitcher on my S. "Red Minor"! [/url]Red Minor double pitcher by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]IMG_5535 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]IMG_5532.jpgx1 by Djoni C, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]IMG_5538.jpgx1 by Djoni C, on...
  7. Jcal

    Looking for heli minor

    The plant I have is from flytrapcare. I am looking for any other clone besides that one. Really hoping for big orange. If you have anything please let me know donee can work out a trade.
  8. Alexkrein82

    Sarracenia Question!

    Hey everybody that actually reads this! I've collected orchids for a while and within the last year and a half have been collecting CPs. I saw some sarracenia minor in situ and fell in love with them. Before long I had a decent collection but gravitated to nepenthes mostly only in the last 6...
  9. theplantman

    About to butcher a massive N. maxima, cuttings for trade

    Hi all, We've got a ginormous N. maxima encroaching on the Sarrs, and I assure you that the Nepenthes is going to lose the fight for space here. It's going to get some love that only a pair of pruners can give. The clone was purchased in the 90s from Wistuba by a friend of mine. I've been...
  10. theplantman

    FT: Black Wattle, Acacia melanoxylon

    Hi folks, Up for trade are two Black Wattle or Acacia melanoxylon plants, grown from seed provided by Randy Story. They're displayed above but will be bare-rooted for shipment. These are botanically quite interesting because they produce wonderful feathery leaves like a Mimosa as well as...
  11. Not a Number

    *PAID* Sarracenia 'Hummer's Okee Classic' (DJ57 $20)

    Sarracenia 'Hummer's Okee Classic' - one of John Hummer's hybrids S. alabamensis × S. minor 'Okee Giant' I divided this plant last year and the divisions are just beginning to grow this season. Small/medium divison International Carnivorous Plant Society Winner pays shipping USPS Priority...
  12. 3

    Mature S. Minor - Established Division (MKlafter $20)

    I have a mature S. minor division (originally from California Carnivores) up for auction. Bidding starts at $2. USA only. To show my support for the NASC, I will pay for shipping if the final bid is $20 or more. Plant will be shipped bare-root with care, through the USPS. The plant has two...
  13. Gigantea

    Wild Patch of Iris Japonica Discovered

    My whole area tends to be a sort of honey hole where exotic plants grow wildly all over the place. It used to be a massive grass farm eons ago. Several years ago I became aware of a large patch of Giant Japanese Iris (japonica) that was growing in a ditch around the corner from me. I only notice...
  14. gre4pr

    Looking for pics

    I have three flowers coming in on my S. Rosea so far and one on my S. Minor okee giant and was curious if anyone had pics of a cross of these. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  15. takitza

    Saving private Sarracenia

    Hello boys and girls, I bought this sarracenia in my attempt to save it, yesterday evening. To me it just seemed dehydrated and it will recover well after thorough care and watering. I am thinking also of putting it in a closed jar for more humidity. Ehat else should I think of? Also, what...
  16. M

    Hello from Rochester, NY

    Hello all, I've been growing carnivorous plants for over 10 years. Most of that time I lived in Brooklyn where my growing area was limited to two small windowsills. I moved upstate a few years ago and my collection has grown exponentially. I am interested in all types of carnivorous plants but...
  17. punpkinface

    Sarrs for VFT, Pings, Dews, Genlisea, Stylidium

    Hey plant friends, long time no see. I've got too many sarrs and am looking for trades. I'm open to offers of anything but I've got way too many neps and sarrs, so unless it's something really cool I'm mainly looking for VFTS, sundews, pings, genlisea, or stylidium. Here's what I've got: 8x S...
  18. R

    Mona's Grow List

    Mona's Grow List Cephalotus: Clone #1 Common Typical Ron Gagliardo Clone Coal Mine Beach Hummer’s Giant Czech Giant ‘Vigorus’ ‘Black Eden’ Hasting’s Clone #2 Dionea: Typical x2 Cup Trap Red Pirahna Red Dragon Akai Ryu Drosera: Delisiana Hamiltonii Intermedia Burmanii Brevifolia Spatulata...
  19. 3

    Mature S. Minor Divisions

    I have a few S. Minor divisions, one or 2 Alata cuttings, some typical but large VFT's (that have been growing and flowering in my outdoor bog with the S. Minor) and a few small Cephalotus and/or cuttings (I would only trade one of the cephs/cuttings for something really good). The main S. Minor...
  20. 3

    3b430mom's Growlist

    This is what I currently have in my collection. Looking for trades for my minor divisions. Venus Fly Trap Sarracenia: S. Minor - 15-20 divisions to trade S. Purpurea or Rosea (not sure which) S. Leuco -All green Leuco as well. S. Alata Purple Helmet S. Flava Coppertop -1 Division to trade...