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  1. R

    How do you encourage rooted cuttings to produce lower pitchers?

    Hey all, I've been growing Sarracenia for a few years now and have recently ventured into growing Nepenthes. I bought some N. x 'Miranda' cuttings in the NASC auction this year and had great success rooting them. The cuttings were received soon after the auction ended and rooted by about June...
  2. Zachf92

    Zachf92's Grow List

    Sarracenia flava var. maxima flava var. ornata flava var. rubricorpora alata 'Heavy Veins' alabamensis wherryi minor minor var. okefenokeensis 'Ware Co. Clone C' rubra rubra gulfensis 'Anthocyanin-Free' purpurea venosa purpurea venosa var. montana leucophylla 'AJ01' leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek...
  3. D

    Check out this score of Tillandsia.........

    Recently I picked all kinds of free Tillandsia and Bromeliads..., A local Dr. that traveled the world doing research on plants was selling off his collection and moving. Two greenhouses 40'x 100' full from top to bottom. Everything for sale.. The first trip I made I bought a nepenthes...
  4. hcarlton

    Pollen Available, Pollen Wanted!

    I could have sworn I made a thread here, but oh well. There is a post in the trades section but I'm posting here as it is Nepenthes related specifically as well: I have pollen currently available for N. 'Miranda' and N. x mixta, and in around a month or so my SG N. (inermis x singalana) x mira...
  5. hcarlton

    Nepenthes flowering, pollen available!

    Hello all! I have multiple plants that are now flowering, or will be in short order. N. 'Miranda' and N. x mixta I have already collected from, though the latter is still flowering so very fresh pollen is available. Within the next month to month and a half, both my N. 'Rokko' Exotica ( I think...
  6. Randoja

    My CP Windowsill Exploits.

    Hello there, I'm Randoja. My plan is to keep this thread updated with the progress of my plants and photos of any new ones I get as well. Everything is setup in just one south window. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions about my plants, as well as receive any advice or suggestions you...
  7. K

    Nepenthes x China ?

    Hi.. I ordered a variety pack of nepenthes a couple months ago and I got a Nepenthes named Nepenthes x China.. Does anyone know if it is a hybrid ? If so with what? I'll post some pics of it along with some other nepenthes I've been growing. Nepenthes x China (?X?) <a...
  8. sflynn

    sflynn's Growlist

    Dionea muscipula- typical, several Drosera: adelea, many binata, 2 binata SG, 3 binata var. multifida 'extrema', several brevifolia, several capensis typical, 2 capensis typical seedlings, many capensis "broad leaf", 1 capensis "baines cloof", 1 capensis alba seedlings, 3 capensis giant...
  9. C

    Maxima pitchering weirdly.

    Is it normal for a Lake Poso maxima to have a slit on the opening of a pitcher instead of a lid for the first few days or so? When I got it, it had a normal pitcher, then it spent a year with no pitchers, and now it has three that look like they're growing, but without a well defined lid on...
  10. fdfederation

    A Cheapskate's Attempt to Grow IPs in Stockton, CA

    Current official weather conditions: Temperature: 101 deg F (actual temperature is probably lower because of trees and grass and shade) Relative Humidity: 13% (actual humidity is probably higher) Nepenthes receive approximately 2 hours of direct sunlight in the afternoon. I mainly water...
  11. 5

    a couple of my nepenthes

    Heres a couple of my favorites in my collection. Ampullaria lime twist Hamata x spectibilis Spectibilis sibuatan Veitcii x platychila X miranda Peltata
  12. Bio

    Bio's Grow List

    CPs Nepenthaceae Nepenthes N. ampullaria N. Black Knight N. clipeata N. fusca "Flared Peristome" N. x 'Gentle' N. glabrata x aristolochioides N. hamata N. inermis N. 'Miranda' N. sanguinea N. sibuyanensis x (spectabilis x aristolochioides) N. ventricosa x ( xtiveyi x truncata) A bunch of...
  13. S

    Grow List/Trade List

    Hello, I have: D. burkeana D. capensis 'alba narrow leaf' D. filiformis D. madagascarensis D. multifada 'extrema' D. nidiformis D. pulchella D. scorpioides D. tokaiensis D. venusta H. minor N. miranda N. maxima x fusca N. sanguinea 'pink' N. ventrata N. ventricosa x (thorelii x...
  14. C

    Building a terrarium and question about new plants.

    I'm putting plants in a 260 gallon long aquarium(best deal ever.), using cat litterboxes to have a sphagnum mat along the bottom, a shaded area for a D. adelae(I've heard they like indirect/dappled, but bright, light. If I'm wrong, please correct) and four nepenthes in it(maxima poso, miranda...
  15. P

    N. Miranda cuttings u pay shipping

    N. Miranda cuttings u pay shipping need i say more? ok not rooted, few available or they will go in the compost bin if no locals show up to take.
  16. S

    Hello from Chicago, help me optimize my terrarium!

    Hello, I've been growing CPs for a year or so and just started a terrarium about a month ago. I have 4 4 foot T5HO fluorescents (cool white) and also 2 2 foot T5 fluorescents (soft white) over two tanks containing: Drosera Multifada Extrema Drosera Capensis Alba Nepethens Miranda Nepenthes...
  17. sarracenia_X

    i'm lookin' for a butterwort

    I'm looking to add a new plant to my little collection... why not a mexican butterwort? specifically, i would LOVE a Pinguicula laueana, but really, something like P. moctezumae or P. moranensis i would gladly accept. things i have to trade are: Drosera filiformis D. capensis Maxillaria...
  18. Axelrod12

    Axelrod's Grow List

    Aldrovanda: Aldrovanda vesiculosa - Japanese Brocchinia: B. reducta Byblis: B. liniflora Dionaea: 'Akai Ryu' 'B-52' x 'Ginormous' 'Bristle Tooth' 'Cup Trap' 'Dente' Typicals Drosera: Pygmy: D. scorpioides D. helodes x pulchella Temperate: D. binata D. dichotoma 'Giant' D. filiformis var...
  19. Keith

    Have N. Miranda cuttings for trade

    Have 2 N. 'Miranda' cuttings that have been rooted for several months up for trade. Looking for dews, bladders, and pings
  20. P

    Looking for small nepenthes plants

    Looking for some small, either seed grown or rooted well-established cuttings, of nepenthes. In particular I am looking for N. khasiana, N. miranda, N. tobaica, N. reinwardtiana, N. copelandii, or really just about any other true to species nepenthes. PM me and we can see what we can do. I have...