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  1. S

    S. x readii x moorei 'Big Red' (Winner Outsiders71) $19

    Up for bidding is a division of S. readii x moorei "Big Red". Winner pays $6 for shipping. Bidding starts at $5. Happy bidding!
  2. S

    Looking for Genlisea aurea, margaretae, repens, filiformis or others

    I have G. violacea 'giant', G. hispidula and G. lobata I can offer in trade. I also have some Catopsis berteroniana (carnivorous bromeliad) seeds, Drosophyllum seeds, and some Drosera pauciflora, D. moorei, D. venusta, and D. peltata gracilis seeds. Please PM me if you are interested in making a...
  3. bucky78

    Spring Photos!

    Just thought that I would start a new thread and post a few pics that I took today. S. Moorei Big Red S. Catesbaei "Grande" from the Wilkerson Bog Back view of Catesbaei "Grande" S. "Bud Wilkerson" S. 'Leah Wilkerson' S. Flava Coppertop S. Mitchelliana x Moorei Big Red S. Copper...
  4. W

    A couple nice looking sarrs

    S. flava cuprea S. x mitchelliana X x moorei D. 'Marston's Dragon' with a sad looking N. 'Medusa' S. 'Red Sumatra' S. oreophila - Heavy Veined
  5. Pyro

    I love genetics

    Two different plants Both moorei x oreophila. Both very impressive IMHO Phil Faulisi's 'Reptilain Rose' (moorei 'Royal Ruby' x oreophila) One of a number of plants from the cross 'Leah Wilkerson' x oreophila done by Brooks Garcia
  6. NeciFiX

    N. medusa established cutting for trade. (And some Utrics)

    I got a cutting from my Nepenthes and I put it in distilled water with sphagnum moss in it, I then planted it in wet Peat moss in the water, and after a week or so growth seemed to continue! I guess it seems it may be rooted! N. medusa is a very rare combination of N. bellii and x sibuyanensis...
  7. -=Joel=-

    Looking for some hybrid Experts ...

    Hiya, Here is a list of what I have in flower at present. I have a few ideas of what I would like to cross but I would also like some other opinions. This being my first year in trying to create something a little special I would appreciate the input experienced eye. Also, I am unable to...
  8. joossa

    joossa’s Grow List

    -joossa's Growlist- As of 18 March 2010 -Carnivorous Plants- Dionaea muscipula 'Big Mouth' ‘Dente’ ‘Typical’ Drosera capensis filliformis var. tracyi Sarracenia flava var. ornata leucophylla 'Tarnok' oreophila "Alabama" purpurea ssp venosa purpurea ssp venosa var. montana x "Black and Red"...
  9. vft guy in SJ

    More pics of Phil's collection 2006

    Hey all.. I was in the neighborhood today and dropped in on Phil Faulisi. He gave me a few photos he took of his collection last summer to scan and post for him. Enjoy, Steve S. moorei "Big Red" S. catesbaei x purpurea S. catesbaei x oreophila S. flava rubricorpora x moorei "Big Red"...
  10. Pyro

    Some bloom pics

    Drosera admirabilis Drosera aff. moorei
  11. S

    Steve Sykes' Sarracenia current trade list

    Hello everyone, Here is what I currently have available for trade as of 3/28/07: S. flava copper top - Horry County, South Carolina (Botanique) - one of my favorite plants S. flava rubricorpa Apalachicola national forest, Florida S. flava rugelli Apalachicola national forest, Florida S. flava...
  12. W

    Wolf9striker's trades and pollen request

    The following plants I have available for trade. I am also seeking pollen from any heavily veined S. oreophila's out there to pollenate my oreo with rather then selfing. Please email with offers. Cephalotus 'Hummers Giant' D. 'California Sunset' D. filiformis tracyii D. intermedia D...
  13. S

    LOTS of Sarracenia and filiformis for Trade

    Hello everyone, Here is what I currently have available for trade as of 3/28/07: S. flava copper top - Horry County, South Carolina (Botanique) - One of my favorite plants S. flava rubricorpora Apalachicola national forest, Florida S. flava rugelli Apalachicola forest, Florida S. flava var...