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  1. Knuckles

    Please Help Identify!

    I just found out that these Agaves were mislabeled as Agave Utahensis var something or other. The pot was reused & the old label left in place so it may or may not be correct. A big thanks if any experts can help identify this mystery agave. ??? DSCN0137 by blu-bear, on Flickr DSCN0138 by...
  2. T

    Mystery Heli

    Hi guys, I've had this particular Heliamphora for 3-7 years, but during one or more re-pottings (and a head spinning schedule of full time work/full time school for vet tech and, at 50, "due to the old age" as one of my girlfriend's Italian friend is want to say) I've lost track of what it is...
  3. Ozzy

    Mystery Dew (ghse1guy $40)

    OK, this is a nice treat. I have a very large dew I am offering up for auction. You are welcome to guess the id with your bid, but I'll neither deny nor confirm. If you happened to get one of these from me before or know the id PLEASE don't post it. The only hints I'll give is like I said it's a...
  4. NatchGreyes

    Auction Rules - REQUIRED Reading for Participation in 2015 NASC Auction

    Welcome to the 2015 Terraforums NASC Benefit Auction! To learn more about the NASC, click here. In order to participate in the 2015 NASC auction, you are REQUIRED to read the Rules below for both listing and bidding. By making any posts in the Auction Forum, for either donations of items or...
  5. Brolloks

    Mystery Drosera

    Hi all, I had this Drosera pop up in one of my pots so I replanted it into a single pot and got it growing in my Terrarium as it did not like the heat outside for some reason (died back to the root). The Drosera did not grow from seed, I think rather from roots already in the pot as it grew...
  6. Gigantea

    I've been working on this all winter and I'm amazed nothing died!

    I have this pretty large area of rock bed in the front of my house, with some large collector's boulders my dad I picked up some places years ago. I always thought it needed something more than rocks and a single gnarly-growing Texas sage bush, so late last fall/this winter, I have been steadily...
  7. SerMuncherIV

    Mystery Utricularia?

    Ok, so I think I've got some mystery Utricularia hanging out with my capensis, and I can't quite identify it. The flower scapes are small, just above an inch long. Any thoughts?
  8. Kate

    What kind of damage is this and how do I fix it?

    A little over 2 weeks ago I purchased a mystery nep (I suspect N. x ventrata). Keep in mind I have never attempted growing a nep in a window before, but I got out the light meter and found the best location for it and crossed my fingers. Things are not going so well. About a week in the older...
  9. charlie

    Utricularia Humboldtii? Giveaway

    I am giving away an absolutely free U. Humboldtii? (keep reading). It might be something else, but it's (if it's not humboldtii) not anything common or weedy, so in a way this is a mystery giveaway! >-----Rules-----< 1. To win you must guess my favorite Utricularia (bladder wort) 2. You pay...
  10. P

    Semi mystery plant giveaway

    A most recent giveaway thread listed a H. s. (you go look it up) that has attracted some interest for a part, and parts is parts. Yesterday, in response to a weather chicken little call, of a drop to the low 30's, I put up some/most of my outdoor plants that stay in the garage for the winter...
  11. Randoja

    New plant pest problem?

    Hey guys, I received this plant last week but was out of town until today. I wad told that it's source is kind of notorious for pests. There are these brownish black spots on the underside of leaves and stalk. I tried to scrape one off and couldnt so it seems to be in the leaves. Im going to hit...
  12. Sashoke

    Birthday Update!

    So today was my birthday, and luckily enough a bunch of plants I ordered came ON my birthday! So I figured with my collection being a lot bigger now than it was 2 months ago, Id post a nice update with all of my plants included. This is just my indoor collection, Ill post photos of my outdoor...
  13. P

    Former Mystery giveaway - Arroyo Sweetwood tree seeds part duex

    Earlier in the summer I did a giveaway for some seeds of this tree. Relatively rare in cultivation and only known outside of Mexico for a few decades. I recently visited my friend with this tree and brought back a number of fresh seeds, and have about 70 to parse out to interested members...
  14. Victoria

    Givin Back

    I want to give back to a very generous community so here is what I have up for grabs: P. gracilis x moctezumea (small) P. 'Sethos' (small) N. alata (rooted and growing cutting) N. mystery seedlings (6 months old) D. capensis typical D. capensis 'Albino' D. hamiltonii I will choose 1 winner at...
  15. James_G

    Photos + mystery hybrid ID

    Hey everyone! I'm new here, so hopefully I don't stuff up the picture uploads/attaching. I grow highland and intermediate Nepenthes in Melbourne, Aus, in a variety of conditions including outdoor, indoor, terrarium and unheated greenhouse. I'm about to share some pictures of my favorites, so...
  16. Zath

    Zath's Grow List

    (( Updated 7-27-15 )) Dionaea 'Akai Ryu' 'Dentate' Typical 'King Henry' Drosera sp. 'Lantau Island' (seed) adelae aliciae binata 'Dwarf Red' burmannii sp. capensis capensis 'Alba' capensis 'Red Leaf' capensis x Spatulata capillaris 'Long Arm' dichotoma 'Marston Dragon' filiformis 'Florida...
  17. P

    Mystery aquatic utric for two

    Hi there, A recently set up outdoor tank has yielded seven or more no-id aquatic utric plants. A recent thus far non-successful attempt to sprout some other aquatic seeds has made me wonder if I had some tiny seed hitch-hikers. Of something else. Or who knows? Maybe netting out prey from...
  18. Mossy Girl

    Mystery Drosera

    This little guy came to me in a pot of D. spathulata last year. I have a few guesses, and I've had a few people give me different answers. I want to see what you guys have to say. I don't have a photo of the flower.
  19. PsychoSarah

    Mystery pest

    Just found 2 unknown bugs in my nepenthes pot, infestation doesn't seem high for either, but I don't know what they are, so I am very concerned. 1st. Very very small, about the size of these periods, maybe even smaller. Dark colored, either black or dark brown it is hard to say. They like the...
  20. Est

    Interest in determining soil nitrogen concentrations?

    I've always been interested in taking the superstition and mystery out of the cultivation of CPs. In the past I've had the opportunity to do so from a cultivation angle, now I have more-quantitative tools available. I'll often see discussions of old media coming up. Many repot religiously to...