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  1. K

    New Highland nepenthes setup ideas?

    I currently have A highland nepenthes setup of a simple ac and grow tent. But I'm soon going to a smaller living space and a grow tent will no longer be possible. I was wondering what my options are. I tried an aquarium chiller and they are stupidly expensive and the active aqua chiller I bought...
  2. D

    Plant ID

    Hi all, About 5 years ago I ordered some N. lowii seeds on line. The seeds germinated and have now gotten big enough to produce pitchers to ID and they are definitely not N. lowii. I looked through all my books and on line but can't ID it. Possibly a hybrid of sorts? Any one here have any ideas...
  3. CFarms

    For Sale CPs for Sale #2

    Also have these for sale as well, thank you!
  4. CFarms

    For Sale CPs for Sale!

    Hello all, I have some carnivorous plants for sale! USA only and payment will be through PayPal or Venmo. Shipping will be Priority Mail $10 and I only ship on Mondays. Thanks for reading! Rafflesiana SG #1 - $80, Exact plant https://ibb.co/vZ2bBjw https://ibb.co/TqY4D4z Rafflesiana SG #2 -...
  5. G

    Nepenthes Pollen

    Looking for Nepenthes pollen for a female N. Spathulata x gymnamphora soon to be in bloom soon in exchange for half the seeds if pollination successful. Hopefully from someone in southeastern MA or Providence RI area.
  6. T

    Acclimating or Rotting? New Ventrata

    Hasn't been long since i've got this (like a week) but it's yellowing now. I'm not sure if its just from acclimating to my house or its rotting. The lowest leaves closest to woody part are yellowing and the bottom leaf on the basal is yellowing and blackening from the tip. The substrate looks...
  7. Hechtioides

    My nepenthes hamata

    I bought a BE 3380. It's been over 2 weeks since I've been at my house and so far no problems. However, the coloring in the pitcher is not done and the leaves burned. I want Hamata's black color pitcher. What conditions are required for Hamata to be colored?
  8. T

    N. Veitchii Pa Umor

    Im looking for squat large veitchiis to buy and came across a small Veitchii pa'umor variant. They havent sent me any pictures and I can't find many at all on the internet. What do pa umors look like? Does anyone have pitcures?
  9. T

    Which Veitchii to Choose?

    I'm looking to buy a squat and hairy veitchii that can be grown in my house. preferably one that can grow large as well. Im in Canada so its kind of hard to find these things, Though after looking I around I found these: -Nepenthes rajah x veitchii BE-3730 89$ -Nepenthes robcantleyi x...
  10. M

    Looking For (trade) (Spathulata x Spectabilis) "BE Best" x vogelii Looking for pollen

    Hello everyone, just noticed my (Spathulata x Spectabilis) "BE Best" x vogelii flowering and I'm fresh out of pollen. Any pollen will do, but something with nice speckling, and unique upper pitchers would be nice to complement the genetics. It pitchers in flushes when it gest warmer so I will...
  11. D

    Nepenthes edwardsiana seedlings

    I had purchased some horticulturaly produced edwardsiana seeds and sowed them about 6 weeks ago or so. Some have started to sprout and im very excited 😊 And a few still popping out of their seed casings. So far I've counted seven total. Hoping for at least one to be a female! Well heres to a...
  12. awhousenephs

    N. aristolochioides need advices

    Need some advices for my N. aristolochioides. Under my care since June 2022. It has 2 growth points when I received it, main shoot and an off bud. Apical shoot had been producing deformed leaves while the off bud was very slow. And then for sometimes it stagnated. Then I decided to douse it with...
  13. Camden M

    Tiny basal!

    Hey all! I recently got a Gantungensis from florae. I noticed it has a basal that has formed. I don’t really know what to do with it. I’m afraid to cut it because at this size, I don’t know if it could survive. At the same time I feel it’s really draining from the main plant since both are...
  14. philiptdotcom

    Looking For (trade) Looking for Nepenthes pollen (19AUG2022)

    Looking for (any) Nepenthes pollen. First female flower opened yesterday. Below are pix of female parent. If you have any kind of Nep pollen you'd be willing to send (I'll send 1/2 of any seeds produced back to you!), please get in touch with me ASAP via e-mail. Thanks!! Aloha, PT@PhilipT.com
  15. M

    Leaf curling, normal?

    This is a BE - 3946 platychila x robcantlyii The leaves have curled and maybe seem less supple over the past month. It has been in this new setup for probably two months. I also have a millipede in the enclosure. I'm thinking the millipede might be eating the roots. Does this plant look...
  16. nepenthes05

    Giant and interesting species I might be able to grow

    Hey guys. Last time I tried to get info for species I like and might be able to grow I havn't given enough info so you couldn't know which species I could be able to grow. Well, I thought of an idea. I've searched for nepenthes which are known to be able to grow here, as it might give an...
  17. M

    Nepenthes is sick and possibly dying.

    Hello, about 10 months ago I received a Nepenthes Glandulifera × Talangensis. I set it on a west facing windowsill with a few hours of direct sunlight. Temps are around 80F to 85F (90+ on hot days) with night Temps being 60F to 75F. Humidity is around 50 percent during the day and 70 to 80...
  18. adnedarn

    My house Nep (N. x ventrata)

    I've never kept a CP as a house plant. I mean, I had a plant rack that was within my living space when I first started But never had a CP as a house plant. Some may remember this thread where I mentioned my wife brought a Nep home to me. I figured what the heck, may as well have it inside...
  19. P

    Repotting help

    Howdy y'all, it's been a minute since I've posted here but I have a question about the care of my ventricosa. So, my plant has not been pitchering lately. New leaves will grow from the top but the pitchers on them won't get any bigger beyond the beginning stages of growth, with FEW pitchers...
  20. X

    LED 22w White grow panel VS LED 100w grow light

    Hello botanists, I have a 2.5 x 2 ft indoor greenhouse which is currently being lit by a 600w (actually pulls 100w) LED standard Chinese 'blurple' grow light with two (loud) in-built fans. This light is achieving lots of new growth and I'm pretty impressed with the results, however the LED is...