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    Utricularia pauliniae

    Flowers just opened on this species, and I have confirmed the identity of this plant. It took 2 years to establish. Sadly, my posting webspace is currently down so I can't post a photo, but it is unmistakable. So, if I have shared this with any of you, you may rest easy that this is the true...
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    What are tridentata and nephrophylla?

    Are they tropicals that need special soils or can they live happily in in sand and peat? Do they have to be in a terrarrium or can their pots be put on a windowsill? Lastly, just cause I'm curious, where do these plants come from? I hope to get these plants soon and I want to treat them right...
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    Utric pics

    Some pics of utrics. Just for kicks. U. multifida The white cultivar of U. calycifida (can't remember the official name) U. odorata U. nephrophylla The white clone of U. blanchetii that looks similar to U. parthenopipes.
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    Utricularia nephrophylla

    Yes, you read this right. I must have 7 scapes poking up out of my small pot of this species. I hear this is another that rarely flowers, so I am feeling good about it. I have never seen this one in flower! Plants were grown without an alternating wet/dry cycle, and have been kept wetter than...
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    Utricularia nephrophylla

    Can someone give me some advice how to keep it in culture ? Martin
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    U. Nephrophylla flowering!

    Well. my U. Nephrophylla has also decided to flower! It has got 2 flower stems wich just seemed to apear from no where, I didn't even notice them until they were 2 inches tall! I know I will see the flowers on these as it flowered once for me a couple of years ago. I will be busy taking pics...