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  1. P

    Looking for certain nep hybrids

    Let me know if you have ANY hybrid involving veitchii H/L, lowii, hamata, northiana x veitchii, or trusmadiensis also looking for: x Sabre eymae x fusca x alisaputrana "sumatra new" both doorman's top sp. spec. nov. sumatra fallax x rajah thorelli x (spectabilis x northiana) spathulata x tiveyi...
  2. L

    Looking for N. northiana

    PM if you got it!
  3. P

    phissionkorps grow list

    Sarracenia flava 'pink tube' FLA-0001 Nepenthes 'Giant Tiger' - Capslock (seed grown) Nepenthes dyeriana [male] - FF (seed grown at one point right? lol) Nepenthes boschiana [female] - AW (seed grown) Nepenthes merrilliana - JC (seed grown) Nepenthes tobaica "green" - BE (seed grown) Nepenthes...
  4. JB_OrchidGuy

    JB Orchid guys Growlist

    JB_Orchidguy's Grow List Updated 05/08/13 Aroids Amorphalus bulbifer Sacratum venustum Darlingtonia D. californica Drosera D. adelae D. binata D. capensis 'Alba' D. capilaris 'Broad Leaf' D. filiformis variation filiformis D. filiformis variation traceyi D. multifiada D. palacea ssp rosa D...
  5. F

    grow list 06

    Lowland/Intermediate species N albo-marginata (purple?) (1) N ampullaria (green) (1) N ampullaria (speckled) (1) N ampullaria (red) (1) N bellii (1) N bicalcarata (2) N campanulata (1) Cephalotus follicularis (3) N distilloria (1) N Doormans Top #2 (1) N globosa (2) N gracilis...
  6. 1


    Well, after lurking for a couple years now Ive decided to come out and show some of my plants. Excuse my novice photographic skill, I am learning. 1. This is my 4x3x2.5ft lowland setup I built close to a year ago. There are 8 40 watt fluoros, I am considering moving to a 250 watt HID bulb...
  7. 1

    Northiana help

    Here is a bad pic of my N. Northiana leaf, it def. has light damage but you will also notice that on the sides some of the tissue is dieing. My question is: is this just severe light damage ( I know that this particular nep likes it rather dark) or is this also some type of fungus/pest? Thanks...
  8. R


    Hi,since the last posting a month ago,some members request that i take photos and show the substrates. Here they are, images in their natural  habitat and substrate examination. Feel free to comment here if descriptions are still insufficient. northiana is only found inland of Sarawak,on...
  9. T

    Who is Miranda?

    Hi all, I'm new here, and I just got my first Nepenthes today. I live in a USDA zone 7 (about 4 hours from Carolina Beach) and have three pitcher plants, and two venus fly traps, that have successfully survived a full year outside in my bog garden. (YAY!) So my confidence was up when I ran into...
  10. S

    spge growlist

    Grow list Nepenthes Highland N. albomarginata N. burbidgeae N. coplandii N. diatas N. ephippiata N. fusca N. hamata N. jacquelineae N. lowii N. macrophylla N. maxima N. Predator N. rajah N. ramispina N. sanguinea N. sibuyanensis N. spectabilis N. truncata-H* N. truncata-H N. unknown N...
  11. S

    N. northiana female...

    W have a male N. northiana coming into bloom that we want to match up with a female. Please PM me if you have one, or know someone who has. No hybrid offers please, we can do plenty of those with existing females, we want to make species seed.
  12. A

    something worthwhile to show!

    Hi there: i would like to show you all these photos raff X sib: it took me a while to get this one to produce pitchers, but it did it in the end. trunc X aristo bongsoXtrunc:Nice dark pitchers aren't they pink or thorelli X (spectabilis X northiana): This is another promiscuous...
  13. killerplantsguy

    Spectabilis hybrids

    I really like hybrids with Nepenthes spectabilis in their background.  Below are three that I tried to photograph today.  I apologize for the image quality; I find my little point-and-shoot hard to use in the greenhouse.  (What's the one about "a poor workman blames his tools"?) N. ventricosa...
  14. R


    Last weekend me and my buddies located another location in Bau where bauensis (gracilis x northiana) thrives,probably the only place here and in the world.Searching the area we managed to locate 5 matured plants, considering the vast area. They have 2 variation-slightly yellowish and red but...
  15. Hans Breuer

    Germinating northiana

    Hi all, I'll soon receive a bunch of Nepenthes northiana seeds. Having only little - and dismal - experience with nep seeds, I'll try to follow The Guide this time. But it's a short guide, so please discuss/share y'all's views/experience/tips about nep seed germination, in particular northiana...
  16. nepenthes gracilis


    Hey folks, just thought I'd throw up some pics: N. glabrata N. glabrata closeup N. eymae N. northiana closeup Enjoy!
  17. R


    last weekend explored one of the hills in Bau, home to northiana. We were walking up among some loose limestone and in the open found some plants that doesn't look like northiana.Leaves were short,slender with pointing end, lots of brownish/red spots due to the direct sun ( there is no shelter...