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  1. Axelrod12

    Axelrod's Grow List

    Aldrovanda: Aldrovanda vesiculosa - Japanese Brocchinia: B. reducta Byblis: B. liniflora Dionaea: 'Akai Ryu' 'B-52' x 'Ginormous' 'Bristle Tooth' 'Cup Trap' 'Dente' Typicals Drosera: Pygmy: D. scorpioides D. helodes x pulchella Temperate: D. binata D. dichotoma 'Giant' D. filiformis var...

    QSRUDDY's Grow List!

    Sarracenia: S. Yellow Cat x Yellow Cat S. Flava Big Boy S. Oreophila x Royal Ruby S. Flava Rubricorpora S. White Sparkler S. (Rubra x Oreo) x (Oreo x Flava) S. Flava x Alata Red Black S. Leucophylla x Stevensii S. (Leucophylla x Flava) x Leucophylla S. Excellens with Purple Hood S. Flava...

    TRADE: Sarracenia

    Hi, I have a medium sized division of S. Excellens with Purple Hood and a medium-large sized division of S. Oreophila x Willisii that I would like to trade. I am looking for colorful, interesting sarracenia (species or hybrids) that I do not have. I am willing to trade for seedlings if they are...
  4. charlie

    Looking for:

    I am looking for: H.tequila, H.minor burgundy black, H.heterdoxa. Check out my want list I am also interested in dionaea miscipula "cup trap" And sarracenia minor var. okee giant
  5. B

    Boggrower12's Growlist

    Dionaea Typical Sarracenia alata Black Tube (Bednar) alata light vein (MK A54) alata Maroon Throat (Cooks) alata nigrapurpurea (Cooks) alata 'Red Hood' (Bednar) alata Typical (CPN) alata var. viridescens Washington Co. Alabama (Wang) alata white flower (MK A8) flava atropurpurea...
  6. C

    LF S. minor okee giant form

    I have been looking for these for a minute......anyone have enough to divide n maybe we can make a trade?
  7. J

    Grow List

    Grow List (Plants With T Available For Trade) CEPHALOTUS Czech Giant - T Emu Point Giant German Giant Hummers Giant - T Phill Mann Clone Robust - T Typical - T Vigorous DARLINGTONIA Coastal Variety Mountain Variety - T Othello (All Green) DIONAEA A2 B-52 - T Big Mouth Bohemian...
  8. Jcal

    Jcal's growlist

    Want list Cephalotus Clones I don't have! Cephalotus Dudley Watts Eden Black (eb x eb) Big boy Brewer giant green Brewer red Czech giant Double Ribbed Emu point German giant Hummers giant Phill Mann Squat Triffid Albany black Vigorous Drosera D. adelae D. prolifera D. schizandra D...
  9. DJ57

    Sad sight to come home to yesterday morning

    Sometime in the night raccoons discovered the bog and destroyed some of my best sarrs. It was obvious they were after the bugs inside the pitchers. I cannot afford to put an electric fence around the bog at this time, so I suspect they will destroy the rest of the plants in there in the coming...
  10. bucky78

    Lots of Sarracenia Available

    Here is a list of plants available. I am interested in Sarracenia and rare Flytraps but who knows. Just let me know what you have and we will work something out. Here's the list: Wilkerson's White Knight x Purp Venosa Columbus Co., NC - sm/med. x 2, med. Oreophila Heavy Veined x Catesbaei...
  11. GreenBeast

    GreenBeast's Growlist

    More to come soon... Stuff in BOLD are newly acquired specimens. Sarracenia: S. alata S. alata 'Maroon Throat' S. alata "Texas Form" S. x alata Black x flava v. rubricorpora S. x areolata x 'Leah Wilkerson' S. x catesbaei (S. flava v. cuprea x purpurea ssp. venosa 'Red Ruffles') S. x catesbaei...
  12. DroseraBug

    Sarracenia oreophila "Sand Mountain #2" x minor 'Okee Giant' (saturniid $12)

    Sarracenia oreophila "Sand Mountain #2" x minor 'Okee Giant' (saturniid $12) I won these seeds in the 2008 or 2009 NASC auction from Not a #. Some are now flowering or near flowering. I'll send you a few rhizomes (three to five). They are just starting to send up pitchers. Below is the only...
  13. bluemax

    Sarracenia minor var. okefenokeensis ("Okee Giant") seed (ghse1guy $45)

    For bid: one packet of Sarracenia minor var. okefenokeensis seed from BCP - at least 25 seeds. US and Canada bidding only - my apologies to others. First class shipping - $3.50 US, $7.50 (US currency) for Canadian destinations - to be paid by the winning bidder. Bidding will open at $1.00
  14. Goodkoalie

    Goodkoalies Growlist

    Here is where i will post the plants i grow [Drosera D. capensis D. capensis "alba" D. binta D. adella D. x hybrida New Jersy Venus FLy Traps Typicals 'a2' Bcp B01 BZ 1955 'Big Mouth' 'Jaws' Peter D'amato Green Clone 'Red Pirhanna' 'Shogun Star' Nepenthes N. alata Heliomphora H. minor x...
  15. bucky78

    Lots of Sarracenia to Trade!

    I have a pretty good list of Sarracenia to trade. Just let me know what you have and we will work something out. Thanks for looking! Here's the list: Hi Marc, I would be interested in the following: Flava Maxima, Flava Rugellii, Alata, Purp Venosa, and the Minor Okee if you have an extra...
  16. triffidstu

    Triffidstu's grow list

    Sarracenia - Sarracenia minor - Okee giant (3) - S.flava var maxima (5) - S.leucophylla white top(2) - S.leucophylla giant (1) -S. leukophylla Ben's bog (1) - S. alata (2) -S.alata black tube (1) - S. purpurea venosa (1) - S. purpurea purpurea Huntsmans Cap (2) - S.cv Juthatip Soper (1) - S.x...
  17. lil hokie

    lil hokie's growlist!

    Roughly here it is: Dionaea - Dente - Typical (Deathcube from Lowes) - Another set of typicals...I think. - Jaws x 1955 - Red Piranha - B52 - Big Mouth - Big Snap - Czech Giant - BZ 1955 - Dutch Delight - Akai Ryu - Green Dragon - FTS Purple Ambush - Coquillage - FTS Flaming Lips - FTS Lunatic...
  18. Keith

    Shortbus' growlist (I'm new at this...can you tell?)

    Keiths' growlist Growlist Key "[]"numbers in brackets indicate quantity of plants available for trade, "+"indicates more plantlets started and/or sprouts "*"indicates seed pack/s available for SASE, limit 1 per request while supply lasts, PM for details No brackets = No trade Byblis-Rainbow...
  19. mcmcnair

    Sarracenia giveaway!

    So after cleaning out my Sarracenia collection today I realized that I have a few extras that I don't really want. Up for grabs are 3 Sarracenia [(psittacina x minor 'Okee Giant')x(jonesii x minor var. okefenokeensis)] and one Sarracenia alabamensis ssp. alabamensis. The complex hybrids are very...
  20. Heli

    Trip down to New Jersey pine barrens

    As some of you know, I am down staying with my grandfather who lives by the pine barrens, he also works at a nursery that grows sarrs. We took a visit to his friend's (Bill Smith) bog first and then went to the pine barrens after. S. 'Adrian Slack' Other various plants: Bill Smith on...