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  1. NickHubbell

    Thought I would share a photo

    Plant ID was not correct. Plant is Drosera nitidula ssp omissa x occidentalis ssp occidentalis "Lake Badgerup Form". Thanks Tamlin and Christer:) .
  2. noah

    Drosera hybrids

    Hi All, I was wondering what range of drosera hybrids were in the hands of forum members? Ivan Snyder and a few other growers produce a few every year it seems so the number of hybrids out there is increasing. My list includes: Drosera rotundifolia x anglica (CA x HI) "Ivan's paddle"*` Drosera...
  3. W

    Lake Badgerup - self pollinates?

    Hiya, I've got a Lake Badgerup (Drosera nitidula ssp. omissa x occidentalis ssp. occidentalis) flowering. Does anyone know if these self pollinate or whatnot? I'd love to have viable seed. Thanks in advance.