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  1. V

    Small Dendrobium Question

    Below is a terrible photo of 2 debrobiums I got as seedlings at an orchid show maybe 9 months ago. Both of them are in the chunky media and small plastic pot they came in. Both have grown VERY long roots, reaching maybe 6-9 inches away from the container that seem pretty healthy. One has put...
  2. divaskid

    I need a little Nepenthes help

    I have two Nepenthes that I'm not sure if they're ok or not and would appreciate some advice/thoughts. The first one is N. spectabilis. I'm not sure if I even need to worry about this one since the newer leaves are doing good. My concern is the older leaves seem to die really fast and turn...
  3. theplantman

    My greenhouses at work

    I don't know if anyone's seen my intro post but I am a professional research horticulturist in a major university's plant biology department. I manage 2 4,500 sqft greenhouses full of crop plants like corn, sunflowers, rice, millet, and anything else the researchers are interested in. I also...
  4. Gigantea

    Need to increase humidity near a window

    I've tried to do this before with other tropical plants and have been unscuccessful raising and keeping it over 40%. I got my first orchid yesterday and would love to put it near the window I have some other plants at but I have read that this one, Paphiopedlum, prefers humidity in a range of...
  5. D

    Orchids for my conditions?

    I have been doing my research but I am still confused as to whether or not my growing conditions are okay.. I grow Nepenthes ventricosa by a south-east window..It receives some strong sunlight but only for a few hours (1 - 3 depending on the season or weather). I have two 20-watt T12s (2050...
  6. Plant Planter

    Cattleya & Brassavola Fertilizer

    Yes, indeed, it appears that the One with the Uncreative Name has fallen under the spell of orchidelirium. I just picked up some Cattleya and Brassavola. I'm currently researching how to grow them and have just about all my care information secured, except I am unsure about fertilizer, since...
  7. Mossy Girl

    Mealys or something else?

    I guess I should have expected it sooner or later, but I think I have a problem. I have these white patches on my S. leucophylla. I'm thinking they might be mealys, but I'm honestly not sure. I don't see any around the rhizome, and these spots aren't like anything I've seen online. These spots...
  8. Bonnie

    Mini and Small Orchids for Trade

    I have some of my orchid divisions available for trade. I'm looking for highland Nepenthes, preferably species, also Heli's for the cool house, and Sarracenias (my daughter is working on a bog garden). I'd be willing to throw in other plants for a good enough trade, have some Lecanopteris...
  9. rattler

    havent posted in a long while....pics

    guess life has just gotten in the way....but im still at it.... slipper orchid
  10. chibae

    Orchid for trade

    I am looking to trade an adult orchid, Dttps Purple martin x phal tetraspis from Blue Sapphire Dragon orchids. this is the third time I have bloomed this plant out and I am not happy with the shape of the flowers. I had hoped they would improve with maturity but that never happened. Unpotted...
  11. M

    Hello from Buffalo!

    Hey all! I have heard a lot of great things about this forum so I decided to come pop in and say hello. My name is Matt and I live in Buffalo, NY. Along with my girlfriend, I run our local carnivorous plant club. I am getting my masters in botany and also run my own plant blog on the side. I...
  12. D

    Orchid 30-10-10 = Smaller pitchers?

    Hey everybody, I've been using a Miracle-Gro brand orchid fertilizer on my plants for a few months and the results seem a bit dubious. I diluted the fert to approx 1/4 strength and have been using it every 2 weeks as a foliar feed and a little bit through the soil. I'm wondering if anyone has...
  13. CorneliusSchrute

    Mounted Orchids and VFT 'Maroon Monster'... open for trades!

    I am very fond of the plants I am listing here, but I have multiples of them all and would like to diversify my collection. First: the orchids. I do not know how much interest there will be in these, but I know there is some overlap in interest. The first is a Cattleya hybrid, but...
  14. Mossy Girl

    Hey from southern Virginia!

    Hi! I just joined this weekend. I'm very new to carnivorous plants, but my journey with them started years ago. I have a koi pond, and while shopping for bog plants years ago I discovered this crazy looking thing labeled "pitcher plant." The only thing the label said was keep moist and give lots...
  15. Bonnie

    Bonnie's Tropical Greenhouse

    This is my 8'x12' greenhouse that some of you were asking to see. It has a swamp cooler, and reaches a max temp of 78 degrees, with a min of 60 degrees, vents and heating/cooling is all automated. There is an RO filter hooked up to a float valve on that trash can, with a mist system on a...
  16. G

    My Nepenthes setup

    this is my windowsill nepenthes setup/ drosera setup. ill be uploading more pictures periodically, when new stuff pops up :-D The large guy/ girl (idk yet...) on top is the N. Miranda cutting i just received. i hope someone can tell me if its going to get enough light up there. its in...
  17. JMN16150

    Some orchid I've had for a while.

    I've had this orchid for some time now, but I don't know what it is. I think it's an epidendrum; what do you think? Thanks!
  18. sarracenia_X

    looking for some plants, stuff i have to trade

    Looking to get some new plants, here are some things that i would like: Pinguicula moranensis P laueana P esseriana P agnata Nepenthes sanguinea N ventricosa N alata If you have any other easy to grow mexican ping or Nepenthes, i might be be interested. and here are some things i have...