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  1. thez_yo

    Morning nectar

    Sarracenia minor S.rubra gulfensis anthocyanin-free S.flava rubricorpora (on the red throat only?) a nice unlabeled Sarracenia mutt Nepenthes thorelli x campanulata Heliamphora neblinae var parva and some dried stuff on the Nepenthes platychila
  2. thez_yo

    Heliamphora neblinae v parva mikewilder $75

    Well, after some rough shipping last year, I got a replacement H.neblinae v parva and both ended up surviving so up for auction is one. Depending on how high the bid gets, that's what you'll get. Up to $149, you will be bidding on this: It put up a semi-mature pitcher late last summer, but...
  3. Av8tor1

    My Heliamphora neblinae variants

    3 Wistuba variants :) H. neblinae var. parva (current clone line) H. neblinae (purchased prior to the "red clone" designation IIRC) H. neblinae (Old Wistuba clone line) Few misc images H. sarraceniodes (Wistuba) N. villosa U. quelchii (Leaves seem to turn purple with age under my...
  4. thez_yo

    extras for trade

    Well, I'm trying to go through my collection and find extras of stuff and figure out what I still want. I just redid my cobra/vft minibog and found out I have extras from there and other places, and want some stuff too... Please only in the U.S. If you don't have stuff to trade, anything that...
  5. thez_yo

    CP pictures!

    Nepenthes hamata Nepenthes flava Nepenthes hamata red hairy Nepenthes Song of Melancholy, Nepenthes campanulata x (spectabilis x talangensis), Nepenthes veitchii K pygmy Drosera Nepenthes aristolochioides Nepenthes tentaculata Nepenthes macrophylla Nepenthes sp. "Doorman's top...
  6. thez_yo

    More CP pics because it was sunny

    Honestly I can't think of a better way to spend my late afternoon... Utricularia nelumbifolia Heliamphora neblinae var parva Nepenthes ventricosa xx trusmadiensis Unknown drosera in the cobra minibog succulent leaves psittacina anthocyanin free gulfensis green Sarracenia...
  7. H

    Ann_A's Grow List

    *Only updated once or twice a month* Heliamphora: chimantensis parva pulchella uncinata heterodoxa x ionasii Cephalotus: Typical Dionaea: Typical Sarracenia: Purpurea
  8. thez_yo

    Some pics of some of my plants!

    Here's my chocolate tree...when the leaves grow in, they're almost translucent! here's my only flowering Phalaenopsis mannii orchid my biggest Phalaenopsis violacea var. coerulea (biggest because I've had it longest) the Phalaenopsis on the top shelf of my orchid rack the Phalaenopsis...
  9. Av8tor1

    New H. neblinae var. parva (Wistuba)

    Mine just arrived and omg wow!!! Adult plant w/3 adult pitchers one over 2.5"... beautiful white roots, easily over 3" in length, excellent root and vegetative mass, new growth, good color and a couple immature pitchers etc I am very pleased! Pics later... :banana2:
  10. thez_yo

    Latest order I got in (pics)

    Well, seems like Andreas W is the talk of the town right about shipping time, so time to show off what I got today! (pics on bagging, acclimating, etc. to come later because it's dark outside already so pics wouldn't be good...) H.sp Akopan N.villosa (omg you can't even see it hiding in...
  11. mass

    Mass's GrowList

    Growlist Cuttings Seeds * = germination P. lusitanica D. regia D. Ultramafica x spatulata D. madagascariensis D. intermedia (France) #4 D. anglica (French Jura Mtns) #3 Drosophyllum (Algeciras) #5 * Drosophyllum (Los Barrios) #1 Drosophyllum (Picacho) #6 N. (veitchii x boschiana) x...
  12. amphirion

    stuff that i really really like.

    amphirion's growlist (10.08.2010) no longer maintained. Family: Byblidaceae ==Genus: Byblis =======Species: Byblis liniflora (25.06.2011) CC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Family...
  13. Av8tor1


    A small collection but slowly growing. CP Grow list: List is obsolete and no longer maintained, sowwy ??? Darlingtonia californica Typical Dionaea muscipula Typical Green Dragon Dentate B52 Sawtooth Big Mouth Drosera D. filiformis var. filiformis D. graomogolensis (Itacambira...
  14. C

    Sanseveria to Go

    I have a whole bunch of sanseverias to unload (trade that is). When I get thru hopefully I will be able to squeese everything into the greenhouse this winter (maybe) Below is a list and the number of each that I have. I am looking for colorful sarracenias. Paul Sans. lillian true (31) S...