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  1. gill_za

    Petco white freshwater aquarium sand

    My local Petcos sells this so called "white aquarium sand" for freshwater aquariums. The particles of sand are larger than play sand (~2 - 3mm). I have recently purchased small amount to test. Sand does not change pH of water (checked with pH strips). There was no reaction with acid (I...
  2. mikefallen13

    LFS as medium

    I was wondering if I could use high quality dead LFS as growing medium rather than the normal Peat and perlite mix for drosera like capensis, venusta, and other rossetted species. The only reason I'm asking is because LFS would be a lot easier for me to get since fertilizer free perlite seems to...
  3. B

    what's wrong with my plant?

    In a previous thread I reported on how my utrics were all getting overrun by a stowaway aggressive subulata type of utric. Since then I dug everything up and try to save as many of them as possible while discarding the rest. My longifolia leaves look very strange ever since that activity. The...
  4. KingCam

    A Big Photo-Filled Hello from a Newb in Missouri!

    Hey all. My name is Cameron, you can call me Cam if you want. Or King XD I spend a lot of time looking after my animals. I keep reptiles, amphibians, and other vertebrates and invertebrates. I prefer to grow live plants in my tanks. I was looking for something good to plant in my very...
  5. DavyJones

    My Heli Setup & Thank You

    A few months ago I won a free H. pulchella from Butch, and then a H. neblineae from HeliGoddess, and also got a ton of free live sphagnum from GrowinOld. I wanted to say a huge thanks to everybody for helping me out, and wanted to put up some photos of my simple setup because some of my plants...
  6. V

    Tobaica x Mirabilis advice

    Title says it all, mostly. This is the one and only plant in my grow rack that doesn't appear happy. It's leaves have been browning around the edges very quickly. The only thing different is it seems that it might have a higher ratio of LFS to perlite, and therefore more soggy than my other...
  7. JennB

    I have plants!

    A generous member of the forum (I don't know if they want their name known or not but you know who you are and thank you again!!) took pity on my plantless noob state and gifted me with some hardy starters which arrived yesterday. So I'm still a noob but now I'm a noob with plants! :boogie...
  8. fdfederation

    Need advice to build portable bog

    I ordered some sarracenia and dionaea rhizomes and want to put them in portable bogs. I want to use the plastic pots that look like facsimiles of terra cotta pots. I have peat moss and perlite ready. The pots are 7 inches deep, so do I fill the bottom 2-3 inches with sand and top the rest with...
  9. UnstuckinTime

    When to give up on a "dead" Cephalotus

    Hey everyone, Its common knowledge here that Cephaloti have the ability to die back to seemingly nothing only to come back several months later, often with a vengeance. However, mine has gone through its own tale of woe, and I'd like to know what you guys think. I just declared it "dead"...
  10. lizasaur

    Insider's Insight: Please Critique/Correct/Add To!

    Beyond Beginner's Information: Insider's Insight This was originally written for my friend whose interest is piqued in Carnivorous Plants. I've worked very hard on this, but I don't doubt that perhaps I've forgotten anything meaningful or gotten something wrong. Please correct, or add other...
  11. M

    Highland CP companions: Disa orchids (pics)

    Disa uniflora comes from south africa, and is commonly seen growing with Drosera capensis and other sundews in its natural habitat. They prefer purified water, but can tolerate a low dose of fertilizer. In the wild, they are found growing in pure sphagnum, and in cultivation, a 60%...
  12. TheKraken

    Sanguinea Issues

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted anything but I was wondering if you guys could help me diagnose the problem with my 'young' nepenthes sanguinea. This is a photo of my sanguinea before it got into the condition it is in now: Here is what my plant looks like now: As you can see...
  13. Av8tor1

    How to take care of a new heli division

    First the disclaimer..... There are as many methods as there are growers. Some grow beautiful helis using methods totally opposite from these. It is not my intention to imply that you must follow these recommendations to be successful. I present this guide as what "I"do and what "I" believe...
  14. Smitty

    Share your Drosophyllum media recipes.

    Been looking around on threads for members different recipes for success for their drosophyllum. Can't seem to find one that delves too deep. Hopefully we can start something here. My current media mix has been mixed up and is awaiting for it's recently ordered dewy pine to call home to the...
  15. cpsammich

    Darlingtonia advice?

    Just got my first darlingtonia a 5 inch across mountain type It's in a 4.5 inch white pot with 1/3 inch foam inserts as thermal insulation in a mixture of peat, aquarium gravel, and perlite with a top dressing of NZ lfs using the tray method I'm in zone 7 Advice, tips?
  16. Devon

    redness in cactus seedlings

    Cactus seedling questions Hello, I germinated some Echinocactus grusonii seeds a few weeks ago... Yes, I now know it's a very bad time of year to germinate them, but it's too late now. :P So, I just started reading this cactus germination guide on the net and realized I'm doing a lot of stuff...
  17. E

    Cultivation tips for different Utricularia sp.

    Hi all and sorry for the long post! I just figured it would be better to ask 1 big question and introduce myself at the same time than flooding the forum with 23 identical questions :) I hope you can bare with me! See I've got a big problem. Until recently I was happily...
  18. djboyle

    Potting Mix Question

    Hey terraforum members, Yesterday I bought a new bag of peat moss and perlite from home depot, in order to re-pot my venus flytrap, and my three saracenia species. After mixing up the recipes per The Savage Garden, I realized that both bags of media were made by Miracle Gro. So, it looks like...
  19. nepguy

    Venus Flytrap Pics

    My venus flytraps are looking good right now, and I thought I would share a couple of pictures. These are being grown outside with full sun most of the day. The medium is one part each of peat, perlite, and quartz sand, and the pots are 10" wide and 5" deep. "Big Mouth" Typical
  20. Physalaemus

    Physalaemus' Sarracenia thread

    I've been showing off my indoor collection so much lately that my Sarracenia are starting to get jealous. My Sarracenia collection is pretty small right now. I lost a couple plants moving across country in the middle of the winter, but I'm very happy with the stuff that survived / I've gotten...