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  1. M

    Nepenthes is sick and possibly dying.

    Hello, about 10 months ago I received a Nepenthes Glandulifera × Talangensis. I set it on a west facing windowsill with a few hours of direct sunlight. Temps are around 80F to 85F (90+ on hot days) with night Temps being 60F to 75F. Humidity is around 50 percent during the day and 70 to 80...
  2. G

    Some kind of fungus or pest maybe? Help identifying would be appreciated.

    Hello everybody willing to take time out of there day to worry about my problem lol I have a N. Burbidgae as well as about 30 other nepenthes. But my burbidgae is the only one I've noticed this level or severity of spots. Any help is appreciated.
  3. cwatson1414

    Dealing with mealybug

    Hey TF! Got my first real pest problem here. I have a mealybug infestation. I've seen one or two here and there for a while, and removed adults I saw and treated the plants they were on with imidicloprid. However, for one reason or another, the population in my growspace has boomed, and my...
  4. gill_za

    Orchid problems

    Dear Orchid experts, could you help me figure out a couple of problems plaguing my orchids? Problem #1 Last summer I had an infestation on a couple of my plants. The pests looked like very tiny brown-red-ish specs, needle tip size. They crowded the leaves and the places around which they were...
  5. Sashoke

    Anyone know whats wrong with my N. burkei?

    A few months ago when I moved house I noticed my N. burkei had browning on the base of its leaves, well now a month after I discovered it, the browning has gotten quite severe and completely covers the base of the leaves. None of the other plants in my collection are exhibiting the same...
  6. AnIsleAteHer

    Pest ID

    Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me ID these pests from my horrible pictures. I've had fungus gnats for a while and I associated these buggers with them but I wanted to make sure. I'm germinating my first nep seeds and I want to keep them as safe as possible. I can try to get better pics...
  7. Brolloks

    Pest control Methods

    Hi everyone, I have really been hit hard this summer with pests on my CPs. I have found Mealybugs, Aphids and what I think is some kind of Mite. I have not been able to identify it yet as it is very small. I do know that it is red/orange in color. So I am doing some research on methods to get...
  8. T

    Sterilizing peat moss/perlite

    A friend of mine told me baking the media will prevent algae growth and those weird pests in the soil. What temperature should I put it in the oven? How long? Thanks :D
  9. Swagalotus

    Fungus gnat larvae eating my live sphag

    Sorry for a second post on pests but I rather get rid of them then regret not doing anything. I have a small 2.5 gallon tank with my nepenthes ampullaria and my utricularia longifolia and apparently fungus gnat larvae are snacking on my live sphag. Usually I have no problem with fungus gnats...
  10. Swagalotus

    Unknown pest

    There are tiny pests about 1mm long circular, black, and shiny on my pinguicula. Anyone know what they are? So far no damage is observed, but I don't want to see any either. Pics coming soon.
  11. I

    New nepenthes not looking top notch

    Hello everybody! I recently reviewed three nepenthes from a friend. While I'm not a complete amateur, it's been years since I've had one in my care. While two out of the three nepenthes look great, one has me a little worried. It has a few browning leaves, and the rest are dried. Additionally...
  12. B

    BPB's 90 gallon reef

    <p>I'm very happy to be part of this forum. I had mentioned in my welcome thread that I was an avid saltwater and freshwater aquarist. I thought I would share a bit about my 90 gallon reef tank as I'm getting my feet wet in the world of CP</p><p>*</p><p>I started in the hobby not long ago back...
  13. T

    bug invading new nepenthes talangensis x burbidgeae

    newbie here.guys will live spagnum moss avoid pests from my nepenthes and how long does it take for a pitcher to inflate pictures will be given if needed.
  14. anramitaco

    N. khasiana weirdness

    I've had this N. khasiana for a while now. It has always been a good grower, but lately it's been acting a little... weird. First, it started making smaller leaves with less space between the internodes, but the pitcher size didn't decrease: I assumed this was the result of high light (it...
  15. S

    Damage from cold, disease or otherwise?

    I've noticed some spots on a few of my plants recently, and given that I've had no experience with pests so far (knocks on wood) I'm not sure what to make of this. Here's a leaf on my N. burbidgeae x robcantleyi, the spots near the edge have appeared in the last two weeks: The other concern...
  16. nimbulan

    Protecting flower buds from pests?

    I'm having a new experience this year. Out of the 7 flowers growing in my sarracenia pot, two have disappeared shortly after emerging from the rhizome, apparently eaten by a pest of some sort. I haven't seen any slug slime near the plants and it seems too early in the year for caterpillars so...
  17. R

    Passiflora giveaway: 'Preciosa' cuttings plus Passiflora membranacea seeds

    My Passiflora 'Preciosa' desperately needs to be cut back--I plan to do it Sunday. If anyone can get any use out of some of the cuttings, I can send about 10 nodes (or possibly more, depending on interest). 2 nodes is enough to root a new plant, and they root in water. There's a good chance...
  18. D_muscipula

    Nepenthes 'Peter D'Amato' - Established cutting for trade

    Hey everyone, I have a Nepenthes x briggsiana var. 'Peter D'Amato' The plant is an established rooted cutting taking from growth that was producing upper pitchers. When the plant arrived it had one 6-8" upper pitcher on it. The plant is about a foot or so in diameter and roughly as talll. This...
  19. Jcal

    Concrete Planter?

    Although winter has just started my mind is already on spring projects. One of my goals next year is to grow cephalotus outdoors in full sun. I have been looking for a planter that will hold up to wind, weather, and pests including my 3yo. Black wont do because of fear of overheating the roots...
  20. Sashoke

    Need help! Pests! D:

    http://imgur.com/a/P0t6g There are these tiny black dots all over a few of my leaves on a Nepenthes of mine. Can anyone help me with either identifying these pests, and how I should go about eradicating them?