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  1. jeff 2

    temperate ping in flower actually

    Bonjour P.macroceras P.longifolia subsp longifolia P.poldinii P.longifolia subsp longifolia f pinetensis P.grandiflora subsp grandiflora special form this year jeff
  2. S

    planting a bog garden in late summer/fall

    I'm moving this Saturday from Atlanta, Georgia to Ithaca, New York for grad school. If I have the time, I would like to set up a mini-bog planter a week or two after the move (either on an apartment balcony, or at the Cornell horticulture complex, where I will be working). I haven't set up a bog...
  3. jeff 2

    longifoliasubsp caussensis 'in situ' and others in cultivate

    Bonjour P.longifolia subsp caussensis 'in situ' see the substrate :-D in cultivate P.leptoceras P.grandiflora subsp grandiflora f chionopetra jeff
  4. Cthulhu138

    Random pics from the grow room.

    U.livida and sandersonii <a href="http://s1109.photobucket.com/albums/h434/Nepenthes138/?action=view&current=random026.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1109.photobucket.com/albums/h434/Nepenthes138/random026.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> B.reducta <a...
  5. Exo

    Exo's grow list.

    Plants I grow ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nepenthes N.rajah N.edwardsiana -AW- N.northiana (seedgrown) N.peltata -BE- N.villosa -BE- N.dubia (seedgrown) N.rigidfolia (seedgrown) N.tentaculata...
  6. Johnny

    Hardy U.S. native bog orchids

    Does anyone here work with any of the native bog orchids ? Particulary Platanthera ciliaris, P.grandiflora, P.peramoena, P.psycodes and, Arethusa bulbosa ? -Johnny
  7. Ozzy

    Ozzy's tiny little list

    D. muscipula Midway Walmart Drosera D.aliciae (Sgardner) D.dichotoma (Sgardner) D.dichotoma "giant" (Jeremiah Harris) D.dichotoma "Red Dwarf" (CP30) D.capensis "Red" (droseraguy) D.capensis "Narrow leaf" (CP30) D.burmanni Beerwah, QLD (CP30) D.filiformis ssp. tracyii (Sumatra Fl.)...
  8. S

    Slurm, about me

    My name is Shawn and I once kept a P.grandiflora alive for about a year. WOOt Seriously though, this was quite a feat seeing as I live in Georgia!(the poor thing spent most of it's existance dormant in the freezer) I am now trying to convince my parents not to fix the furnace, this...
  9. S


    Dinos growlist(starman)   Dionaea muscipula(venus flytrap) D.muscipula standard D.muscipula 'royal red' Sarracenia(pitcher plants) S.flava S.purpurea subsp. venosa S.alata 'red lid' S.minor S.oreophila S.leucophylla S. x Brookes hybrid(S. flava red tube x S.alata red lid) S. x...