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  1. GemStateC

    Pinguid Ping IDs

    I received these four plants in a trade a while ago and have no idea what they are. They look nice though! It may be difficult without the flowers but thanks for the help. Plant 1: Characteristic yellow spot flower and long soft trichomes near rosette base. Plant 2 Plant 3: P "weser" ...
  2. Crissytal

    It's been awhile, some pictures.

    Hey everyone, I haven't been around in quite some time. I'm still alive :). I got burned out from the internet and needed an extended break. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm still growing my plants. Here are a few recent pictures. As an after thought, if any of these pictures are too...
  3. jeff 2

    looking for subtropical US seeds ping

    I am looking for some subtropical US seeds ping just these species : caerulea - lutea- pumila please very fresh some swap possibility with temperate buds my grow list: link jeff
  4. 8

    Looking for unusual Pings...

    ...and/or Ping seeds. WISH List: P. vallisnerifolia P leptoceras P alpina P pilosa P hemiepiphytica anything else(species or hybrid) that's out of the ordinary/unusual/hard to find. you can check my grow list for what i have & also for what you might like in trade(not everything is available...
  5. Brie

    My first attempt at growing pings on rock...

    I picked up a piece of tufa that looked like it had lots of available ledges with this in mind... We'll see how it goes.. The pings so far are: P. ehlersiae P. 'Pirouette' P. 'Aphrodite' P. medusina I had planned on putting a big P. moranensis in the empty spot.. but it appears that the...
  6. D

    P. lilacina flower

    I wanted to share some pics of a P. lilacina flower. This flower and the few that came before it are from plants started from seed back in late October, just two months ago. The flowers are quite short, only about a 1/4 of an inch long, not including the nectar spur. These plants seem...
  7. jonnyq

    Christmas ping giveaway!

    Happy holidays, all! So a little while back, chezilla was kind enough to give away some pings: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=128600 He wasn't kidding when he said they grow like weeds... :D This pings could give tribbles a run for their money. (Do tribbles run?) Anyhow...
  8. JennB

    I have plants!

    A generous member of the forum (I don't know if they want their name known or not but you know who you are and thank you again!!) took pity on my plantless noob state and gifted me with some hardy starters which arrived yesterday. So I'm still a noob but now I'm a noob with plants! :boogie...
  9. GregNY

    Indoor House

    Kickin off a new thread with some stuff I grow indoors with a 4 tiered shelving system in which I split in to two sections for growing... Apologies in advance for the non-professional like pics. Geez I need to get meself a nice camera after lookin at pics on this forum! Upstairs..... Group...
  10. gill_za

    My ping is making a pitcher.

    I have just noticed that my P. gracilis x moctezumae is forming a pitcher like leaf. It is actually something in between a flower stalk and a leaf: Is this normal? :)
  11. sarracenia_X

    ideas for ping hybrids

    why has no one crossed mexican pings with pings native to the southeastern united states(P. moranensis x primuliflora ect.)? is it impossible? i dont see why it would be. im gonna try anyways, my hybrids gona be P. laueana x lutea. i dont have either at the moment, but im goin' to ask for them...
  12. D

    A few Ping species from seed

    If one has the patience to grow these plants from seed, it's an ecomonical way to add some interesting new mexi-pings to one's collection. Recently, i had a chance to again try my hand at germinating a few Pinguicula species from seed. And though the following pics are in no way stellar, as...
  13. Brie

    Amazing white ping

    I just came across this amazing looking ping on a european CP site.. I've never seen anything like it, anyone know what this is?
  14. H

    Ping flowers

    When I reduce the photoperiod for my pings in the autumn I always get a flurry of flowers. Perhaps the plants are trying to sow seed before the long, dry winter? I have P. laueana, 'Weser', 'Aphrodite', agnata, moranensis 'A', moranensis 'Caudata', 'Pirouette, Sumidero 1 and 'Sethos' in flower...
  15. MICKEY

    ping id wanted

    can anyone id this ping i got from mass www.flickr.com/photos/mickeymk/6264038099/in/photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/mickeymk/6264567928/in/photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/mickeymk/6264035171/in/photostream
  16. Brie

    Cyclosecta problems. Dieing or Dormancy?

    So i'm getting concerned here.. I love my cyclo and its one of my fav plants, Im getting worried about it... Dont wanna lose it :( The only thing that has changed is I moved my pings from being 18" or so away from 4 T5s, to a shelf where they are 12" away from 4 T8s. Would that be enough to...
  17. jerrysmith

    Hi from Bloomingdale, NJ

    Hi all I found this site via a Google search for culture info on Mexican Pings. But as it turns out, my one and only Mexican Ping was purchased from FlyTrapShop.com this summer-so I should have known about this forum before now. I have a P. moctezumae. I also have a few pots of VFT, about 5...