1. C

    help building a carnivore bog with water and land parts

    So i have a tank is 2ft long x 1ft wife x 6" high, same tank in the picture. my issue is im not sure how to build my land and water parts. This tank will be all carnivores as well including some aquatic plants. Using the same soil mix as below, 50/50 peat sphag to sand. I'm not copying this...
  2. D

    what nepenthes is this?

    i have got a new nepenthes and i don't know what species it is i can't post an image because it has no URL because it's on my computer.
  3. amphirion

    amphirion's real plastic plants thread aka Haworthia

    lol. as opposed to fake plastic plants. i used to think neps were expensive... just wanted to create a thread of my kids---most are offsets, so i'll update this thread over time i guess... to start things off: