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  1. Av8tor1

    Heli identification ;-)

    First example: Pitcher is pubescent on the interior and bright red/orange in color. Goosehead type of nectar spoon. Interior of pitcher is covered with fine hairs Full Size (That powdery area on the left is where I bumped a pollen laden cotton swab against it) Second example: Pitcher is...
  2. D

    Opuntia flower opening

    Over the course of about three hours this morning and early afternoon, i had the chance to take some shots of an opening Opuntia flower. The flower bud on the right is just about to unfurl, while the one on the left should be opening in a couple of days. I took a series of overhead and...
  3. boxofrain

    flowering nep.

    I have a Nep that is starting to produce a flower. It is a Splendiana x (tiveyii x vetchii), thanks Mass!. I have no other Neps with flowers so the loose pollen (if male) is not a concern at this time. My question is, should I cut the flower off, leave it to finish, wither and then cut it...
  4. SDCPs

    Red pitcher nepenthes ventrosica pollen avaliable

    Let me know if you're interested! Here is a time-lapse I took of the plant.
  5. JB_OrchidGuy

    Anyone else flowred N. 'Red Leopard'?

    Anyone else flowered N. 'Red Leopard'? I have a N. 'Red Leopard' coming into bloom. I'm grow it as a HL. I have had luck growing it as a LL also. I'm curious if anyone else gad flowered one. I currently don't know the sex of mine yet. I kinda peeked in the opening leaf ladt night. Didn't want...
  6. Crissytal

    Anyone have successful pollination?

    My Pinguicula have been in full bloom this year. I decided to mess around a bit with pollination. I really didn't know what I was doing. I basically just used an old flower stalk from a Drosera, colored the tip black with a Sharpie, found the pollen and rubbed it around the inside of some...
  7. L

    Cross pollination

    I have a D.Helodes "reel" and a D.Capensis they are both in flower i put some cape pollen in the D.Helodes. Will this cross produce seed???
  8. byuboy29

    LF: Fresh, interesting HL pollen

    My N. "Splendid Diana" aka splendiana has it's first flower spike! I am a windowsill nepenthes grower so I am interested in HL pollen. Let me know what you have and I'll decide which I'd like to use. It's not a huge spike, but I may be able to do a few crosses. We could all evenly split portions...
  9. Wire Man

    U. multifida Pollination

    My seed grown plants just opened the first two flowers yesterday. They're gorgeous, but unbelievably tiny!!! What's the best way of going about cross pollinating them? I was thinking of either using a toothpick with a lightly chewed tip (helps pollen adhesion) or setting them outside and...
  10. D

    male Nepenthes truncata flowering

    I now have a highland truncata sending up two flower stalks. Was excited for a moment since I have a male ventricosa flowering that no one has been interested in, until...it also appears to be a male. Maybe there is more interest in truncata pollen...
  11. chibae

    Bad catepillar, Bad

    At the moment i am feeling extremly ANGRY towards a certain Eastern Tiger Swallowtail caterpillar. in one of my barrel bogs i have been growing some Sarracenia flava v, ornata. I have nurtured these plants for three years hoping to finally obtain some seed this year to distribute to other...
  12. joossa

    Stored Sarr pollen use and pollination during rain...

    Hey guys. I'm planning on doing some very controlled Sarracenia pollination rounds this year and have a couple of questions. I'm using Q-tips and labeled aluminum foil envelopes to store pollen in the fridge for later use. I'm using one end of a Q-tip per flower and collect pollen everyday in...
  13. zlookup

    Heli pollen collection

    Thought I'd tack on to this thread to give some suggestions for those who may have struggled to ease the pain and quicken the learning curve... for reference, the flower tested on was from an H. Puchelle. I highly recommend checking out the following links first...
  14. L

    S. "Leah Wilkerson" pollen for trade

    I have quite a few extra pollen-laden Q-tips from my Leah Wilkerson's flowers, and im hoping to find someone with some interesting "open" flowers. I'd like to split the seed 50/50, but i am being a bit of a dead beat dad! Message me and lets get to work ASAP! A
  15. D

    N. ventricosa pollen available soon

    Hello everyone, I have a male Nepenthes ventricosa starting to flower, and will have pollen available in the coming weeks. Anyone with a flowering female Nepenthes interested in splitting the resulting seeds in exchange for pollen, let me know -Dave
  16. uphwiz

    talengensis bloom

    looks like the neglected nep is going to bloom , its one i rescued a couple years ago i had it pitchering well for a time but in the last 6 months as youall know ive not had the time to keep up with my plants as well as i would like , but it is blooming and if i can figure out this computer...
  17. Rocketcaver

    Bees in the bogs

    The last couple of weeks I have noticed the honey bees are really working my bog pots. They aren't paying any attention to the plants, but are getting "something" from the surface of the media. Some pots have moss, others don't. I can't believe they are just after the moisture, they can get...