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  1. J

    Northwest Indiana pollination traders

    Im looking for people to get together and help pollinate each others nepenthese plants in the area. Ive read most neps are male and it would help people to get to know other owners and help the pollination process along to get seeds and interesting cross breeds. Im not sure of the sex of my...
  2. Shadowtski

    Drosera Hybridization, My First Attempt

    I attempted to hybridize Drosera capensis "Typical" and Drosera aliciae this morning. This is my first effort at creating a hybrid. I waited until flowers from both plants were wide open. Then I took some tiny cuticle scissors and cut off one of the anthers from the D. aliciae flower. The...
  3. summit

    Nepenthes Miranda Cutting...Flowering?

    Roughly five months ago I took a cutting from a huge Miranda, neglected the cutting and never got around to planting it. Checked it today and it's flowering! Plenty of roots on it and I plan on potting it soon, should I snip the flower? Can I do anything with the flower even if I don't have...
  4. curtisconners

    Tillandsia seed germination.

    I took a trip to a nearby nursery today and found several tillandsia forming flower stalks :-O I took one home of course. Hopefully the flower will produce seed. What is the best way to pollinate tillandsia flowers and germinate their seeds?
  5. F

    Can Darlingtonia self pollinate?

    Hi everyone! I have been doing some reading up on Darlingtonia recently because I have a flower that looks like it'll bloom in the next month or so. I'm really excited that it's doing so well. It's got a new pitcher coming up at the same time. It's sitting on my back porch and gets lots of...
  6. KNepenthe

    Saving Pinguicula Pollen

    Two days ago I saw that my grandifloras were in full bloom while my vallisneriifolias are just now coming out of dormancy. I really wanted to cross these two this year because the valls are probably old enough to bloom now. So, I needed a way to save the pollen. Hard to do with a flower that...
  7. S

    Clear jelly in Sarracenia flower?

    Spring is here, I'm getting lots of new growth and the sarras are sending up flowers so I'm trying to pollinate them. In the process of doing so the cotton bud I was using to pick up the pollen managed to get some kind of clear jelly on it. Apart from being clear it was very thick, but not...
  8. Av8tor1

    Heliamphora pollination 101

    Heliamphora pollination and pod development The timing of the stigma being receptive and the release of the pollen do not overlap. Pollen from one flower is used to pollinate the stigma of another. fig. 1 You will need your harvested pollen and a very small, soft paintbrush. Be sure to...
  9. chibae

    Downside to having a mixed planting of Sarrs

    I have a mixed planting of sarrs in my front bogs. They bloom sequentially which makes it easier when trying to hand pollinate and bag separate species. Right now my purps and flava are finished, the rubra are in full flower and the psittacina and minors are just swelling their flower buds...
  10. Metranisome

    Need pollen for a Nepenthes ventricosa x campanulata 'Menehune' thats in bloom

    My Nepenthes ventricosa x campanulata 'Menehune' has started to put up flowers. The flower spike appears to be female. I'm looking for any Nepenthes pollen that might be available right now so that I can try and pollinate the flowers. Flower spike- <a...
  11. DragonsEye

    This one will never win a beauty contest .......

    Orchids, by and large, are coveted by many for their exotic beauty. However, not all are so graced. Not exactly a “pretty face” – many folks find the flowers of Coryanthes to be rather grotesque or even obscene in appearance. Still, I find members of this genus to be fascinating in design and...
  12. vraev

    Self pollinate U. quelchii ??

    Hi guys, I have my first U. quelchii flowers opening soon. Is there any way to self pollinate this species? I would love to get some seed of this species. Has anyone tried it before? How do u do it? cheers V
  13. Maiden

    My Heliamphoras (Pictures heavy)

    Maiden's Heliamphoras Some of my Heliamphoras. Some of them are from seeds i produce myself, the others are from Germany, France, CZE and Canadian private growers. A seed grown heli, in normal conditions, take from 3 to 5 years to make his first flower. From my experience, hybrids push flowers...
  14. P

    Pollinating U. jamesoniana: info needed

    Hi all, I can get my U. jamesoniana to flower consistently, so I would like to try to pollinate them. But it seems that there is not a lot of info on that subject to be found... Any suggestions, information, tips and whatnot is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Tim
  15. S

    My first sarracenia flower--pollen?

    My sarracenia alata var alata put out a flower (first one!) and I'd love to cross pollinate it. I only have one flower so nothing to cross it with. Hate to ask, but anyone have any extra pollen out there--would be up for almost anything!
  16. Chicxulub

    Naturally occurring Sarracenia hybrids?

    Hello all, Is there a resource known to this community that lists what species are capable of hybridizing on their own in nature? I realize that with artificial pollination most species can be crossed. That's not the intention of this post however; I'm hoping to discover which plants share...
  17. richjam1986

    Anyone have Heliamphora pollen? Will trade for seed

    Hi all. My H. minor is currently flowering and the flower should open within a week or so. Does anyone have a blooming Heli they can spare some pollen from , or some stored heliamphora pollen? I would love to give Heliamphora seed a try. Or, is there any way to self pollinate? I understand...
  18. C

    passion vine cultivation info needed

    I decided to expand and get one of these which according to the vendor will do well with my lowland nepenthes provided the pot is isolated since it will be fertilized. I received some basic cultivation info but have a few more questions to compare notes: soil mixes? soil ph? fert mix...
  19. Not a Number

    Drosera hamiltonii Seed

    Last year I acquired a clone that was labeled with different location information of the plants I already had. I was fortunate to get both clones to flower this year and I was able to pollinate some flowers with pollen from the others. And now (ta-daaa) - D. hamiltonii seed: Very few seed...
  20. D

    Homemade Mexi-ping crosses

    Last year when some of my Mexi-pings were flowering I took the time to cross pollinate a few of those flowers. One of the plants in flower was this seed grown P. agnata. And its flower It was crossed with this P. colimensis. And its flower These were the resulting P. colimensis x...