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  1. J

    My Orchid Terrarium

    Hi. This is my orchid terrarium. Its been in the works now for about six months. I will make comments as I go, but fire away with questions. This is the cabinet, a snake case I was lucky to get for $80 on ebay. I started by painting the interior with 4 coats of pond liner paint to...
  2. S

    Trip to Goat Marsh near Mt. St. Helens (Pics)

    Yesterday four of us piled in a car and headed out of Portland up to Mount St. Helens to go see wild carnivores. We spotted Drosera rotundifolia and also Utricularia that we haven't figured out yet which species it is. The Drosera was growing on Sphagnum moss, we think Sphagnum squarrosum...
  3. C

    X bill Bailey male??

    Hi there this is my first time posting here. I'm over the other side of the pond in Edinburgh. I bought a n x bill Bailey in 2012 in a small bio dome which contained two small plants, from a very reputable cp nursery in the uk who buy direct from BE. It is flowering for the first time this...
  4. H

    ?? 4-season Container Bog

    I have a project in mind for the spring and I wonder about how to set it up. We have a rather small yard with a good deal of shade, but we have a sunny patio area where I would like to situate a container bog. I intend to use a cedar planter box with a pond liner or maybe a plastic stock tank...
  5. swgrinton

    Natural habitat photos...

    Thought y'all would enjoy some shots from Shealy's Pond Heritage Preserve, a site protected by the state across town from me. CPs grow naturally there and it's just a wonderful place to spend time and explore. Who else is fortunate enough to live close to natural cp...
  6. B

    Guide me through my container bog

    Hey folks. After doing lots of reading I've decided to try my hand first at an outdoor container bog. As I've mentioned in previous posts I'm in Texas, zone 9, near Houston. I plan to do mostly sarracenia with a couple VFT, sundews, bladderwort, and even a cobra lily if one would survive for...
  7. SubRosa

    Plant ID?

    I'll try these again. First one came as a hitchhiker on a Sarr I got from Meadowview a few years back. It gets small yellow flowers, (done for the season), and turns crimson in the fall. Second one was collected in 2" of water in a pond on the Outer Banks near Corolla. Gets small white flowers...
  8. CorneliusSchrute

    Fool-proof Adlrovanda culture... in a bucket

    Fool-proof Aldrovanda culture... in a bucket DISCLAIMER: not fool-proof. If you are a fool, this might not work. I didn't come up with my Aldrovanda approach. pearldiver (Paul!) did all the leg work on this. If anything I tweaked this setup to make it easier for me and less beneficial for the...
  9. katya_dog1

    Katya_dog1's Grow List

    I believe I now have enough plants to make a grow list. Not large, but over the course of just this year I have doubled it! :D Hopefully next year I will have a few more plants to add. DIONAEA MUSCIPLA Jaws (3) FTS Maroon Monster (3) FTS Etna (2) Fine Tooth x Red (4) Typical Typical #3 (this...
  10. N

    Highland Grow Tent AC + Humidity Issues

    Hi All, I have recently set up a highland tent. I have a window mount AC cut into the side of the tent and a bucket humidifier with 8 single disc pond foggers circulating back and forth from the tent similar to Kyles basement setup. The issue I am having is that whenever the AC unit kicks on it...
  11. charlie

    Anybody have water lilies for trade?

    I would love to organize a trade. My koi pond needs something to take up the sun. Check out my grow list! -charlie
  12. SubRosa

    Hardy Water Lily Giveaway

    I'm in the middle of a massive pond cleanup on a severely neglected pond. There are far more water lilies than this pond and our nursery can handle. These are white flowered, some tinged with pink, sorry no picking. I'll give a piece of rhizome at least 4" long to any participating member of the...
  13. fredg

    Utricularia - or - What ever happened to the solar air pump.

    I finally finished planting up the pond baskets with terrestrial Utricularia that I'll keep in the trays I'll add an airstone each to powered by the air pump. I have the one pump left out of three I trialled so I'll just split the supply with a T junction.
  14. fredg

    Pilularia globulifera ( The Pillwort)

    OK here's Fred with another wort. I have a couple of quarter trays with this fern in and can see immediately that it is super easy to identify in the wild. That's once you've knelt down on mud and decided that the mass of green growth isn't grass or reed and your high power loupe hasn't steamed...
  15. anramitaco

    Giveaway: Terrestrial Utricularia variety pack (4)

    I'm giving away a 1" plug of each of the following: - U. chrysantha - U. livida - U. sandersonii (blue flowers) - U. uniflora So, basically: a yellow flower, a white one, a blue one, and a purple one. Each species has a very different flower shape as well. All four grow easily for me. U...
  16. jlechtm

    Bog Plant - Lemon Bacopa (Bacopa caroliniana) - CorneliusSchrute $5

    Opening bid: $2 Up for bid is as much Lemon Bacopa as I can stuff into a USPS Priority Mail small box. This is a great acid wetland and pond plant. It can grow free-floating, as well as anchored. It does well completely submerged and with only its feet wet. It roots easily in water or wherever...
  17. V

    What kind of plant pot do you use ?

    Recently I've been looking through some photo of people's carnivorous plants and wondered the following: would a mesh pond basket be better for nepenthes than a regular one because of the air circulation ? In my terrarium, I used the regular square pots that the plants came in and they do just...
  18. D

    New Sarracenia Water Table Build

    Hey everyone I'm going to start my new water table thread. I was going to build a new table and improve my old ones but now everything is being replaced. All the lumber is standard home store material and the pond liner and bulkhead fittings I found on ebay.. I will continue to add photos as...
  19. Acro

    Sideshow Turtles

    SIDESHOW TURTLES I love the unusual, and a couple of years ago I bought a group of strange hatchling Red Eared Sliders. They are now 2 years and 3 months old (and over 4 inches). They are natural deformities that I’ve raised up past the sensitive stage. Now they are available to you! They...
  20. pokie22

    Dark Seed Grown Cephalotus Northcliffe

    A very colorful location cephalotus seedling from across the pond by CPUK grower Dimitar. It is great to see genetic diversity in addition to the number of colorful cephalotus cultivars and clones on the market today.